Ark Fjordur Beaver Dams Locations

Ark Fjordur

Ark Fjordur is an official map that was made for the game ARK: Survival Evolved.

It was developed and produced on June 12, 2022, as a non-canonical extensive map. 

This map presents and depicts the base locations where the player can hide from the enemies and create a shelter for himself, being secure from the enemy raids.

It has also got creatures like the dung beetle, etc.

What Is Beaver Dams In Ark Fjordur?

Beaver dams are structures that have got abundant resources like cementing paste, etc.

These are usually found near lakes or groups of lakes.

These dams are very prominent structures in the Ark Fjudor as it is a source of major resource, the cementing paste.

Ark Fjordur Beaver Dams Locations

13.2 Latitude And 19.2 Longitude 

13.2 Latitude And 19.2 Longitude  will make you reach the top left corner of the map, where large beaver dams can be found at the bottom of the waterfall under the mountains.

48.3 Latitude And 73.6 Longitude

48.3 Latitude And 73.6 Longitude location will take you to the waterfalls near the mountains, where you can find the beaver dams in the lake that flows into a stream and then into a canyon.

You will find many beaver dams if you cross the stream.

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93.3 Latitude And 32.3 Longitude 

93.3 Latitude And 32.3 Longitude  location contains waterfalls flowing downwards and is present on the bottom left corner of the map.

This area is also rich in giant beaver dams.

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Beaver dams are a rich source of resources like cementing paste which is essential in Ark Fjordur.

These dams are usually found near streams or livers. 

It is important to find these dams as they are rich in resources tha are essentially required for the survival on the island.

You can find these giant beaver dams near waterfalls, inside lakes, across streams, etc. 

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