Naraka Bladepoint: Tips & Tricks, Hacks

Naraka Bladepoint

Naraka Bladepoint is an adventure game developed by 24 entertainment and released by NetEase games Montreal.

It is a game that is full of action and revolves around the concept of sixty players fighting with each other in a battle, roaming around the Morus island to explore weapons, loots, and glory, and the one who stays till the last wins the game. 

It is a free-to-play royale shooter game that transforms guns into blades. The weapons in the game are known as vajra.

It provides the players with a realistic experience of combat and martial art skills. The gameplay has been inspired by the legends of the far east. 

Naraka Bladepoint Tips & Tricks

If you are a beginner in the game then these tips and tricks will help you develop a base and hold on to the game.

And you will get a clear insight into the game that will enable you to be better at it and polish your gaming skills. 

1. Choose The Best Character 

Naraka Bladepoint comes with great versatility of characters and you need to choose the best character for the situation. If you are playing solos, duets, or trios, you need to select the player accordingly. 

Each character in the game comes with his/her characteristics, skills, and levels according to which you have to choose the character. 

2. Be Aggressive In Combat

You need to be very aggressive in combats and you should pick up the preferable weapons that make you flexible in a battle.

You should know how to attack using a particular weapon and should collect whatever weapon comes your way. You should use both the abilities of cooldown and on the meter while fighting in any battle. 

3. Keep Looting

There are a lot of loots in the Naraka bladepoint that you can acquire to get an edge in the game. These loots are full of weapons, upgrades, coins, consumables, health items, armor items, weapon repair kits, etc. 

4. Use More Weapons

Do not rely on one or two weapons that suit your taste or style or that you get comfortable with but try to explore more weapons. And use weapons according to the situation or the target.

5. Use Souljades

These souljades provide health boosts and buffs and damage resistance. You can find these souljades in loots and you should use them as much as you can and keep taking them wherever you find these.

Naraka Bladepoint Hacks

If you are new to the Naraka bladepoint game then you find a lot of hackers in the game which will make it difficult for you to get adjusted to the game.

So, below given are some common hacks used in the Naraka bladepoint game.

1. Teleport Hack

This hack makes you invisible in the game and saves you from getting shot by other players. This is the only way using which you can fully escape from getting killed by the other players. 

2. Speed Hack

This speed hack gives you an edge over being faster than the other players in the game. It increases the speed of your attack, weapon loading, etc.

3. Infinite Dodge

This hack helps you to dodge and make the headshots useless. Most of the players in this game go for headshots and this hack lets you dodge all the headshots shot at you and make them useless and of no worth.

4. Infinite Energy

Energy is the main thing that a player needs in this game to keep playing and this hack makes sure that your energy doesn’t run out. 

5. Auto Perry 

This hack helps you to put out an effective counterattack in situations when you are not able to attack in a battle. 

6. Wallhacks

These wallhacks enable the player to see through items, obstacles, wall, etc., and provides them with an edge to target and kill their opponents.

It enables the user to get all the information about their opponents as they can see where they are and helps them to keep a watch on their opponents.

7. Aimbots Cheats

This hack makes sure that all your shots are accurate and on point which helps you to kill opponents quickly. 


Naraka bladepoints is a free-to-play game that is full of action and adventure as it allows the player to combat and have a battle with 60 players. This game revolves around shooting with guns which are then transformed into blades. 

The basic tips and tricks for beginners are to use more than one weapon, be flexible and aggressive, etc. Teleport hack, speed hack, wall hack, and about cheats are the common hacks that can be used in the game.