Ark Fjordur Base Locations

Ark Fjordur

Fjordur is a developed expansion map produced for the ARK: Survival evolved game. It is an official DLC map that is non-canonical.

It was built on June 12, 2022, and is available for PC, Mac, Xbox, Linux, and other gaming consoles. 

Ark Fjordur Base Locations

1. Lava Dungeon

There are two waterfalls on both sides of the entrance to Lava Dungeon base. And inside the ground, there is a lot of plenty of space to set up and plan raids and prevent raids.

Lava Dungeon is perfect for PvE and PvP modes. Its latitude is 10.8, and its longitude is km. 

2. The Underworld

The Underworld is a sort of cave location that provides you with the best hiding location to make a base and hide from your enemies to prevent raids.

The Underworld also provides you with the resources like water, etc., and gives you a comfortable place to live in. Its latitude is 29.2, and its longitude is 29.4 km. 

3. Personal Island

This is your personal island which looks like a mountain that provides you with ample resources.

Personal Island also gives you access to a beach, and you can use the inner part of the mountain as your base. Its latitude is 34.9, and its longitude is 94.6 km.

4. Latitude 40.5 To Longitude 57.5 

Latitude 40.5 To Longitude 57.5  is found at the entrance of the cave, which leads you to a portal room inside the cave that is one of the best base locations you can live in. 

5. Latitude 29.9 To Longitude 67.8

You can find Latitude 29.9 To Longitude 67.8 base location in Vanheim near the sky box, where you can live without the intervention of tribes and enemies.

6. Latitude 00.0 To Longitude 73.5

You can find Latitude 00.0 To Longitude 73.5 place on the northeast side of the map, where you can find a large, one-way cave that provides the best base location to live in and be safe from the enemies.

7. Latitude 13.5 To Longitude 50.3 

Latitude 13.5 To Longitude 50.3  is also a large one-way cave entrance that comes with its own water supply and acts as the best hide-out.

8. Latitude 11.3 To Longitude 75.7

Latitude 11.3 To Longitude 75.7 location can be found on the northeast side of the map and comes with good natural resources that help you sustain your living. It has also got metal spawns that you can use to build your shelter.

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Fjordur is a non-canonical map that has been developed for the ARK: Survival Evolved game. It provides the players base locations that help the users to live in space or areas that are safe from enemy attacks and raids.

Some of the best and most secure base locations are The Underground, personal island, lava dungeon, etc.