Ark Fjordur Wyvern Egg: Trench, Poison, Fire, Lightning, Ice

Ark Fjordur

The nordic adventure is filled with newly added features, new creatures and materials that make the game so intriguing to be played.

The Wyvern Eggs of ark fjordur play a vital role for the players to own a wyvern of their very own.

In this article, we will take a brief overview of the major wyvern eggs that can be found in ark fjordur.

The article also highlights the places and regions where we will be able to find them. Curious to know more? Let’s dive in.

What Is Wyvern Egg In Ark Fjordur? 

Wyvern Eggs are the gigantic eggs in Ark Fjordur and are spawn eggs of the dragons, which are known as the wyvern in the game.

The wyvern eggs vary in color depending on the type of the wyvern. The eggs don’t hatch in any region; you have to meet their hatching requirements to spawn the wyverns.

Players opt for stealing the wyvern eggs rather than taming a parent wyvern as this is a risky and lengthy process.

All the wyvern eggs are located in different regions. You cannot find all the wyvern eggs in the exact same location. To reach their realms, you have to make use of the portal chamber. 

Ark Fjordur Wyvern Egg Locations

The wyvern eggs are mainly located on the island map and on the scorched earth. The coordinates of the location for carrying wyvern eggs are as follows:

  • For poison wyvern, you have to head towards the 12.0 and 64.6 which is the Vanahiem area.
  • For fire wyvern, you need to go to the eastern region of the map, located at the bottom right region. The coordinates are 96.1 and 80.1. 
  • The lightning wyvern is in the Asgard lands. Unlike the other wyvern area, this is slightly different and is highly guarded by other lightning wyverns. The coordinates of this area are 30.4 and 08.01
  • The ice wyvern can be found with the location coordinates 64.1 and 31.8. It is in the mudersnow area of Jotunhiem. It is a snowy place. You have to make sure your insulation and body temperatures are met if you don’t, you won’t be able to survive in the freezing cold regions. 

The coordinates of every region may vary by a couple of digits. There is nothing to be worried about.

If you are using a flyer, you may get 60.4 and 33.5(for instance), and when you go by foot, you will get the coordinates as 60.2 and 33.2. 

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Ark Fjordur Wyvern Trench 

The wyvern trench or the dragon trench in Ark Fjordur are the places where you can search for the dragon(wyvern) eggs. The trenches differ from each other depending on which type of wyvern egg you are looking for. 

You cannot find the ice wyvern and its eggs in the wyvern trench as they are only found in the icy region of Mudersnow (Jotunhiem).

It is suggested to go well equipped whenever you are going to the wyvern trenches. There are titanoboas and other wyverns who hover around the cavern.

What Is Poison Wyvern In Ark Fjordur? 

Poison Wyvern is one of the major wyvern types in Ark Fjordur. From its very name, we can understand it’s not a usual wyvern dragon – the wyvern has a great amount of poisonous gas in itself.

The green and black-winged dragons are mostly found in the black(rocks) mountain region on the fjordur map.

Players find it best suited for raiding. Its aggressive nature and noxious gas attacks can knock anyone off. 

And do not try to tame a parent poison wyvern as this might bring you trouble,  steal the eggs and hatch them to have a poison wyvern of your very own. However, they are not strong as lightning wyvern nor rare as the Ice wyvern. 

Ark Fjordur Poison Wyvern Egg Locations 

Poison Wyvern Eggs are found in the dark black mountains region on the fjordur maps in Ark Fjordur. You can find the eggs in the Northern highlands and the Mubersnow region. 

You have to use the portal room to reach the Vanaheim region. The area is lushly green, and the place is not easy to find for the dense trees and flowers growing near the surrounding entrance. The coordinates of this area range from 12.0 to 64.7. 

You have to move down the stream, and you will come across two ways. If you are using a flyer, you can take the left entrance and fly over the cavern, or you can take the right path to reach the chamber.

Once you are in search of the glowing black, green poison wyvern eggs, you will find the first poison egg on the right side of the chamber(look down).  

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What Is Fire Wyvern In Ark Fjordur? 

The fire wyvern is the red-orange black-winged giant dragon that is good for almost every activity in Ark Fjordur. It has excellent fire manipulation skills and has an explicit fire breath attack. 

