Raft Pipes: Water Pipe, Fuel Pipe


Raft gamers must know about transporting water and fuel through pipes easily and conveniently. You will have to learn the systematic flow of water and fuel through pipes from one machine to another.

Although it might look simple, you have to learn accurate and efficient techniques to simply transport the material.

Using these pipes in a raft comes with complex mechanics and mechanisms which you must understand to ensure you play this game wisely.

Raft Pipes

There are 2 major pipes available in the raft game named the water pipe and the fuel pipe. The purpose of these pipes can easily be guessed by their name.

These pipes are used to transport water and fuel from one machine to another in an efficient way. 

This might sound like a simple and easy thing to do whereas, the advanced mechanics attached to the procedure is ignored by many gamers.

Understanding the work of these pipes and how to efficiently transport material through them can help you to achieve milestones easier in this game and make your performance magnificent.

The fuel pipe network is widely used to transfer biofuel via full biofuel tanks or from one machine to the destination or another machine without wasting fuel or time.

Whereas, the water pipe network will help you to distribute water from one water equipment such as sprinklers, water tanks, purifiers, etc. To other machines that require water.

How To Get Fuel Pipe In Raft?

The initial requirement to find a fuel pipe in the raft is to get the blueprints of the fuel pipe network first. To find the blueprints you will have to visit Balboa Island and enter the relay station 4.

On entering the relay station 4 add this island you can easily spot the blueprints for fuel pipe in the raft.

 The next step is to read the blueprints carefully and analyze them. To research this blueprint you will have to directly go to the research table and carefully read the whole blueprint.

While researching it you will get all the vital information you require to build the fuel pipe on your own. 

When you craft a fuel pipe, you will get two pipes every time you craft them. Take a note that you will need 4 times scrap to get two times fuel pipe. Once you get enough, you can pause crafting.

How To Get Water Pipe In Raft?

For crafting a Water pipe in Raft, you need the water pipe blueprint as a first step. To reach the blueprint of the water pipe, you will have to complete the crane puzzle on Raft.

You can find this crane puzzle easily. The crane Puzzle will be located across the long storage area located in the Tangaroa basement. 

Once you complete the crane puzzle the doors to the water pipe blueprint will open for you. Now, all you need to do is research through this blueprint and obtain the recipe to craft the water pipes. To research the blueprint you can sprint to the research table.

Once your research is complete, you can start crafting Water pipes with the obtained recipe. Make sure you have 4x crap to create 2x pipes.

For every water pipe you craft, you will get two i.e. a set of water pipes you can use easily on your game.

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How To Use Pipes In Raft?

The first thing you need to learn while using the pipes in Raft is to obtain crap by farm scrap process.

With the help of farm scrap, you can get your hands on the sufficient scarp you need to craft new water or fuel pipes. Remember you will get two individual pipes for every new pipe you craft on Raft. 

You can easily find this scrap and that too in abundance through various resources and methods.

You can either Look for scrap under the water with the help of a hook or simply find the scrap lying around the water bodies.

After crafting a Sufficient number of pipes, you need to hold these pipes in your hand and tap them on the ground wherever you wish to install them. The placement of these pipes can be made in any direction, either straight or slant. 

In case you already have a foundation or principle pipe lying around the ground you can attach the new pipes to either end of this principle pipe.

While laying down the pipes if you have lied down the wrong pipe or in the wrong direction you can edit it by tapping on X after aiming at the pipe.

 If you want to place your pipes at a certain height, You will have to provide a plane foundation to serve as the ground beneath the pipes. Once the pipes are accurately lied down you can easily remove the foundation from beneath and leave the pipes hanging in the air as you wanted them to be. 

Following the same pattern, you can easily connect one node of a pipe to the machine. Make sure you attach one node of the pipe first to the machine and then lay down the whole pipeline network for transporting fuel or water through these pipes.

 Apart from the network connection, any other parameters such as the length or diameter of the pipe will not affect the flow as the flow capacity depends on the machine that is pushing the fuel or water towards the end destination and not the dimensions of the pipe. 

Therefore, try to understand the mechanics and layout of the pipes in the proper way to ensure the highest flow and easy transportation of the fluids from one machine to another.

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The raft performance of the player highly depends on the overall layout of pipes they build in the game. The 2 types of pipe i.e. the fuel and water pipes are the fundaments of this game. 

Make sure you understand the function and mechanics behind these pipes to ensure high efficiency possible and powerful pipe system.

This powerful system will help you to transport water and fuel accurately and efficiently to the machines and other components.