Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Weapons & Weapons Skill

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes

Fire emblem warriors have released The new chapter named “three hopes” which is highly intriguing for the gamers.

There are a lot of new characters and weapons released by the game in this new chapter.

However, since the three hopes is new for all the users, they do not have detailed information about how the weapon works and which variant of different weapons is best for them.

So, let’s know each variant of different weapons in detail now.

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Weapons

Following are the weapons available for you while playing Fire Emblem:

1. Axes

These three weapons can help you in causing huge damage to the opponent physically. You can use different axes to make your attack on the opponent.

Make sure you select just the right axe in any given situation. To help you choose the right axes, we have explained both the axes and they are used below:

Axe Of Ukonvasara

The Axe of Ukonvasara is categorized in the top A Tier weapons on Fire Emblem. The capability of this weapon stays unmatched as this axe can help you to harm your enemies immensely.

One of the biggest advantages of choosing an axe of Ukonvasara is that it helps you to restore around 11.85%,30%, and 20% of your overall HP value.

This reason makes it stand different from the ordinary weapons available in the Fire Emblem game. Also, this axe is easily accessible by games.

You can find this axe during chapter 13 of the story as it progresses. Apart from the basics, it offers about 30 different advantages to the gamer.

At the base level, this weapon is capable of providing a 20% crit rate and 65% hit chance.

Axe Of Zoltan

As the name suggests, this axe belongs to Zoltan. This axe is particularly crafted by Zoltan himself. Also, with its efficiency and power, it lies in the A-tiered axe or weapon category.

This shows that this battle is highly valuable for fighting a strong opponent in combat. The victory of the gamer is guaranteed after using this axe with 20 different uses of this axe.

There is nothing you can not do with this axe. The overall design of this weapon helps you to rupture your opponents and harm them majorly during combat.

It comes with a higher hitting chance i.e. 70% than the other axe. Make sure you use this axe in your hardcore battles and combats to bring your enemy down.

2. Swords

Although swords are available for everybody, the melee users can highly benefit from this weapon category. There are different swords available in the game.

However, to ensure your victory, you must know the functioning and capabilities each sword carries along.

Following is detailed information about both the swords you can use against your enemies:

Sword Of Zoltan

The Sword of Zoltan is one of the most powerful swords available for gamers to defeat their opponents.

This sword comes under the category of tier A swords which implies that this sword is one of the most powerful and best options when it comes to slicing your enemies ruthlessly.

Another factor that will definitely make you consider this sword is the hitting rate.

The sword of Zoltan offers around a 90% hitting rate which implies you will rarely miss a strike from this sword.

There are more than 25 ways in which you can use this sword and ensure victory.

However, the biggest advantage of this sword is its durability. It can survive many battles and combats before you are not able to use it anymore.

It Might factor affect the overall situation of the weapon. For this sword, the might is 13 and you will be satisfied with this stat too.

Sword Of Seiros

Sword of Seiros is another dynamic sword from the tier A listed swords on the Fire emblem.

This sword is popular due to its capability of generating a considerable amount of HP whenever this sword is swung around anybody.

Depending on the loss or damage the gamer is facing due to a certain attack, you can increase your HP by 11.85%, 20%, and 30% while using this sword.

On its own, the sword comes with 30 different uses and benefits that will help you to make a clearer decision.

Also, the might is 11 for this sword which is an impressive number. This sword offers up to 80% hitting rate and 10% crit rate.

However, the crit rate will increase with each level, so that is not what you should worry about.

3. Lances

Lances Or spears are the appropriate weapons to be used by the gamer to pierce the enemy hear from a long distance.

This weapon allows you to attack the enemy with force and technique that will cause maximum damage. Following are the types of spears or lances you can use to defeat your enemies:

Crescent Sickle

Although this weapon lies in the B tier of overall weapons in the Fire Emblem game, this looks like a good option for the users.

It allows you to stab your enemy right, left, and center without any chances of survival.

There are almost 50 other uses of this weapon that makes it a vulnerable and useful component in combat.

Also, it holds 10 might which is not bad for the B-tier weapons.

This spear offers you an 80% hit chance whereas still stands on a 0% Crit rate. This might increase when you move up on the level ladder.

There are two other options you can explore while going through the B-tier weapons i.e. the silver lance and brave lance.

Lance Of Zoltan

This lance comes in the A rating Category of weapons in Fire Emblem. This is one of the most powerful weapons you can get in the middle of a battle.

This weapon allows you to Pierce through the heart of your enemy and kills them Instantly on the battleground.

