How To Add Friends On Naraka Bladepoint?

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Launched on Steam last year, Naraka: Bladepoint has garnered a lot of attention. We already have players acing the game, and looking for in-game advantages to win the game.

One thing very crucial in any game is its interactivity. 

Playing Online games becomes more interesting and fun when you can directly connect with your friends while playing the game.

Read on to know how you can interact with your friends on Naraka: Bladepoint’s platform. 

How To Add Friends On Naraka Bladepoint?

Naraka: Bladepoint plays the gaming field in a cool different way; it does not need the help of Steam’s friend list feature; it has created its own!! 

Steps To Add Friends On Naraka Bladepoint:

Step 1: Tap on the “people” icon at the top right. This will open the friend’s panel.

Step 2: Enter your friend’s alias or just paste your ID. 

Step 3: As soon as your friend’s name pops up, tap on your friend’s name which opens a contextual menu. Now send a “Friend Request” to your friend. 

Step 4: After they accept your friend request, tap on the “banner” icon, and they will be invited to your party. 

To invite another member and build a trio, tap on the “Quick Party” option on the “mode select” menu, to find another player to build a trio.

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On the off chance that you haven’t yet played Naraka, it puts 60 players (you can choose to play alone or in a duo/trio) against one another in a royale arena fight.

The firearms and the emphasis on skirmish weapon combos, sorcery capabilities, and Assassin’s Creed-like climbing make the game exciting and worth every second of your time.

And now that you know how to play it with your friends, the game will get more exciting!!