How To Get Metal Ore On The Raft?


The Raft has recently released a new version of its game that has been the talk of the town for the gamers.

Raft is based on the premise that in the game the plot is constructed such that gamers would discover themselves on a raft stranded in the sea. 

The players’ objectives would be to gather things and participate in activities such as catching fish, gathering fronds, etc.

With the aid of the crafting process, players may construct and undertake research by assembling materials. They are able to improve and increase the Raft as a consequence.

What Is Metal Ore On The Raft?

Metal ore is the resource in the Raft which is found under the sea surface. The general location is said to be around the shore on the island walls in pairs of 2 and 3.

The importance of metal ore is that it is used to make metal ingots. These Metal Ingots are demanded in several construction activities.

They are used in the making of instruments such as machines, tools, and other navigating items.

How To Get Metal Ore On The Raft?

The metal ores are usually located near the islands. The island shores have these metal ores deep under the surface in clusters of two and three.

Steps To Get Metal Ore On The Raft:

  • Locate an island shore nearby. Go near that island.
  • After reaching the island try and dive deep into the sea.
  • You need to have a hook to complete the process of collecting the metal ores.
  • Along with the hooks, you must ensure that you have sufficient oxygen and diving gear to collect the metal ores present in the deep ocean.
  • Now dive deep and collect the metal ores.

After collecting the metal ores, you need to use your converter that will turn these metal ores into ingots.

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Raft is an exciting and adventurous video game. The player is getting excited with the release of new versions which brings new resources, new luxuries, and new machine plans.

The present article will guide you about what a metal ore is and how to convert it into ingots. The article will help you understand the process of mining the metal ore and the equipment needed for its extraction and conversion.

So now do not fear taking risks and realize your full potential in the game.