Ark Fjordur: Steinbjorn, Beyla

Ark Fjordur

Ark fjordur is reaching a massive height with each passing day, for its theme and key features in the game made it one of the most widely played survival games in the whole of the USA. 

Most of us are familiar with the mini and world bosses of Ark Fjordur. There are a total of seven of them among them – Steinbjorn and BEYLA are two of the world bosses.

In this post, we will take a brief overview highlighting their locations and realms where the players can go and fight them. Let’s get started.  

Who Is BEYLA In Ark Fjordur?

BEYLA is one of the three (mini) bosses in Ark Fjordur. She is also known as the Mega Bee Boss, who hides in the honey cave or its surroundings.

She is one of the few bosses that have been recently introduced in Ark Fjordur. 

BEYLA is the replacement of the “itsy and bitsy” creature in the game. When compared to the other two bosses(Steinbjorn and Skoll and Haiti), BEYLA has the lowest health. Hence she is the easiest to defeat. 

How To Find BEYLA In Ark Fjordur?

Steps To Find BEYLA In Ark Fjordur:

Step 1: Launch The Ark Fjordur Game 

Firstly, you have to open the game from your desktop or on your laptop. Click on the icon of Ark Fjordur from the display screen to launch the game. 

Step 2: Locate 4.0, 47.5 

Secondly, open your game maps and then look towards the northern region of Fjordur. Locate the region with 4.0 latitude and 47.5 longitudes.  

Step 3: Enter Inside The Cave 

Once you reach the region, you will see a honey cave. There will be a huge entrance to the cave. Enter inside the cave to find BEYLA

Step 4: Use The Portal 

Lastly, to find BEYLA, you have to summon her via the summoning – portal present inside the cave.  You have to collect thirty runestones to be able to summon the teleporting portal.  

How To Defeat BEYLA In Ark Fjordur?

Steps To Defeat BEYLA In Ark Fjordur:

Step 1: Go To The Northern Region Of Ark Fjordur

Launch the Ark Fjordur game and move towards the northern region on the Fjordur lands. Then locate the realm of BEYLA in the coordinate of 4.0 and 47.5

Step 2: Find Shadowmane And Megatherium 

Next, before you enter inside the bee hive (the realm of BEYLA), go to the icy region on the island to get Megatherium.

You can also visit Jotunhiem to find a Shadowmane and Megatherium, both of the creatures will help you to fight BEYLA.

In case you think you need more backup, you also take Yutyrannus to Beyla’s beehive.  

Step 3: Dodge BEYLA’s Attack With The Gas Mask 

Once you have entered the cave, fight the bosses, who are the small bee hives. Until you defeat them, you cannot reach Beyla.

After defeating the bosses, summon Beyla through her summoning portal. Be well equipped as she will attack you and dodge her poisonous attack by wearing the gas mask. 

You cannot get a gas mask directly on Ark. You have to make it with “black pearls”. You will find the pearls present within the volcano on the fjordur island. 

Step 4: Attack Beyla Until Her Health Reaches 10% 

To defeat Beyla, you have to dodge her fatal noxious gas attack and simultaneously keep on attacking her with your arms and the creature you have brought.

As soon as Beyla’s health State reaches ten per cent, she will start to lose energy and hence will be slow to attack. You can then easily defeat her and get Byela’s relics and other rewards. 

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Who Is Steinbjorn In Ark Fjordur?

Steinbjorn is one of the (mini) world bosses in Ark Fjordur. Steinbjorn is a massic icy creature(bear) who is well known for his strength and highly aggressive nature. 

If you think steinbjorn is tameable, then you are wrong, you can not tame him, but you can use the spawn command.

Make sure you don’t go too close (unarmed) near Steinbjorn, as it can attack you and leave a fatal injury. Like BEYLA, Steinbjorn, too, has a weakness that is- it is the slowest creature(boss) in Ark Fjordur. 

Ark Fjordur Steinbjorn Location 

Steinbjorn is in the Jotunheim region. To find the second (mini) boss, who is a gigantic icy bear, you have to first go to the portal chamber and enter the portal cave.

There will be three portal doors. Use the blue colour portal door. This will teleport you to Jotunhiem.

Next, Jotunheimp moves towards the region with the coordinate location of 77.1 and 30.9. Enter the hidden ice cave in the region, and you will see the summoning portal(terminal).

To summon the ice boss(Steinbjorn), you have to use thirty runestones to activate the portal. 

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Steinbjorn is a huge ice bear, and Beyla is a massive size honey boss. Both have their strengths and weakness. They are the two major (mini) world bosses out of the seven world bosses in Ark Fjordur. 

If you have to defeat Steinbjorn, you have to go to his realm, that is – move towards the Jotunhiem region of Fjordur, and to defeat Beyla, you have to locate 40.0 and 47.5 areas on Fjordur lands.

Note that Steinbjorn is highly aggressive but also the slowest boss and Beyla may give the most poisonous breath attacks, but she has the lowest health level. 

Be well-armed and equipped before fighting them. A crucial step you cannot forget is to collect enough runestones to summon their respective terminals(portals). We hope this article has helped you to know more about Steinbjorn and Beyla.