Ark Fjordur Magmasaur Eggs

Ark Fjordur

Ark Fjordur has released yet another exciting update with exciting features. Eggs and their discrete location are one of many exciting features loved by gamers.

Although you can easily get all kinds of eggs through random drops, you can also locate them manually and fill your bucket with a sufficient supply of eggs at some hotspots. 

Magmasaur eggs are similar to other eggs and thus, come with various advantages. This article will guide you in locating and accessing such hotspots from where you can stock up on these eggs.

What Are Magmasaur Eggs In Ark Fjordur?

Magmasaur eggs in Ark Fjordur are the newly launched eggs in the latest version of Ark Fjordur: survival evolved. You can easily use these eggs for different purposes during the game and combat. 

The primary benefit of Magmasaur eggs is to hatch Magmasaur and use this creature to fight your battles.

The Magmasaur eggs can be used for various other purposes, such as crafting an amazing kibble.

Not only this, the Magmasaur eggs can be widely used as a taming food for creatures like Basilisk. Another important note you should keep in mind while accessing the Magmasaur eggs is to make sure that wild Magmasaur is out of your way.

Else, fetching an egg in the presence of wild Magmasaur can trigger them to attack you. However, killing the wild Magmasaur is always an option once you have the right gear.

Ark Fjordur Magmasaur Eggs Location

You can easily find Magmasaur eggs in ark Fjordur at a hotspot located at the coordinates – 95.7 Latitude -79. 9 Longitude.

Once you reach the exact coordinates mentioned here, you will reach a cave covered with purple-colored stones. 

After reaching this cave location, move straight on this path to find enough Magmasaur eggs. In no time, you will be at Magmasaur’s lair. This spot will be full of lava and the creature himself.

From this spot, you can take as many eggs as you want and need while surviving from the Magmasaur.

Once you take the eggs, it will take exactly 4 hours and 59 minutes to hatch the Magmasaur eggs and generate the Magmasaur creature out of them. 

If you do not want to hassle so much for Magmasaur eggs, you can straight away wait for them to appear in drops and catch them at the right time.

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Magmasaur is one of the most efficient and powerful creatures. You can easily generate this creature via its eggs called the Magmasaur eggs.

This egg is one of many eggs available in Ark Fjordur as taming food or for generating different creatures. 

At the hotspots, you can get a sufficient amount of Magmasaur at the exact coordinates. However, make sure you watch out for wild Magmasaur while hunting the Magmasaur eggs.