Naraka Bladepoint YOTO Hime

Naraka Bladepoint YOTO Hime

YOTO Hime is one of the warriors in the game of Naraka Bladepoint who wields the demon sword. YOTO Hime is commonly known for her technique the Spirit Splash.

Her ultimate skill is to use the Ominous Blade.

While you are in the battle you can spot her teleport using the Ominous Blade skill or the Spirit Splash skill and if you are skilled enough and use the correct mouse combinations you can also throw in a few stronger attacks as long as the skill lasts.

This skill also restores the armor and health levels of YOTO Hime.

Who Is YOTO Hime In Naraka Bladepoint?

The character of YOTO Hime in Naraka: Bladepoint usually deals with damages and is vastly known for her extraordinary sword skills.

It is crucial for the game that your build is perfect in order to increase the DPS potential of this character this shall only make it easier to use all her destructive skills.

YOTO Hime’s character is commonly known for her demonic blade which she uses on her enemies for mass destruction.

YOTO Hime is an advanced-level character who gives up her motor skills for power. This means that she is immobile throughout the battle and can only use her blade as her ultimate support.

The more enemies she kills in the battle, the stronger she gets. This is why it is recommended to start off with some low-level characters in the game before trying to use YOTO Hime. 

During the battle, you are likely to find her in a vindictive and vengeful spirit. She goes completely bloodthirsty and she kills everyone in sight until the battle is over.

After the battle, you can find in a state of melancholy over the fact that she has been a part of mass destruction. 

This character has mainly two different skill sets to offer which are of the highest potential namely:

  • Spirit Splash (which is a base skill)
  • Ominous Sword (which is the ultimate skill)

You will find her wielding a massive sword when she is using her Spirit Splash skill. This skill deals with utmost damage, while using this skill she can make her sword linger in the air and spin around for almost three seconds.

Within the duration of this skill, she can also teleport herself which adds props to her battle strategy in the game.

The third variation of this skill is useful against the melee and the ranged attacks but it blocs the option for teleportation.

Speaking of the Ominous Blade skill, this allows the character to teleport while using the massive sword in her hand.

Make sure that you use the right keys on your mouse to get the best attacks out of her while the skill lasts. This skill is also known to heal the armor and the health of YOTO Hime.

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How To Get YOTO Hime In Naraka: Bladepoint?

Quite similar to all the heroes in Naraka: Bladepoint, you can use the character of YOTO Hime after you complete her Cultivation quests. The skill of Spirit Splash can be divided into two different stack forms:

  • Spirit Splash: Crush- This action allows her blade to revolve in the air for 30 seconds and it can be summoned again for another slash. The crush action also gets rid of the cooldown buff that is the default setting in the Spirit Slash skill.
  • Spirit Splash: Vortex- The Vortex action slows down the blade of YOTO Hime as soon as it has dealt damage to the opponent. This action can also be used to block the melee attacks but the only drawback of this action is that the YOTO Hime will no longer receive the slash. 

When it comes to the Ominous Blade skill of YOTO Hime it can be divided into the following alternative versions:

  • Ominous Blade: Restore- This action performs regularly as the default setting of the Ominous Blade but, when you absorb Cairns using this action, instead of increasing the attack the blade will heal the armor and health of YOTO Hime.
  • Ominous Blade: Combo- This action is useful to remove the buffs altogether while using the Ominous Blade. Also, you can use three strikes at the same time in order to launch additional attacks.

How To Deal With YOTO Hime In Naraka Bladepoint?

One of the best variations for you to use while using YOTO Hime in a battle is to use the combo of Spirit Splash and Ominous Blade: Restore.

YOTO Hime as a combat hero possesses the ability to deal huge amounts of damage to her enemies while also using the buff ability to restore her power and heal her armor and health.

By using the Spirit Splash and Ominous Blade: Restore combo you make sure that you are dealing continuous damage to the opponents, using the Ominous Blade: Restore action.

Keep in mind that this action will not grant you anytime to heal YOTO Hime.

This is where Spirit Slash comes into play where you can get enough buff time or cooldown to heal the armor and health of YOTO Hime.

Also, the Spirit Slash is the base move of the character which deals utmost damage to the enemies.

This spirit sword also allows the character to teleport while using her powers so this adds a bonus to your moves. 

It is clear by now that this character is not the easiest in the game to control and learn all the tactics but, she is definitely worth the time and effort.

She is one of the most versatile characters in the game and is currently one of the favorites of the Naraka: Bladepoint buffs. 

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In order to use YOTO Hime as a hero in your battle, make sure to complete her Cultivation quests just like you would for all the other characters.

Take your time to learn about the two high-impact skills of this character i.e Spirit Splash and Ominous Blade. 

You will learn soon enough that each of these skills can be divided into two different alternatives. You can use different combos of these skills and optimize the battle strategies of this character.

So far the best combo to use is the Spirit Splash skill with the Ominous Blade: Restore action.