ARK Fjordur Rock Drake Location

Ark Fjordur

Fjordur is a non-canonical DLC expansion map for ARK: Survival Evolved that is available for free. ARK Fjordur was published for PC, Mac, Linux, and consoles on June 12, 2022.

The recently released Fjordur map of  “ARK: Survival Evolved” introduced numerous new creatures in the game. One such creature is Rock Drake. Another popular name for it is Draconis Obscurum.

In this article, we will be covering all the available information regarding Rock Drake, including its location on the fjordur map. So, let us head further.

What Is Rock Drake In ARK Fjordur?

Rock Drake is a fierce, strange carnivore that looks much like a lizard and has feathers as its distinguishable feature. It has round, spiny scales on its rough skin. 

Drakes possess a small crown similar to a bat wing on the top of their heads. This creature can easily move through the air using its wings. 

Apart from this, Drake also possesses some characteristics of a Chameleon which allows it to conceal itself. Dating from an unknown time, these aggressive creatures are often found taking care of their eggs around their nesting spots. 

These creatures can be seen moving stealthily in search of their prey. They have developed strong claws which let them scale the cavern walls easily.

Ark Fjordur Rock Drake Location

You will find Rock Drakes with their eggs in the caves of the blue forest. When you go to the lower-left corner of the map in the Asgard Realm, you can get to them. In this way, using a portal room, you can find the Rock Drakes in the Asgard Realm.

Rock Drake can move quickly and has the ability to take part in conflicts and raids. Owing to its special skills, this creature provides a considerable advancement to any tribe when domesticated. 

By stealing an egg of Rock Drake, you can acquire and raise it in a similar way as Wyvern.

Drake can easily blend in with the environment and is praised for its beauty and skills. This grand lizard is considered the only natural enemy of the Reapers. As a warning, it raises its feathers when the Reapers and Nameless are near.

This fantasy creature can damage Wood, Greenhouse, and Thatch. It can be immobilized by Net Projectile, Large Bear trap, and Chain Bola.

Rock Drakes are difficult to escape as these are found in groups and are spread over a large area. These are found mainly in radioactive and bio-luminescent areas.

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We have tried to provide you with all the significant information regarding the most adaptable mount Rock Drake. These wild carnivore creatures can easily outrun, glide, or climb to catch whatever they run after.

Their Camouflage ability is something that makes them hard to beat, and they can easily defeat the survivor’s enemies using these unique abilities.