Ark Fjordur: Snow Owl, Maewing, Ovis Spawn, Andrewsarchus

Ark Fjordur

Ark Fjordur: Survival Evolved is now a trending topic amongst gamers. The Ark Fjordur is popular for releasing new updates and making the game more exciting with every release.

The newest update of this game has ensured that the players get to explore multi-layered regions and realms with different capabilities and genres.

This version of the game comes with exciting new and unique creatures. All different creatures come with different capabilities.

Some of many such additions are covered in this article ahead. You will get to know what the creatures do and where you can find them easily.

What Is The Use Of Snow Owl In Ark Fjordur?

Snow owl in Ark Fjordur is widely used To heal the survivor and player while a combat sorry or a fight.

There are various other uses and features of this creature that make it one of the most exciting additions to the game.

The snow owl is used for different purposes due to its abilities and characteristics. Physically, this creature not only resembles Argentavis but also comes with an owl head, giving it a whole new and unique look.

Apart from physical appearance, various characteristics such as infrared vision make set an appropriate companion to search for enemies and attack them even in the dark.

This creator can help you immensely with its dive bomb ability which resembles Griffin. However, unlike griffin, This creature only slows down the opponent instead of killing them.

The snow owl also has a unique capability of traveling through different terrains without making extra noise and at a very fast pace.

This creature is one of the best additions if you are looking to have someone you can use for your sneak attacks and wander in the woods without making noise. This creature is not very difficult to tame as well.

Ark Fjordur Snow Owl Location

You can find Ark Fjordur Snow owl in two different locations. Since this creature is available in 2 different variants on the game, each one is found in different locations and on the different corners of the map. The 2 variants of snow owls in ark fjordur are normal snow owl and R-snow owl. 

You can easily locate the normal snow owl on the left main island of the map. Since this owl is hatched here, you can locate this creator on the location with coordinates 74.6 and 08.6

If you are looking for the other variant of snow owl which is an R-snow owl, you will have to move to a larger island. You can easily find the R-snow owl at 19.5,65.0 coordinates in the open fields around the area.

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What Is The Use Of Ovis Spawn In Ark Fjordur?

Ovis spawn in Ark Fjordur can easily be used for getting wool, riding around the land, or simply as meat.

There are different jobs this creature can do for you and help you to reach your destination for exploring the land. Although, these creatures are not very violent but will help you to get the basics such as wool or meat.

You can find the Ovis spawn in Ark Fjordur at the spawn locations spread around the map. The physical significance of this wild goat is highly beneficial in colder regions where your ride will not fall soon.

You can find these wild sheep easily in mountain or cold regions. Also, one of the biggest advantages of Ovis spawn is that you can breed them and increase your count.

Ark Fjordur Ovis Spawn Locations

You can find Ark Fjordur Ovis Spawn locations on the listed coordinates:

  • Lat 21.9, Lon 59.8
  • Lat 42.5, Lon 69.4
  • Lat 45.0,Lon 55.0
  • Lat 16.3, Lon 66.5
  • Lat 95.4, Lon 20.5

Most of these locations are available in the mountains and high-elevation regions. Also, these wild sheep can be easily found in cold and chilly regions around the map.

In case you find a sheep wandering over in the mountains, you can easily tame it with sweet vegetable cakes and other simpler foods.

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What Is The Use Of Maewing Ark Fjordur?

Maewing ark Fjordur can be used to breed and travel through the forests. The maewing ark Fjordur Is a creature that resembles platypus and squirrel at the same time.

Although this creature is unisexual, it can breed and you can create more of these to increase your animal count and fight your battles.

These unique unisexual creators are usually found near the trees and are used as a vehicle or a ride in the woods by most players.

 Since this creature is easy to tame you can easily count them on your team. They have the ability to fly and as soon as you try to attack them they will start flying out of your sight into the woods without getting caught.

Therefore, if you want maewing ark Fjordur As your ride, make sure you play safe and tame it carefully.

Ark Fjordur Maewing Location

You can easily find the maewing ark Fjordur in the redwoods area available in different locations on the map.

Starting from the top right corner of the map, you can easily spot maewing ark Fjordur Roaming around in a dense Redwood ecosystem.

Another obvious location of the maewing ark Fjordur is A minimal lake available on the coordinates Lat 20.2, Lon 88.8. You can easily find maewing ark Fjordur inside the lake or around the corners of this lake.

One of the other hotspots where you can easily find maewing ark Fjordur is the southern part of the Fjordur map.

Make sure you check the redwoods Coordinates 28.4,83.4 thoroughly to find them. And keep an eye on the ground trees to locate them hiding in the trees as well.

You can also find the Maewing spawn at 21.9,93.3 Towards the left corner on the upper side of the map. This is one of the hotspots where you can easily find Maewing and tame one.

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What Is The Use Of Andrewsarchus In Ark Fjordur?

Andrewsarchus in ark Fjordur can be used to fight difficult battles. Andrewsarchus in ark Fjordur Is one of the most powerful tame To fight your battles against monsters during the game.

Andrewsarchus’s saddle acts like a mobile turret which is unique as compared to other creatures available around the area.

This creature is highly beneficial against Giga dinosaurs as the saddle of andrewsarchus in ark Fjordur attacks with advanced rifle bullets and save the gamers.

The andrewsarchus in ark Fjordur is able to do various stuff such as hind kick, firing via minigun, take charge to destroy major components of surroundings such as trees and what not.

You can also breed this creature to form an army of andrewsarchus in ark Fjordur and fight your hard battles smoothly.

Ark Fjordur Andrewsarchus  Location?

You can easily find Ark Fjordur andrewsarchus in Asgard and Midgaurd. Following are the exact locations in both the regions where you can easily find and tame Ark Fjordur andrewsarchus:


You can get Ark Fjordur andrewsarchus in Asgard at the following locations:

  • Asgard (48, 24)
  • Asgard (26, 36)
  • Asgard (37, 20)


In case you are exploring Midgaurd and want to get your hands on Ark Fjordur andrewsarchus, search the following coordinates:

  • Fornland (15, 67)
  • Vardiland (60, 25)
  • Vannaland (46, 92)
  • Broken meadows (38, 81)
  • Fornland(22, 66)
  • The Avalanche (55, 32)

Make Sure you reach a certain level before trying to tame the Ark Fjordur andrewsarchus so that it does not outrun you.

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Ark Fjordur Has released many new characters that have made the game more exciting and adventurous.

Make sure you know the advantages and characteristics of each creature before trying to tame one. Each creator comes with its own capabilities and advantages.

They can be found in very specific locations and hence must be searched through properly at accurate coordinates. Ensure that you have everything to tame one after spotting a creature.