Ark Fjordur Artifact Locations

Ark Fjordur

The most recent Fjordur map is finely vast with plenty of items. It would not be easy to discover all the artifacts on the map easily. But if you know their locations, then you may get to them quickly.

You need to collect various artifacts to face the different bosses. You need to gather the artifacts according to the boss you wish to confront.

In this guide, we will be telling you the locations of all the artifacts. So, follow this write-up to discover them easily.

Ark Fjordur Artifact Locations

On the Fjordur map, you can gather a total 9 different artifacts. below is detailed mentioned:

1. Artifact Of The Hunter

The coordinates for the Artifact of the Hunter are Lat 3.3, and Lon 32.6.

On the northwest of the fjordur map, you will uncover this artifact in the Drenghemir Caves. You first need to destroy a huge rock in order to get to the entrance of this cave.

During the short run inside the cave, you need to be careful of the underground burrowing Purlovias and bats.

2. Artifact Of The Strong

The coordinates for the Artifact of the Strong are Lat 9.9 and Lon 84.3.

You can get this artifact at the end of the Bear Caverns, whose entrance you can discover towards the north of the redwoods.

While on the hunt for this artifact, you need to be careful of the bears and Titanoboas inside the cavern. In addition, spiders and flying insects can also be seen there hindering your path.

3. Artifact Of The Brute

The coordinates for the Artifact of the Brute are Lat 49.4 and Lon 14.3.

You can discover this artifact on the Swamp island on Bolbjord. Here, you will get the cave filled with poisonous gases. Therefore be ready to put on your gas mask before getting inside the cave.

The dangerous creatures which you will confront in the swamp’s cave include arthros, spiders, bats, and leeches.

4. Artifact Of The Immune

The coordinates for the Artifact of the Immune are Lat 90.8 and Lon 78.1.

You can locate this artifact on the volcano island inside the Mount Doom Caverns.

Although the way to the artifact is quite direct, some creatures like bats, arthros, and scorpions will keep on scaring you here also. 

5. Artifact Of The Skylord

The coordinates for the artifact of the Skylord are Lat 7.7 and Lon 23.5.

You will discover this Artifact inside the Frozen Fortress. You will need the thermal insulation to keep you safe inside the fortress. Otherwise, the low temperature inside can freeze you.

When you enter the fortress, be ready to face creatures like wolves, apes, and bears. Along with this, you should make sure to carry the grappling hook with you to get to the loot crates, which you will discover inside the fortress.

6. Artifact Of The Pack And Clever

The coordinates for the artifact of the clever and pack are Lat 21.2 and Lon 57.4.

To get to the artifacts of Pack and Clever, you need to make your way inside the Molten Caverns. Amidst the molten Lava, you need to grapple around to obtain the two artifacts using your parkour skills.

In the end, you will reach a diversion, where both the ways will take you to an artifact.

7. Artifact Of The Devourer

The coordinates to get to the artifact of the Devourer are Lat 3.3 and Lon 3.7.

To obtain the artifact of Devourer, you will require to go through the vertical tunnel inside the Mariana Caverns.

Deep underwater, you will find an abundance of sea creatures like jellyfish and eels. So, head on to this mission with an aquatic tame like Basilosaurus. This will safeguard your health against the shocks and stuns from the sea animals.

8. Artifact Of The Cunning

The coordinates for getting the Artifact of the cunning are Lat 76.8 and Lon 66.0.

To obtain the artifact of the cunning, you will be needed to go underwater to get the entrance to the Forgotten caverns. 

You have to swim smartly to reach the cave through the underwater entrance, where you will find also cross the ruins of a ship on your way. Arthros, scorpions, and bats should be killed or avoided there to reach safely.

At the end of the way, you will discover a big room where the artifact of the cunning will be displayed lavishly at the center. 

9. Artifact Of The Massive

The coordinates for the location of the artifact of the Massive are Lat 71.8 and Lon 1.2.

Nidisheim Depths will provide you with this last artifact, known as the artifact of the Massive. You should possess an aquatic tame for grabbing this one.

You will discover the artifact after navigating through the traps and puzzles of Labyrinth amidst the underground ruins.

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We have discussed the locations of all the ten artifacts, namely artifacts of the Hunter, Strong, Brute, Immune, Skylord, Pack, clever, Devourer, Cunning, and Massive.

We hope that you will safely reach and grab the different artifacts by carefully following this guide.