If you are looking forward to a multi-skilled wyvern, then a fire wyvern is the apt dragon that you can have.

Taming one of the parent fire wyverns is not a piece of cake. It’s better if you steal their eggs rather can facing the danger of taming a fire wyvern.

The only drawback that fire wyvern has is its lack behind when it comes to beating Lightning wyvern.

Ark Fjordur Fire Wyvern Egg Locations 

The wyvern egg is located on the volcano island. It’s on the bottom right of your Fjordur Map. Move towards the south-eastern part of the volcano island and then look for hexagonal-shaped stones. You will come across a huge scar like an opening on the ground. 

Go down the scar-like opening. You will see plenty of hexagonal golden or black color stones/crystals.

Check the location, It has to be 96.1 and 80.1 regions on the fjordur map. When you reach inside of the wall, look for the tiny chambers you will find the wyvern fire eggs. 

What Is Lightning Wyvern In Ark Fjordur? 

Lightning wyvern is the strongest dragon type in Ark Fjordur. It was first seen in the Scorched earth region. The lightning wyvern is best known for its lightning power and its damageable breath assaults. 

The lightning wyvern is also known as Draconis Vipera. The gender and age of the wyvern vary. You can’t find a specific age wyvern in the game, but regardless of its age and gender, it has superhuman speed, durability, and stamina.

You may try to tame a lightning wyvern, but it’s best to get a lightning wyvern egg from the north western region on the fjordur map.

Its attacks, speed, and techniques make it so competitive with other wyverns in the ark fjordur. The interesting part about the lightning wyvern is that the alpha wyvern spawns naturally. 

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Ark Fjordur Lightning Wyvern Egg Location

The lightning Wyvern is located in the Asgard realm. You have to move to the Asgard realm through the portal chamber and reach this region. 

If you have a flyer, fly over the massive green skeleton and then move down the cliff, the players will see a grand entrance, the coordinates of this location are 30. 5 and 80. 2.

Move into the entrance and take a right. A point that needs to be noted here is that either you have to use the invisible mode or be ready to fight off the Lightning Wyverns as the Titanboas and Onycs are hovering around the tiny cavern.

It’s not easy to take the eggs when they are flying around. 

You have to be very fast once you are down the trench to steal the lightning wyvern eggs. The eggs are present within the tiny chambers near the glowing crystals. 

What Is Ice Wyvern In Ark Fjordur?

The ice wyvern is a rare type of wyvern (dragon) that you can find in the Fjordur fields. They vary in their colour. At times they can be white, blue, black or even grey.

They have a more pointed jaw as compared to the fire and poison wyverns. Their wings are the same colour as their body. 

Players can take their eggs and even spawn them. You can even steal them from their respective nests located in “Snow Biome”.

If you think that Ice Wyverns are tameable, then you are wrong. You can only spawn them. There are different coordinated to find the Ice Wyvern dragon.

Predominantly you can find them in the southwestern region of the map.

Ark Fjordur Ice Wyvern Egg Locations

Ice Wyvern Eggs are located in Jotunheimen. It’s a snowy area. Use the portal room from the Midgard region to reach Jotunhiem, which has a trench and above which there is a huge rock that makes the place identifiable.

Make sure before going to this place you have enough heat insulation. 

The coordinates of the location are  64.1 and 31.8. You will see bones and skulls follow them to reach the cavern.

Go down the trench. You will see a wall move into it and move quickly down the trench and search for ice wyvern eggs.

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As most of us are familiar with, the ark fjordur fields thrived with animals like dinosaurs and dragons of the Nordic era.

The dragons, which are known as wyverns, play a key role for the players in the game. Not everyone succeeds in taming a wyvern in Ark. An alternative that several players try out is spawning a wyvern egg. 

We have discussed above the locations and realms where you can find the wyvern eggs of Poison, Fire, Lightning and Ice Wyvern.

You need to be well equipped before heading towards each realm, especially in the icy region of Ice Wyvern.

The wyvern eggs are not located in the open area. You always have to enter a cavern and search for them in the tiny chambers on the walls of the trench.

Often, you have to look for a scar wall crack once you reach the area and be armed as there are chances you may get attacked.

We hope that this article has helped you to find the wyvern eggs in Ark Fjordur.