Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Gatekeeper

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes

Fire Emblem Three hopes” is an exciting fantasy game whose gameworld hosts a plethora of skilled interactive characters.

You get to choose your own route and team up with your desired characters and level up gradually in the game.

One such character who is known for his easy-going and friendly nature in the game is the Gatekeeper. Read on to know more about him!! 

What Is Gatekeeper In Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes?

The Gatekeeper has the job of guarding the gates of the Garegg Mach Monastery. He is mostly found there when a significant character in the game, Byleth visits the magnificent grounds of the monastery in his leisure time.

Gatekeeper is an easy-going, friendly, and funny character in the game, who is passionate about his position, but might lack some skills. 

Gatekeeper is pretty knowledgeable when it comes to the History and Culture of Fodlam, and is enthusiastic about sharing this knowledge with players.

Gatekeeper enjoys fishing and is often portrayed in some parts of the game as a lovelorn character.

Gatekeeper has high respect for the Knights of Serios, especially Catherine; and is equally scared of Judith and the Death Knight. He is always very happy to meet new players and speaks very jovially with them.  

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Gatekeeper Voice Actor 

The voice actors behind the beloved character of Fire Emblem, Gatekeeper are Kyle McCarley as the English-speaking voice and Shinobu Matsumoto as the Japanese-speaking voice.

The NPC character, Gatekeeper grew in prominence in the Fire Emblem gameworld because his chatty, funny nature bought a sense of relief to the strategic game. 

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Gatekeeper is a character that is unanimously voted as the most loveable character by each and every Fire Emblem fan.

You can’t deny his amicable charms despite his absentminded nature. He is passionate about his job and does his best to bring a smile to every player’s face.