Ark Fjordur Metal Locations

Ark Fjordur

Metal in the Nordic survival game plays an important role for the players to make other essential equipment needed in Ark Fjordur. 

Several players have spent hours finding the metal deposits to make other tools and appliances. However, it is not easy to find metal deposits in Ark Fjordur.

In this article, we will take a brief overview of ten locations on your fjordur map where you can find metal deposits in abundance. Let’s dive in 

Ark Fjordur Metal Locations

Here is a list of metal locations on ark fjordur which you can follow to get the metal nodes, they are as follows: 

Location 1: 41.8 And 41.2 

The first location where you can metal is on your fjordur map locate the area with the coordinates 41.8 and 41.2

It’s the southern coast where the autumn area meets with the snow on the map. Once you reach there on the coastline you will find a shipwreck near a stone.  

Move along the coastline to the east and you will see a huge stone slope, move towards the top of the slope and you will see three big pieces of metal which you can harvest. 

Location 2: 51.9 And 29.9 

The second location is in the coordinates 51.9 and 29.9 move towards the direction of the coordinates and you will reach the Island coast, near the shore you will see the wreckage of a ship, metal hatchets, and metal picks. 

Walk straight you will see a massive stone archway, enter through the pathway and turn right and walk on top of the dark rock and you will see metal nodes on the top of the stone ledge. 

The exact coordinates of the location(of the stone archway) will be 53.5 and 29.0. Escape the place quickly because there are lots of dangerous creatures around, and there is a high chance you may get killed here. 

Location 3: 60.6 And 87.8 

The third location is in the eastern region on the fjordur map with the coordinates of 60.9 and 87.8, once you reach the seashore, across the ocean, and move towards a tiny island on the ocean, you will see small pieces of metal nodes on the rock ledge near the shore. Be aware of the seagulls and dilos they may attack you. 

Continue to move towards the island, go within the forest and you will see a tiny wooden but, there you will find supplies that will help you in your metal harvest, you may also find a few metal nodes, dig them up, and cross the ocean as fast as possible because there are chances the whales will get you killed. 

Location 4: 62.7 And 81. 4 

The fourth location will be in the coordinates 62.7 and 81.4. It’s a waterfall in the East region on the fjordur map, move towards the waterfall and then go behind it.

You will come across a cave behind the waterfall, right from the very entrance you will see valuable metal nodes, dig them up and as you further go in you will see glistening crystals and may oil rocks within the cave. 

There are more than ten metal pieces you can harvest, just be careful while coming and going inside the cave there might be some dangerous creatures hovering around. 

Location 5: 64.5 And 80.2 

The fifth location is within the coordinates 64.5 and 80.2, you have to get a raft to visit this location, it’s a coastline, and there is a castle in the middle of the area.

Walk up to the castle area and then you will see a waterfall and beneath that you will see another waterfall that is going down directly to the shore. 

Move down the waterfall and near the waterfall, on the right side, you will find an adequate amount of metal nodes, pick up the metal nodes and move out of this place as there are Carnos and Rexes moving around, if they see you they will most likely attack you.  

 If you are brave enough, you can stay longer and collect the metal as you can and then use your raft to move out of the region. 

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Location 6: 29.4 And 35.3 

The sixth location where you can find a metal deposit is within the coordinates 29.4 and 35.3 it’s in the northern continent in the middle of the fjordur map.

Once you reach there you will see a huge landslide where you will see valuable metal nodes and if you keep on moving further north, you will come to a mountain free from any harmful creatures and you will see tons of metal. 

And if you face the castle in the middle of the map from the huge lake and you will see a wooden bridge in the valley, collect the metal nodes from there and you may also find runestones which can give an energy boost. 

Location 7: 89.2 And 49.2 

The seventh location you can visit to find the metal deposits in Ark Fjordur is in the southern continent within the coordinates of 89.2 and 49.2.

You don’t have to go to the coastline or a shore, instead, move towards the only tiny Island you can see, there is a huge stone below that you will see a great number of metal nodes and even oil rocks. 

Location 8: 77.9 And 39.3 

The eighth location you can visit is from the tiny island mentioned on the seventh location, use your GPS and move towards the coordinates 77.9 and 39.3 you will see two twin falls and a tiny river running down. 

If you go behind the twin falls you will see a hidden cave, but the metal deposits are on the left side of the landslides near the waterfalls.

Here you will find a rich amount of metal deposits and other metal types, just being careful of some creatures present on top of the landslide. 

Location 9: 80.8 And 21.3 

The ninth location where you can find metal deposits in abundance is in the southern continent in the middle of the huge lake with the coordinates of 80.8 and 21.3, it’s the region of the mines. To search for the entrance among the massive stone structures, it’s a little too hard to find the entrance. 

Once you find the tiny entrance(82.8 and 21.2 coordinates) go inside and you will see a new city within the cave, it’s more like a lava city and as you move further you will see two ways. C

hoose the left pathway and you will see a cave filled with metal deposits, there are all types of metals, everywhere you see there are metal deposits, harvest how much metal you want and be wary about the dangerous creatures within the cave. 

Location 10: 86.2 And 98.2 

The last and the most important location where you will find metal deposits is the Ark fjordur’s “lunar cave”. From your fjordur map, move towards the direction of 86.2 and 98.2 coordinates, you will see tiny volcanos on the coastline, and head towards the south of the seashore.

You will see the stone structures as steps, check the coordinates it has to be around 86.5 and 97.5 on your GPS.

In the water, you will see a seaweed moving, take a direct dive within the water and be fast before the whale assaults you, move straight down the path where the huge rocks are glistening green, and continue to follow the path until you reach the lunar cave.

It is better if you use a megalosaurus within the cave since you don’t have to swim there as there is no gravity, collect as much of metals as you can, go deeper within the cave through the transparent gate, and you will reach a tiny Island where you will find here the highest concentration of metal deposits than any other place in Ark Fjordur. 

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The first locations are easy to find and locate whereas the second set of five locations is quite difficult to find but in these locations, you will find the highest concentration of metal nodes. 

You can collect and harvest the metal nodes easily if you visit the above-mentioned locations from your fjordur map in Ark Fjordur.

We hope this article has helped you in knowing about the places where you will find the metal nodes.