Ark Fjordur Fenrir: Location, Boss, Spawn Command

Ark Fjordur

The nordic survival game is reaching massive heights after its launch globally. The game has a set of key features that make it so different and intriguing to be played.

There are around many creatures in Ark Fjordur. Among them, there is the Fenrir creature, an end-game animal that is not easy to find, and several players take a keen interest in Fenrir.

In this article, we will give you a brief overview of the Fenrir animal of Ark Fjordur, where can we find Fenrir in Ark Fjordur and is there a Fenrir spawn command. And where is the Fenrir spawn location? Let’s get started. 

What Is Fenrir In Ark Fjordur?

Fenrir is a dire wolf-like creature that has been recently launched in ark fjordur. It looks much larger than a normal wolf with completely white-coloured eyes. Like all wolves, he is a carnivore animal with an aggressive nature.

You should not mistake Fenrir for an animal who spawns in the woods. Neither can you get him easily anywhere on the fjordur field, nor can you tame him easily. The only way to get them is to defeat the Fenrir boss. 

Ark Fjordur Fenrir Location

You need to defeat bosses to get Fenrir. Fenrir has no specific location. There is a series of steps that you need to follow. One prime thing that you need to do to get Fenrir is – you need to make a portal. 

This is how you can find Fenrir in Ark Fjordur : 

  • Defeat the Bosses: Firstly, you have to collect the runestones and then create a portal to find the respective mini-bosses on fjordur, namely – Beyla, Skoll and Haiti and Steinbjorn.
  • Use the Relics: Once you overthrow the bosses, you will get relics from each of them, use the relics to summon Broodmother(from Beyla), Dragon(from Skoll and Haiti) and Megapithecus(from Steinbjorn relics).
  • Make the Portal: After summoning the island bosses, you have to defeat them in order to get the trophies, which you can later use to make the portal that will be able to teleport you to Fenrir. 

Ark Fjordur Fenrir Boss

You have to defeat the Fenrisulfr boss, get a Fenrir creature as a reward and tame a Fenrir of your own. You have to kill the six minis and the island bosses.

The first three bosses that you have to defeat are Beyla, Steinbjorn and the twin Skoll and Haiti bosses. 

The island bosses are  Broodmother Lysrix which is a spider-like creature you can find on the centre map of Fjordur island or in the Supply centre.

You can find the Megapithecus boss in the Megapithecus arena itself in the Blue Obelisk. The dragon boss can be found in the Dragon arena in 86.2 and 05.1 

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Ark Fjordur Fenrir Saddle

Fenrir Saddle has no specified locations as of now. To get a saddle, you have to defeat the world bosses of different locations on your Fjordur map.

This involves a long process. However, as per what other ark fjordur players have said, there is no need for a saddle to ride Fenrir in Ark Fjordur.

You may try killing world bosses, and suddenly you may get a saddle for your Fenrir. 

Ark Fjordur Fenrir Spawn Command

Fenrir has no Spawn commands. As we have discussed before, Fenrir needs to spawn commands because it does not spawn in the forest. You can only get a Fenrir by defeating the bosses.

Getting a Fenrir is not a piece of cake. You have to get ninety runestones, then kill the island bosses, collect the trophies and then make a portal to get a Fenrir. 

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How To Tame Fenrir In Ark Fjordur?

Steps To Tame Fenrir In Ark Fjordur:

Step 1: Search For Alpha Animals 

Launch Ark Fjordur on your PC and then look for the Alpha animals from the Fjordur Map. Alpha animals are not some different breed of animals.

They are the usual creatures of ark fjordur. You will see the alpha name on the animals. You have to look for that name.

Step 2: Collect The Runestones 

Once you find the alpha animals,  you will see that each of them leaves a runestone behind. You need to collect almost ninety runestones. 

Step 3: Go To The Realms Of The Mini-Bosses 

Next,  you have to go to the realms of Beyla,  

Steinbjorn and Haiti and Skoll. For Beyla, you have to move towards the 4.0(latitude) and 47.5(longitude) regions on the fjordur maps.

And for Steinbjorn, you have to locate the portal room and go to Jotunheim in 77.7 and 30.8 locations.

You will not be able to find it until you defeat the twin mini-bosses –  Skoll and Haiti, they descend on the Asgard region, and once you reach there, you have to summon them via the world boss terminal. 

Step 4: Get The Relics From The Bosses 

With the ninety runestones that you would be collecting,  you have to use thirty runestones to summon each of the bosses from their realm.

Once you defeat them, you have to get the relics from the bosses. 

Step 5: Collect The Trophies 

Next,  you have to go to defeat the island bosses. They are Broodmother, Dragon and Megapithcus of Ark Fjordur.

Defeating them will allow you to get a trophy from each of the island bosses. You have to make a portal with those trophies. 

Step 6: Summon The Fenrir 

With the collected trophies, you have to summon the Fenrir and defeat him to get the “Cryopod”, where you will be awarded a Fenrir of your very own.

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Ark Fjordur Fenrir Spawn Location

Fenrir has no specific spawn location as Fenrir is not always easy to see in the fjordur maps, nor is it easy to tame a Fenrir in ark fjordur. 

Due to its speciality, Fenrir is different from the other creatures in Ark Fjordur. You have a spawn command and spawn location for them, but that’s not the case with Fenrir.

There is a very specific set of steps to get Fenrir. It’s not an animal that spawns on the fjordur field. 


Fenrir is a dire wolf life creature that cannot be found easily on the fjordur map. There are a set of steps that need to be followed to get a Fenrir of your very own.

Starting from collecting 90 runestones, defeating the six bosses (mini and island bosses) using the relics to get the trophies and then making a portal to defeat a Fenrir to get a reward, where you will finally get a Fenrir. 

There are no spawn commands or any spawn location as Fenrir does not breed in the wild. You have to kill the bosses to achieve one.

The article has covered which the bosses are you have to kill to get a Fenrir, and the location of their realms has been specified too.