Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Recruitment Guide

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes sc

As soon as you enter chapter two of the game you will find that a total of 8 characters have been recruited to your team whether you belong to the Black Eagles, Blue Lions, or the Golden Deer Class. Further along the way, you can also recruit other characters to your team.

Basically recruiting the antagonist characters in the game is the trickier part which we shall further discuss in this blog.

That would be Byleth and the Ashen Demon but other than that recruiting other characters in this game is pretty simple.

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Recruitment

There are four main strategies to recruit characters in the game of Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Recruitment, all of which have been discussed in the different sections of this article.

We will also discuss in brief the strategies required to recruit Byleth. 

The basic strategy to lure other characters to your team is to strategize and convince them during the battle.

Keep reading along to learn more about recruiting characters in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes.

How To Recruit In Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes?

Follow the below strategies mentioned below to recruit characters in the game:

1. Choose Your Faction

Your Faction is a small group of warriors who will immediately unlock once you choose a particular faction from the Golden Wildfire, Azure Gleam or Scarlet Blaze.

As soon as you choose a faction, the heroes or to say the characters within the faction will be automatically unlocked for you. 

2. Use Your Strategy In The Main Missions

You can earn Strategies for your main missions by completing the pop-up timed missions in between the game.

These Strategies can be used to convince the players from the other factions to join your faction.

While you are completing the main mission you can request to purchase a certain hero from the other faction using these Strategies.

Make sure that you collect as many strategies as possible before playing the main battle.

3. Collect Renown And Purchase Characters

This is yet another way for the players to purchase characters after the main battle or the main event has been finished.

Renown is a form of currency that is allotted to the players after they complete a certain main battle or task. 

After collecting your Renown you can purchase characters like Arval, Sothis, and Rhea for 60 Renown each.

This currency is not allotted to the players in abundance so make sure that you complete more than one main event in order to acquire all of these characters at once.

The main move to recruit Byleth in the game varies depending on which faction you had chosen earlier in the game.

Note that the option to recruit Byleth appears in Chapter 10 of the game during the main mission, we have discussed each of the strategies as follows:

1. If You Chose Golden Wildfire

If you chose this faction you will be required to use the lighting strategy and acquire the strongholds in the northwest.

Once you have that under control Byleth will try to change her positions in the main mission. 

Now you have to reach Alois and Rodrigue using the bridge which will be destroyed in a matter of seconds.

All you have to do is defeat Alois and Byleth will not be able to return because the bridge will be destroyed. After killing Alois you can successfully recruit Byleth.

2. If You Chose Azure Gleam

If you were a part of this faction you have to start with finishing the initial tasks in the main battle and defeating Fleche.

This will make Byleth appear, move forward as you normally would in the game, and defeat Randolph to complete the mission and recruit Byleth in the game.

3. If You Chose Scarlet Blaze

Within the 10th Chapter of this game if you belong to this faction you will have to escort Claude all across the map and take her back as well.

While you are on this quest you will spot Byleth.

Make sure to deploy one of your stronger units on the top section of the map, this is where the enemy tropes are with whom Byleth will try to engage.

Defeat them before she gets to them and you will have recruited her into your team.  

Also just a side note for the players, you will also recruit Jeralt automatically after recruiting Byleth in the game, irrespective of whichever faction you belong to.

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The keys to recruiting characters or heroes in this game mainly lie in how you perform in the main battle and the side battles in the game.

If you win the main battles you can get to earn the Renown currency which can be used to recruit Arval, Sothis, and Rhea. 

On the other hand, if you own enough Strategies in the game you will be able to recruit characters during the main battle, and for that, you will have to participate in enough timed tasks and side tasks in the game.