Ark Fjordur Nameless Venom

Ark Fjordur

Fjordur is a non-canonical DLC expansion map for ARK: Survival Evolved that is available for free. ARK Fjordur was published for PC, Mac, Linux, and consoles on June 12, 2022.

Now that the new ark has been released, a lot of new players are evolved in the game. This map comprises four islands where you will come across various items and monsters.

Nameless venom is one of those rare things that most users may be looking for. Here, in this post, we have explained to you all the locations where you can find Ark Fjordur nameless venom.

What Is Nameless Venom In Ark Fjordur?

Nameless Venom in Ark Fjordur is a type of volatile substance that you can use to raise Rock Drakes.

It is one of the items in Aberration DLC. Nameless venom is mostly used to grow Rock drakes and also imprint on them.

However, you should know that a rock drake will only have nameless venom as his food before he becomes an adult.

Moreover, nameless venom is also used as an antidote for Lamprey Poison. You must only consume it on the game when you are affected by the said. Also, consuming it will only lose your 50 health.

How To Get Nameless Venom In Ark Fjordur?

The most usual way of getting nameless venom is to look for corpses of Nameless in the aberration. However, a new way is now introduced to find Nameless venom in Ark Fjordur, and it is more efficient than the older one.

For this method, you will have to visit a cave on the map. You can find the cave on coordinates: 56.0 LAT and 84.0 LONG.

However, when you visit this cave, you will come across different monsters, including:

  • Karkinos
  • Rock Drake
  • Aberrant Megalosaurus
  • Ravagers
  • Aberrant Spiro
  • Aberrant Arthropluera
  • Carnotaurus.

In case you have enough health and power to face these monsters, you can go ahead to the coordinates mentioned.

After reaching these coordinates, you will find an island in River’s middle. Now, on its left, you will find a shipwreck near the shore. You will have to fly over it and go to the hills where you will find the cave’s entrance.

To ensure that you are going in the right direction, you can make sure that you are going to a cave with a purple glow. Now, after reaching the cave, leave your mount at the entrance and move ahead.

However, ensure to choose a mount that is powerful as you will have to face many monsters inside the cave. When done, proceed to the left side of the cave, and then you will see an orange stone in the cave.

After reaching the orange stone, you will have to whack it with the tool, and in that stone, you will find approximately five nameless venoms.

Now, you will have to explore this cave completely and find as many orange stones. However, make sure to watch out for all the mobs in this area.

Other than this, keep in mind that the cave is a loop, so there are chances that you will end up at the starting point only.

Therefore, it is advised to remember the resemblance of the starting point to avoid checking out the same spot again.

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Nameless venom can be used for various purposes in the game. You can use it to raise rock drake, as a tribute, or to cute Lamprey poison.

Looking out for corpses of nameless venom is an old and time-taking method. Therefore, choose to visit the cave.

For that as well, ensure to have a powerful ride and health to fight monsters you may come across.