This lance Offers an amazing range and 15 might which is a high number for spares.

Also, You can use this Lance as many times as you want as it comes with 20 uses throughout the battle.

On the base level, it offers up to an 80% attack rate which implies that it can help you to successfully complete 80 attacks Without any loss and kill your opponent easily.

4. Gaunlets

The next category of weapons we will talk about is Gaunlets. Simply put, Gaunlets are the weapons you can use to yield magic and use it on your enemies.

These weapons allow you to use magic and defeat your enemies easily and at a faster pace. Following are the best Gaunlet weapons you can use:

Dragon Claws

If you are looking for an attractive and impressive Gaunlet to lead your battle, dragon claws are your catch.

You can use these claws to look cooler and kill your opponents easily in your battle. This weapon lies in a category called the brawl.

This weapon is counted amongst the top tier A weapons available on the Fire emblem. The number Of uses you get with this weapon is 30.

Therefore, You can use this weapon easily to fight a long battle or take down several enemies at once.

It offers up to a 75% hitting rate or probability of not missing a stroke. Also, initially, it offers a 5% crit rate which will increase once you upgrade your level

Aura Knuckle

This weapon also belongs to the tier A weapon category. While using it, you do not need to use any additional weapon or object. However, getting your hands on this weapon can be tricky and rare for gamers.

You can defeat a huge number of enemies and opponents with this weapon as it comes with 30 uses at once. It makes the aura knuckles perfect for long battles.

Although it Offers only 2 might, the overall hitting rate of this weapon lies around 70% which makes up for the lower might. also, it is available for a range of weights.

5. Bows

For the gamers who wish to kill their enemies from a distance rather than in combat or a fight, Bows are the perfect weapons.

This particular type of weapon allows you to hit your enemy from a long distance without any chances of survival once your Bow gets stuck in their hearts. Following are the best weapons from this category:

Bow Of Zoltan

The best weapon from the bow category is the bow of Zoltan. Although this weapon failed to gain fame in the previous chapters, three hopes have revived this weapon for good.

This weapon belongs to the tier A category of weapons and is an appropriate asset for tough games.

This weapon holds the trust of various players who know its worth and are willing to win over the dangerous opponents.

Another factor that makes it a fit choice for long-lasting games is that it comes for about 20 uses making it difficult to break so soon.

Since this weapon allows you to use it at 13 might, it becomes even more convenient.

Although you get a 0% crit rate with this weapon, you will get a 75% hitting rate which is impressive. You will need to upgrade this weapon to get a good crit rate.

Tathlum Bow

Since the tathlum bow is a tier A weapon, you do not have to worry about the power it brings to the table. It offers you around an 80% hitting rate and an impressive 10% of crit rate.

This bow is one of the best options available if you do not get your hands on the bow of Zoltan. Also, it can be used for various attempts making it a sustainable option for gamers.

6. Tomes

Another magical category called the times is available for gamers. Although it is highly beneficial for the mages.

It can be used by any gamer to cast a spell on their opponent and defeat them with a spin. Following are the most useful tomes available on the fire emblem:

Hero Tome

This time weapon is one of the best options available in this category.

This weapon comes with an S tier rating that implies that this weapon is not only powerful but also one of the strongest magical weapons to use.

With its long-range effect and powerful attacks, it becomes one strong weapon. The might it offers is enormous.

On the basic levels, it offers about 480 might whereas once it is updated it can offer around 720 might. This makes the hero tome highly useful and beneficial.

Brave Tome

The brave tome is the one and only A-ranked weapon in this category. Although it offers 160 might which is way less than the hero tome, the number itself is quite exciting.

With 160 and more might you can easily use this weapon to kill your enemies without wasting your resources and in lesser time. This is one of the best tome weapons available on the game after the Home tome.

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Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Weapon Skills

You can easily increase the level of the three hopes weapon by improving your class. The level of skills of the weapon is directly linked with the current class of your game.

In order to get the best of your weapons, you need to upgrade your level and class.

The only way to get a higher-level weapon is by improving the unit class benchmark to a certain level.

With every class update, you will get an upgraded version of your weapon.

By default, you get level or class D weapons on the game. However, you can always upgrade them with progress in the game.

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The three hopes chapter of fire emblem offers a huge range of characters and weapons to make the game more exciting for the gamers.

As discussed above, every weapon holds discrete significance and if used properly, can turn the tables in your favor.

Therefore, make sure you analyze the opponent first and then select your weapon wisely to ensure victory in long and difficult fights.