Roblox Aperiphobia: Level 1 To Level 10

Roblox Aperiphobia

Aperiphiba is one of the games of Roblox, the plot revolves around completing tasks in either a maze or a shady room and dodging the monster before it kills you, to go to the next level. 

In this article, we will discuss all the levels in the Aperiphobia Roblox, the article highlights the tasks you will come across in each level and how you can cross them to complete all the ten levels in Aperiphobia. Let’s get started 

Roblox Aperiphobia Level 1

Once you have started the game, you will be sleeping in a spooky room and you will be woken up by a loud sound.

As you wake up, you will see the control box menu on your screen, giving you a brief overview of how to use the tabs to play the game. 

Look for a paper that is stuck to the wall within the room you were asleep in. If you have found the paper you will see there is a drawing of a person and a dark human figure who is standing behind the person and ahead of the person there is a staircase opening to another room. 

That picture is representing the task you have to perform to complete the first level. Now as you start running from the room, you will see it’s like a maze, you have to follow the arrows, always make sure to be around the right part of the walls, and don’t walk in between.

As you keep following the arrows you will see a big room with a disco light hanging on the ceiling and a chair in the center of the room. 

Keep on going in, don’t leave the right part(side) of the wall after some time you will see a staircase, this is a staircase shown in the drawing, climb it to complete your first level in Roblox Aperiphobia. 

Roblox Aperiphobia Level 2

In the second level, you have to look for a piece of drawing that will tell you about your task. When you reach the 2nd level, you will be in a shady room crammed up with pipes.

You have to go ahead until you come across a huge room that is crammed with water and pipes.

You will then see a picture attached to the wall, the drawing this time has a huge wheel and the person is trying to turn it around and avoid being puzzled here.

The number ‘6’ is not six times but it means how many wheels you have to turn it, the number has been mentioned.

Now you have to find “six wheels” not only one and turn them all around in a full circle degree(ie 360°) 

Find all the six wheels and turn them in the correct manner and then in the gloomy hallway, you will hear the buzzing loud sound and a green light flickering at the end of the hallway.

You have to go and you will be then taken to a pathway filled with water if you reach that place that means you have completed your second level. 

Roblox Aperiphobia Level 3

The third level is the lengthiest level where you have to complete two tasks. Once you reach level 3 you will see office rooms everywhere and you have to go inside the office rooms and find the green button and press it.

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Before that, you will find a drawing attached to the wall, the picture will be representing 6-7 boxes(rooms) and the person is standing in front of them. 

Now the interesting part lies here, as you enter any of the office rooms you will fall into a completely different room, and here you have to do a set of different purposes.

You will find the arrows on the wall, they will guide you on where to go next. Here you will come across two pictures(that represent tasks).

In the first picture, it will be written that ‘it’s better to hear things rather than see them’.

In addition, you will find a drawing where the person finds a key from the drawers and is chased by a dog.

These keys play a crucial role in level three, to move to the next level you have to find three of them.

Once you find the drawing, you will now be hunted by the monster of the game. 

If you are thinking the monster will just appear in front of you while you are walking or running then that’s not probably the case.

You will get a hint where your screen will start shaking and the screen will turn into a reddish color giving you a hint that the monster is getting closer to you.

To save yourself, you have to jump above the drawers and hide on top. 

As the monster starts to disappear, find all the keys by searching within the drawers.

Collect all the three keys and move towards the locked gate that you must have come across, if you did not then find the locked gate and then use the three keys to unlock the gate(the locks of the gate are kept below).

Once you succeed in doing it, a loud sound will be made and then you will be taken to another room. Here you have to find the three buttons.

If you go near the fallen drawers you will see one of the three buttons, circle it around and then press on it, it will then turn green in color.

If you keep on going ahead, you will see a tall and tight room, enter the room and walk till the end where you will find another button, press it. 

You will find the last button inside a drawer that is opened. Once you find it, press on it to turn it green.

After you have pressed all the three buttons you will hear the loud sound again, now rush to the room from where you have entered(or fallen into) and find the exit arrow which is leading towards a door.

Open the door and you will be climbing down the staircase and you will again come across an exit door, open it to complete the third level in the game. 

