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Ark Fjordur

One of many additions to the Ark Fjordur: Survivor evolved is the Ark Fjordur Desmodus.

As a player, your main agenda is to tame a creature who is efficient and extraordinary to provide you with an edge while fighting.

Therefore, Desmodus is starting to gain the love and appreciation of the players worldwide.

This creature comes with a unique set of abilities allowing the player to be invisible and able to fly at the same time.

This creature is one of the leading creatures who is tamed by gamers too often now.

However, it is not easy to find a Desmodus, let alone a tame one.

So, to find the exact coordinates and locations at which you can get an Ark Fjordur Desmodus, stay on this page till the end.

Who Is Desmodus In Ark Fjordur?

Desmodus in Ark Fjordur is a creature that looks like a bat and comes with the ability to fly.

While riding a Desmodus in Ark Fjordur, the player can fly and be invisible at the same time, which is the best combination for sneak attacks and combat.

Another major advantage of the Desmodus in Ark Fjordur is that it provides you with night vision while traveling through the woods at night.

This creature can work efficiently even without any external source of light reaching it.

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Desmodus in Ark Fjordur can help you to lead the battle at night without any additional source of light.

Also, to sneak in the forests or through the higher elevations, you can seek help from Desmodus and rely on its ability to fly.

Ark Fjordur Desmodus Location

Desmodus in Ark Fjordur can easily be located at the coordinates- 83.6,78 or 90,78.

After reaching these coordinates, you need to find the entrance to a cave.

This cave is one of the biggest hotspots to find Desmodus in Ark Fjordur all around the map.

You do not need to look anywhere specific as the Desmodus creatures can easily be found roaming around the ground here.

Make sure you are geared up before attempting to tame a Desmodus in Ark Fjordur.

However, if you have the right gear and a low-level Desmodus, it is strike time.

Else, you will be hunted or hurt by the Desmodus itself.

How To Tame Desmodus In Ark Fjordur?

Desmodus in Ark Fjordur can be tamed with the right set of gear, including a harpoon gun and a net mainly.

Before taking a Desmodus in Ark Fjordur, make sure you check their respective levels and eliminate the ones with lesser lever first.

To do so, you can easily shoot them with a harpoon gun and trap them in a net.

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Another essential thing in your kit must be blood packs that protect you from bleeding much.

After eliminating all the other Desmodus from the picture, wait for some time and let the Desmodus attack you.

Keep attacking the Desmodus and healing yourself until the tame meter favors you.

Once it does, you have successfully tamed a Desmodus.

Following are the things you must keep with you while taming a Desmodus:

  • Health packs or blood packs
  • A long-range weapon e.g., a harpoon gun
  • A net; to catch one

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Desmodus is one of the most extraordinary creatures added to the Ark Fjordur in their recent release.

With its unique capabilities of flying and making the player invisible, this creature is a good fit for sneak attacks and hard fights.

Also, it helps you to travel efficiently at night as well. 

However, one thing to keep in mind while dealing with or taming this creature is to ensure that you have the right gear and knowledge regarding the strength of the Desmodus you wish to tame.

Otherwise, your attack will backfire. 

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