Naraka Bladepoint Characters & Their Abilities

Naraka Bladepoint Characters

Naraka bladepoint is a royale battle game that revolves around a battle in which sixty players combat each other.

It is a free-to-play adventurous game that is full of action and fun. It has been developed by 24 entertainment and published by netEase games montreal on August 11, 2021.

It is basically a shooting game wherein the guns are transformed into blades. The players have to acquire loots, kill other players, and explore the Morus island. 

Naraka Bladepoint Characters

There are twelve characters in the Naraka bladepoint game from which a player can choose his/her desirable character. These characters are:

1. Justina Gu

Justina is a character that has got the ability to freeze her enemies. She is also a cold-killer as she can halt opponents wherever they are.

2. Kurumi 

Kurumi is blessed with some natural gifts and is also known as the flower of helioth. Her skills mostly revolve around growth and healing.

She is not among the sorts of fighting characters. Moreover, she comes from the lineage of Ommyoji masters.

2. Matari

Matari is a master at surprising the enemies as she unnoticing attacks them without them even getting to know. She has mastered ancient secret art which makes her a professional in it.

3. Takeda Nobutada 

Takeda Nobutada  is a demon who has got evil powers and he embraces those powers in his mind. He has got a great defense that enables him to withstand a ferocious attack.

4. Tarka Ji

Tarka Ji is a man who loves freedom and is also known as a loyal drunk. He has got a spiritual strength that lets him tackle any attack. He has got high mobility and great strikes.

5. Temulch

Temulch has got great zoning potential and can blow away enemies with his ferocious strength and power.

6. Tian Hai

Tian Hai is an all-around character who wants to save the world at any cost. And comes with the great skill of going for physical attacks and defense.

7. Valda Cui

Valda Cui is an ambitious character who has got the mastery of water and seas and comes with great plans. She can control enemies very well and is good with weapons that are long-range melee.

8. Viper Hing

Viper Hing is a blind character who comes with a lot of skills such as controlling the crowd, disrupting the enemy attacks, etc. 

9. Wuchen

Wuchen is herald’s secret envoy and has got smooth skills and great abilities.

10. Yoto Hime

Yoto Hime comes with a demonic blade that kills multiple enemies at the same time leaving back their sliced bodies covered in dust.

11. Yueshan

Yueshan is a versatile character that is of Chinese descent and is a fierce warrior. He has got different types of attacks that he has mastered in.

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Naraka Bladepoint Characters Abilities

Matari Ability

Yueshan can teleport in a specific direction and is an assassin. It has got rapid flash, retrace flash, unseen wings, and silent flutter. 

Tarka Ji Ability

Tarka Ji has got an inner fire that is in a defensive state and allows it to block attacks.

Gigaflame is another skill that allows tarka ji utilize his internal energies and enables him to release a fireball. Blackout’s ability allows him to catch fire and destroy enemies. 

Temulch Ability

Temulch has got zephyr wings that enable him to jump into the air and summon wisps. Zephyr prison is a barrier created by temulch that blocks and prevents all attacks.

Tian Hai Ability

The divine bell allows him to resist and take physical attacks. Titan’s call allows him to become a vajra or a weapon. 

Kurumi Ability

Kurumi has got the ability to heal herself in thirty seconds. She can cast a sacred circle which allows her to create a healing circle.

Viper Hing Ability

Yushan enigma releases her inner energies in the form of a blast that kills most of the enemies in her range.


There are a number of characters in Naraka bladepoint, which are kurumi, viper hing, tian hai, matari, tarka ji, etc.

All these characters come with their own specifications, abilities, and skills which are required in different situations in the game.

Viper hing has got the ability to release inner energies as a blast, kurumi comes with the ability to heal herself, temulch has got zephyr wings, etc.