Ark Fjordur Runestone: Location, Uses, Spawn Command

Ark Fjordur Runestone

The nordic adventure game Ark Fjordur was launched on June 12, 2022. The players have been excited about this version of the game. There are many updates and features that have been added to the game.

Among them are the runestones and spawning commands in the game. Now, runestones are playing a vital role in Ark Fjordur. Several people are still unsure what it is in actuality. If you are looking to know about Runestones, then you have come to the right place.

In this post, we will give you a brief overview of what runestone is in ark fjordur, do they have an exact location, and where you can find them. The post will also highlight the uses of runestones and the spawn command in Ark Fjordur. Let’s dive in.

What Is Runestone In Ark Fjordur?

Runestones in Ark Fjordur are minor red color runes that are present on top of the floor(ground). These runestones allow you to get more experience while you play the game to collect them. 

The runes are spread all over the game’s map. There are almost two hundred runestones you will come across in the game. The runestones will help you to go up(level-wise) in the game. 

Ark Fjordur Runestone Uses

Ark Fjordur Runestone is Used for unlocking the Mjolnir skin. If you can collect the two hundred runestones in ark fjordur, you will be able to open and use the Mjolnir skin that can later be used solely on your Tek Sword. 

The runestones play a key role in the game as collecting them will help you to combat the mini-bosses and monsters. In whichever field you will be going, the runestones will be of great help. 

You may wonder if Mjolnir skin and Mjolnir weapons work the same. They don’t, they indeed look similar, but their function is slightly different.

A point to be noted is that getting Mjolnir skin won’t give you any extra bonus points. You will be able to see the impact only on the “appearance.” 

Ark Fjordur Runestone Location

Runestones can be found in any location, as shown in the Ark Fjordur Map. There are specific locations in your game map that will help you to get the runestone.

It’s not easy to get the runestones. Although they are simply visible on the map, you have to search for them in terms of walking and looking at all the places where they are. 

Where Do You Find Runestone In Ark Fjordur?

One of the ways you can get the runestone in ark fjordur is by killing the “Alpha Monsters,” like the dinosaur and other monsters that you will see in the fields. These monsters are big in size but finding one is not a piece of cake. 

The second place where you will get the runestone is in the “caves.” They are located in different locations.

Thirdly you can find them in the “patch notes” make sure you check the patch notes properly, as most of the time, they are in the patch notes.

Fourthly they can be found in yellow and red supply drops sometimes. They are removed from the supply, so you may not find them.

And lastly, they can be found in the skin chests and, at times, even in the “Tek Engrams.” 

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What Does Runestone Do In Ark Fjordur? 

Runestones are used for teleportation purposes between the different fields, they are also used to kill the mini-bosses, and if you achieve almost two hundred runestones, you will be able to fight the main island bosses. 

As mentioned earlier, collecting the runestones will enable you to level up in the game and also get the Mjolnir skin.

If you keep on collecting more runestones, you will be able to get the relics and trophies and Mjolnir weapons in the game. And finally, you will be able to combat the main bosses of the game. 

Prior to unlocking the Mjolnir after collecting two hundred runestones, is that with runestones, you can summon the newest mini chiefs (in other words, bosses) in the game. You can convene the given mini-bosses:

  •  Beyla
  • Hati and Skoll
  • Steinbjorn

Ark Fjordur Runestone Spawn Command”

The spawn command is a new feature where you get to access the Mjnolir skin and a bunch of runestones in the game. This has been recently added in the Ark fjordur. The spawn command also helps you to use almost everything in ask fjordur. 

For instance, to get an overview of how the spawn command work, you can do the following :

Start the game to use this feature, and then on the screen, bring up the admin type bar. You have to type first “Gif Mjolnir 100 0 0” (100 is the amount) and click on enter to see all the skins and runestones available in your inventory. 

In addition, if you want to get all the runestones in the inventory in whichever level you are in, pull up the type bar again and this time type “Gif Runestones 100 0 0” and then click on the admin command, and you will see a list of runestones that you can use. 

Ark Fjordur Runestone Not Spawning

Ark Fjordur Runestone is not Spawning because of Bug, database server issues, and Xbox and PlayStation glitches.

Ark Fjordur Runestone Not Spawning reasons have been explained below:

  • Bug/glitch: You cannot spawn the runestone in ark fjordur. There may be some technical glitch or bug.
  • Database issue: And the simple and basic reason why it is not spawning is that it’s not there in the database server for the time being. 
  • Xbox and Playstation: Another reason why it is not spawning is for the fact your Xbox is causing a problem bringing up the admin command type bar. The same applies to the PlayStation. 
  • The wrong Id has been entered: There are different spawn IDs, even for creatures. As we have discussed above, the spawn commands for skin and mjnolir are quite different, and for creature spawn, it is GMSummon “Creature ID” make sure you have not entered the wrong spawn command for the different accessories. 


There are around two hundred runestones in Ark Fjordur. They are all located on the game’s map. If you succeed in collecting the max number of runestones, you will be able to explore and get many rewards like trophies, mjnolir skin and weapons, and a portal to kill the final bosses in the game. 

Most importantly, the runestones will let you kill the mini-bosses. You must be wondering if there are 200 runestones, and they must be easy to find, but you are wrong.

You need a lot of hard work to search for them in the caves and skin chests. Well, they are easy to find patch notes, don’t tend to be blind when you see a patch note. You surely don’t want runestones. 

If you are interested to know about the game, you can also join the ark fjordur community servers, and you can also ask about your doubts on the Reddit page.