Raft Research Table


The Research Table in the game of Raft is listed in the Others category on your Raft. As the name suggests the Research Table can be used to research items that you add to the interface of the table.

These are resources that cannot be crafted out of scratches such as the Lantern or the Scarecrow.

So basically all you have to do is add the new item that you have recently collected to the interface of the Research Table and you can learn about the utility and other important information related to the object.

Please note that the items added to the interface of the table are consumed forever by the machine so the player better grabs an extra of whatever it is that they want to research within the game.

With that said read this blog to learn more about the Research Table in the game of Raft.

What Is Research Table In Raft?

The Research Table in your Raft collects the raw materials for the weapons or the machinery that you can build from scratch along with providing you the info related to all the items.

One of the many utilities of the Research Table is that once you collect all the scratch materials for a certain weapon or a machine you get to unlock all of the items from the table and you’ll find them in your Craft menu.

This way you can craft your own resources more conveniently and learn a few important facts related to the objects or items that you collect along the way.

In the previous versions of the game before the recent updates, the Blueprints that the player collected along the way were also required to be thrown in the Research Table.

This sometimes caused mishaps and the players risked losing the Blueprints that is mainly why Redbeet Interactive switched up the process and now the players have the Blueprints as a collectible object that they have discovered as they progress in the game.

Every update in the game presents a new object or collectible for the Research Table.

How To Make A Research Table In Raft?

The Research is one of the many objects in the game of Raft that you have to craft on your own by collecting a few scratch materials. Follow the steps mentioned below to craft your own Research Table in Raft:

Steps To Make A Research Table In Raft:

Step 1: Collect Planks 

You need 14 Planks in total for building your own Research Table, so you can go ahead and collect the Planks that are floating around in the ocean.

Or you can alternatively choose to cut down the pine trees using an Axe, given that you have built an axe already.

Step 2: Collect Scrap

The next step in the process is to collect 2 pieces of scraps from the barrels floating in the ocean.

The barrels usually contain 5-6 materials and you can easily find Scrap in there. Other than that you can also find Scrap in the vacant rafts and reefs on several islands.

Step 3: Craft The Research Table

Once you have collected both the items i.e. Scrap and Planks you will be able to unlock the crafting recipe for the Research Table.

Get started on the process and you’ll have your own Research Table for your raft. 

The items interfaced in the Research Table sometimes require you to research other items before you can research your initial item.

For instance, if you want to research a barrel you will be required to research a scrap, plank, and rope first.

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How To Use Research Table In Raft?

Follow the instructions mentioned below to research an item using your Research Table.

Make sure to craft a Research Table first, read through the above section for a detailed step-by-step guide to build your own Research Table:

Steps To Use Research Table In Raft:

Step 1: Add The Item To Your Research Interface

Once you place your Research Table on your Raft, you will spot an interface on your table where you can add the item in question that you would like to research.

Step 2: Hit The Research Button

This will consume your object in question so make sure that you have more than one if you have to use the material instantly afterward.

Pressing the Research button should display the crafting recipe and the other details of the item.

In case the machine displays the “Researched” tag, it symbolizes that the product has already been researched by you.

If the machine displays a red sign it means that the material is not included in any of the crafting recipes.

Pressing the “Research” button unlocks all the slots for the material to be used in the crafting recipes which are supported by that particular item.

If you have currently unlocked a new crafting recipe, make sure to press the “Learn” option to add the recipe to your “Crafting List”.

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Raft Research Table Achievement

If you have possibly researched all the items in a particular level or chapter you can unlock the Bookwork achievement.

For that you have to also collect all the available blueprints as well, this is a part of Chapter 2 in the game of Raft.

Make sure that you have double-checked all the possible items that can be researched in the chapter and that you have successfully collected all the blueprints that are available throughout the course of your journey.

Raft Research Table Not Working

If Raft Research Table Not Working then first check have you put the required materials in for learning?

once you get all the materials then you can research said item and then itll appear in youre crafting selection

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The Research Table is one of the most crucial components of the game of Raft. It is used to research the materials which can be included or involved in a crafting recipe.

This way the player can learn about the different uses of the same product or item. 

It also helps the players to get started on crafting their own resources once they have acquired all the items related to the recipe.