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The Glyphs or in other words the Talents in the game are the actions that are completely customizable in the game of Naraka: Bladepoint using the Talent Section.

There are three different slots available for unlocking different talent actions in the game.

The first slot gets unlocked pretty early in the game whereas the other two slots can be unlocked as you progress further in the game.

Also, there are three different forms of Talents available in the game namely- Skills, Ultimates, and Glyphs.

This gives the players a whole range of talents to choose from in the game which is almost overwhelming so to say.

What Is Glyphs In Naraka Bladepoint?

Glyphs is a type of talent in Naraka Baldepoint. From a player’s perspective, we can definitely say that the Glyphs are one of the most diverse categories of Talents which can be quite confusing at times.

Note that in order to attain the Glyphs you have to complete level 6 of the game by increasing your Experience Points or XP in the game.

Gaining XP early on in the game is pretty easy considering that most of the opponents that you will be dealing with in the initial phase will be bots who are easier to beat. As the game progresses it will become more and more challenging to gain the XP points.

There are almost 100 Glyphs in the game to be unlocked, and you can either unlock them by using XP points or by using Tae which is the currency of the game. There are four different categories of Glyphs and each of the nods fits one of the categories.

As soon as you reach level 6 of the game you will be able to unlock the first board of the Glyph for all your heroes or characters.

You can purchase the other two boards using 6000x Tae or 120x Gold. These are the extra boards that will come into play for specific builds and can be used only for special characters.

When you reach further along in the game you will be able to unlock a new node in every even level of the game.

Keep in mind that the first board in the Glyph is shared by all of your heroes whereas the second and the third boards can be used for specific characters on your list.

So make sure that you know whom you would like to optimize first using the Glyph board.

The Glyphs available in the game of Naraka: Bladepoint can also be upgraded to boost their energy levels and performance in the game.

Each of the Glyphs starts at Level 1 and its performance goes up to level 5.

How To Unlock Glyphs In Naraka Bladepoint?

Glyphs in Naraka Bladepoint is unlocked at level 6. You can go through the following list of activities and tasks in order to attain level 6 in the game and unlock the Glyphs:

  • Complete both Regular and Advanced tutorials: While playing the game of Naraka: Bladepoint you will come across several tutorials both Regular and Advanced levels. Make sure to complete them to gain quick XP in the game.
  • Complete the daily challenges: The opponents that you will encounter in your daily challenges in the game will be bots who are easier to best. So make sure to complete daily challenges regularly in order to gain regular XP in the game.
  • Complete main battles in the game: This will definitely maximize your end-of-match XP since you have participated in the match. This is pretty much the most straightforward way to gain in-game XP in Naraka: Bladepoint.

As you reach level 6 of the game you will find that the Talents tab has been unlocked in your game.

Go ahead and click on this tab and you will be able to view the Glyph board for your currently selected hero.

You can change the characters from the top of the table and also change the currently equipped ultimates and skills.

How Do Glyphs Work In Naraka Bladepoint?

Each Glyphs has a discreet function that you can use according to your in-game requirements. F

or the players who are new to the game, there are four different categories of Glyphs in Naraka: Bladepoint:

  • Lunar: These are represented by the purple color and you can find them on top of your board.
  • Solar: These are represented by the blue color and you can find them at the bottom of your board.
  • Omni: These are represented by the grey color and you can find them on the right of your board.
  • Origin: These are represented by the red color and you can find them on the left of your board.

As the players move further along in the game, more slots for the Glyphs will be made visible on the board.

Some of the Glyphs in the game are used to reduce the cooldown time for the players to recharge their energy, while others are used to increase their status in the game.

Also, there are other Glyphs that can provide the Darktide Coins in the game.

Naraka Bladepoint Best Glyphs

We have accumulated the following list for the best Glyphs in each category check out the following tables: 


Name Effect
SavageryRecovers faster
TenacityThe duration of Cairn increases
SpiritRecovers energy faster
EnergeticIncreases luck and provides you Dark coins
WealthProvided you Dark Coins


Name Effects
WarmthIncreases your ability to rescue allies from Cairn
MindMaximum energy capacity gets increased
PeddlerOffers a discount to the players to gain Dark coins
PersuasionOffers a discount to players at Rift Dealer
RampageIncreases your initial rage


Name Effects
EnrageIncreases your rage while dealing with enemies
ResolveIncreases your rage while receiving a beating from your enemies
AgilityThe time required to dodge an attack gets reduced
IntuitionYou can view the health bar of your enemies for longer
TetherYour Grappling hook speed gets increased


LightThe damage received from Shadow Corruption gets reduced
GeniusReduces the cooldown time of your skills
FlightThe distance covered by your Grappling hook gets increased
MiracleReduces the drop rate of Rare Items
MerchantYou can receive a discount at Rift Dealer, and the rate of Rare Items will be reduced

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The Glyphs in the game of Naraka: Bladepoint are divided into four different categories known as Solar, Origin, Omni, and Lunar.

All of these categories have different nods, and as the player progresses in the game, they get to unlock all of the different Glyphs that are available out there, i.e., 100.

There are also three different Glyph boards available in the game, which serves different purposes.

Make sure that you go through the list of all the best Glyphs provided above so that you can get a gist of what you can look forward to.