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The Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes is based in the same universe as its prequel i.e The Fire Emblem Warriors Three Houses but in an alternate timeline.

This version of the game has introduced the Expeditions feature which allows the players to interact with other characters to build bonds.

Shez is the ultimate protagonist in the game and the Expedition feature allows the characters to get to know him better and build a connection with him.

There are plenty of activities that the characters can perform together such as extending invitations for visiting local destinations.

In this blog, we have discussed the effective methods to use the Expeditions feature to its fullest effect so keep reading to learn more.

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Expeditions

The Expeditions feature in the game of The Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes is unlocked fairly early in the game.

At the beginning of the game, two new characters are introduced called Arval and Shez, both of these characters are on a mission to defeat the “Ashen Demon” by the end of the game.

How this feature actually works is that the player gets to choose a companion from their teammate to accompany them on an Expedition to meet Shez and one of his companions.

Initially, the only place available for visiting in the plains.

The player can buy the other alternatives for expeditions available in the game later on as they progress further.

Now during the meet-up, the player gets to pick from two different options.

They can either choose to have a conversational dialogue between the two parties or they can choose to ask questions.

If they choose the former option their companion brings up a topic of conversation after which they get to choose from a series of three different responses.

The correct option will be based on the character of the companion so it is important for players to know about their companion.

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If they choose the latter option the player gets a chance to ask questions to the other party.

This does not add any benefit to the game but asking a bunch of questions can definitely increase the knowledge of the player about the opposite party.

This also offers the player an opportunity to choose from three different responses. 

The best response will lead to the most informative conversation so it is important to choose wisely.

The players will definitely find the conversation option to be better because it is easier to keep up with the dialogues but, the questionnaire option always comes with an added bonus.

After the purpose of the Expedition is completed, the players will level up their morale boost, also note that these expeditions also double the morale of Shez and his companion as well.

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How To Level Up Fast Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes

The crucial necessity to level up faster in the Three Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes game is to acquire XP or Experience Points.

We have listed all the possible ways to level up faster in the game; you can choose to perform more than one task at once to gain a better experience.

So, with that said here are some of the ways to level up your character in the game:

Complete Battles

This is one of the most straightforward ways to gain an XP and level up your individual status in the game.

What you can do is place yourself in a battleground with a large number of enemies.

If your character survives till the end of the battle, then you can surely gain a few XP points in your chart.

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Receive An MVP Award

This is crucial to make sure that you level up after winning the individual battle in the battlefield that you had earlier placed yourself in.

Try to manually control your character and not let the AI do most of the task. 

Perform Side Quests

While playing the game you will notice that a timed quest pops up every now and then.

These quests require you to stop what you’re doing for the time being and participate in a battle before the timer goes off.

These quests might come off as irritating but they are a great way to earn XP points and also receive gold which will come in handy for upgrading your character.

Use Your Gold

This is not the most ideal way to level up your character but it certainly gets the job done.

All you have to do is visit your Training Instructor at camp and select the level-up option.

Keep in mind that this option only allows you to level up the lowest level character that you have to the level of the highest ranked character. 

For instance, if your highest ranked character of yours it at level 9, then you can level up your lowest ranked character to level 9 only.

Now that we have discussed the various ways to level up your individual characters faster, let us discuss the ways to level up your Class in the game.

Note that leveling up your class requires you to acquire Class Experience, with that said let us being:

Train Characters Together

You can visit your Training Instructor back at your camp and choose the option to train your characters together.

The Training Regimen allows you to select the most compatible pair of characters to train together; this ensures that after the training is over you will certainly level up the XP points of the character’s class.

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The only drawback of this feature is that you can train the characters together as long as you use the Training Points which are only allotted at the beginning of a chapter.

Also keep in mind that if you train a character with a higher Weapon Level with a character of a lower Weapon Level, it will provide extra XP to the lower weapon level character.

Win Battles

This time around you will not only have to complete the battles but also win them in order to gain extra XP for your Class.

The more battles you win the more XP will be added to your characters who had participated in the battles.

Also, if you possess the highest battle rank you will stand a chance to gain extra Class XP.

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Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes is a hack and slash game created by the Omega Force which is a game sequel to The Fire Emblem Warriors Three Houses.

In this game, we are introduced to two new characters Arval and Shez. 

These characters are on a mission to defeat the ultimate “Ashen Demon” by the end of the game.

The game has introduced an Expeditions feature where the player gets to learn more about the characters of Shez and his companions by going on Expeditions with them.

Other than that the game also allows the players to level up their characters and Class XP by participating in different activities.

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