Roblox Aperiphobia Level 4

This is the shortest level in the Roblex Aperiphobia, you don’t have to do much here.

Once you have opened the second exit door from the third level you will be taken to the sewers. There are no rooms, no turns inside the sewer.

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It’s just a straight pathway, follow the straight path and you have to look to your left and right and then you will see a glistening white door, it’s a gateway that will take you to the last level. 

Roblox Aperiphobia Level 5

Level five is one of the toughest levels in the game. Here you will be inside a cave crammed with spikes and you may see a ‘Roblox character’ around.

This Roblox character will give you a hint that you are about to die in the game.

Avoid this character always, just move forward inside the cave, you will know you have reached the edge of the cave you will be hearing some creepy sounds. 

As you move further, you will see a portal area, purple in color as you reach here; those creepy sounds will be getting louder.

When you go close to the portal, your game will end if you are using the Alpha version of the game. If you are not using the alpha version you will be proceeding to the next level. 

Roblox Aperiphobia Level 6

once you reach the sixth level, you will be in a hallway with red lights flickering everywhere. You don’t have to complete any task here, you only have to run for your life, run all the way, and avoid getting stuck inside the barricades, if you get stuck then the monster may attack you and you will meet your end. 

Don’t wait, don’t be stuck in a barricade or any room where you will come across the hallway, keep on running until you find the huge brown door at the end part of the hallway, open the door and enter through it to compile the level. 

Roblox Aperiphobia Level 7

This is the level where most players happen to break their heads trying to solve the color code. You will be taken inside a room and you have to count the number of dice you find for each color, most of the dice are in the ‘wooden racks’.

Once you have found all the dice, go near the computer placed in the center of the room. You have to type the numbers and the colors. 

The number code will be based on the color you found and how many and the weightage of them and the number pattern will be from small to bigger numbers.

When you successfully enter the code, you will receive another code(four-digit).

Now go to the door in the room which is locked and press the same four-digit code to open the door. After that, you will see a staircase going to another vent. 

Follow the staircase and move towards the other room above, in the next room you will see a pile of books around, you have to find the book which looks the most different, once you find it open the book and you will see a lot of codes written on it.

Now you will see another locked door, to unlock it you have to try out all the given codes until you find the correct one which unlocks the door. 

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Enter through the door once you have opened it and then climb through the ladder and you will reach another vent, follow the straight pathway unless you see the room with a computer inside. Enter the room and press on the key Y and then click on confirm. 

This will help you to unlock the gate that will lead you to the next level in the game. Go inside the room that you see after clicking on confirm and follow the green light where you will see a ‘dark wall'(it’s the gate that you have unlocked), cross the wall to complete the level. 

Roblox Aperiphobia Level 8

 in level eight, you will be taken into a gloomy place where there is a constant threat of being attacked by the monster.

Simply follow the straight path until you see four paths inside the maze, take the first right turn,  move straight and then follow the red light and again take the right turn and you will be within a room,  move further and you will be at the end(last) room.

You will see a ladder,  use the ladder by climbing on it to complete the level.

Roblox Aperiphobia Level 9

Level nine is the simplest of all the levels you have climbed up the ladder in the previous level,  you will be inside a massive swimming pool hall.

You only have to touch the water slides that you see, this will help you to move towards the last and final level of the game. 

Roblox Aperiphobia Level 10

in level ten, you only have to find the key that will help you to win the game, if there are two players then they have to find two keys. It’s quite simple to find the key, you will see a locker where the key is attached.

Take the key and follow the map and find the locked door. Once you find the locked door, use the key that you found, with this you will complete the Roblox Aperiphobia game. 


Out of the ten levels discussed above, a few of the levels are the lengthiest, toughest, most dangerous, and the simplest.

Every level has a different plot and place where you either have to find keys or find your pathway by passing a door or gateway. 

While you play every level, you only have to save yourself from the dark creepy monster. If it gets you, your game will end.

Stay collected in one of the levels where the monster will get pretty close to you and dodge the monster by focusing on the game and simply completing the level. 

As you come to the end of the game, the last two levels are very simple to get by. We hope this article has helped you give a brief overview of all the levels in Aperiphobia Roblox.

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