Ark Fjordur Dung Beetle

Ark Fjordur

Fjordur is a map that has been developed ARK: Survival Evolved game by Traper22 and Nekatus.

It was developed on June 12, 2022, and came in as a guide to the game that allows the users to know the base locations where they can find shelter and live peacefully, safe from the enemy attacks and raids. It has got four islands namely Bolbjord, Balheimr, Vardiland, and Vannaland.

What Is Dung Beetle In Ark Fjordur?

The dung beetle’s function is to convert the feces into oil and fertilizers, and then it stores those converted products in its inventory.

The dung beetle is an important creature present in Ark Fjordur as it contributes to the island’s uncommon and distinctive ecology. 

It is seen wandering throughout the island. It can turn out to be defensive when harmed or attacked, but it is not a dangerous or harmful creature. These giant dung beetles are also known as Scarabidae Gigas. 

Where To Find Dung Beetle In Ark Fjordur?

Ark Fjordur Dung Beetle locations are Ragnarok Volcanic Area, Underground Caves and LavaCave’s Entrance.

Ragnarok Volcanic Area

Dung Beetle is usually found in this area, wandering and the caves of the island, the scorched earth’s hot sands. 

Underground Caves

Dung Beetle are usually found in underground caves on the island, feeding bat guano. Large invertebrates chase them in the shady corridors and dark walls.

LavaCave’s Entrance

Dung Beetle can be found in the Lavacave’s entrance pit, roaming here and there. They allow the players to pass through this entrance without harming them.

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Dung beetles are giant creatures in the ARK Fjordur, also known as Scarabidae Gigas. They are harmless creatures that convert feces into oil and fertilizers and can be defensive when attacked or harmed. 

They can be found in the Ragnarok volcanic area, lava caves entrance, and underground caves where they can be seen feeding on bata guana or are chased by the large invertebrates.