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Naraka Bladepoint is an action game that is adventurous and is a royale battle game.

It was developed by 24 entertainment and published by NetEase games Montreal on August 11, 2021.

There are 60 players fighting with each other in this game and it is a shooting game wherein the guns get transformed into blades. 

The players have to attack and kill other players, acquire loots, and explore the Morus islands.

The weapons that are used in this game are called vajra.

And each vajra comes with its own specifications and features.

It is a combat game that provides a pragmatic experience to the player who has to showcase their skills.

Naraka Bladepoint Skins

Naraka Bladepoints skins are the cosmetic appearance of the weapons that can be changed.

You can unlock these skins by completing the challenges, acquiring the loots, etc. 

After unlocking these skins, you need to buy them as they come with a specific price based on how rare these skins are.

There are some skins that you can only acquire after completing a particular challenge or in loot crates and cannot buy.

There are many weapon skins available in the game, some of which are:

1. Heraldic Fusil

You can unlock Heraldic Fusil through the immortal treasure crate.

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Heraldic Fusil is a black and brown weapon skin that is covered in metal which is gilded and ornate.

2. Corpsegilt 

You can unlock Corpsegilt through the unlock menu only.

Corpsegilt is of the color golden and brown and has a handle with a wooden grip and has got a unique charm below its handle.

3. Vatheca’s Bile

You can unlock Vatheca’s Bile through the unlock menu only.

Vatheca’s Bile has got an Aztec design and has got a grey and old green-colored longsword. 

4. Venomous Ice

You can unlock Venomous Ice through the unlock menu only.

Venomous Ice blade is segmented and is blue and silver-colored. 

5. Wicked Beast

You can unlock Wicked Beast through the unlock menu only.

Wicked Beast’s blade is of orange bone material and has got a silver lion’s around its handle.

6. Willowshade

You can unlock Willowshade through the unlock menu only.

Willowshade’s skin is made up of ornate gilded metal.

7. Vineshade

You can unlock Vineshade at weapon proficiency level ten.

Vineshade’s handle has a unique charm below it and the skin is black and green. 

8. Cold Tendon

You can unlock Cold Tendon only through the unlock menu only.

Cold Tendon comes with blue and black skin covered in gilded metal.

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9. Wrathful Dove

You can unlock Wrathful Dove at weapon proficiency level ten.

Wrathful Dove has got a bunch of feathers and is a white and gold weapon skin.

10. Crow Cackle

You can unlock Crow Cackle through the immortal treasures crate.

Crow Cackle skin is blue and silver in color and comes with a bunch of feathers. 

There are many more weapon skins like the beast of the abyss, nephritial, patterned bronze, eulogy in amber, belladonna, etc.

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Naraka bladepoint is a free-to-play action game that revolves around sixty players fighting with each other in a battle.

It is an adventurous game that is about shooting with guns that transform into blades.

There are a lot of weapon skins that are offered by this game, some of which are wrathful dove, belladonna, willow shade, wicked beast, venomous ice, etc.

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