Raft Bear Island: Balboa & Evergreen


Raft is a survival game that revolves around a player trying to survive in an ocean floating on a small wooden raft. The player has to catch whatever he can be using a plastic hook.

It has been developed by a Swedish game developer Redbeet interactive and was published by Axolot games on May 23, 2018. It comes as a game that is full of adventure and can be played on Linux, and Microsoft Windows. 

Raft Bear Island

Bears can be found on Balboa island and evergreen island and are often found guarding something or wandering around the islands. Bears are the strongest and most powerful enemies that a player has to face in the raft game. 

They prove to be a great threat to the players in the game. They come with a hundred health points and attack the player using swipe, lunge, and pound attacks.

These bears are good at attacking the players on sight and can kill a player instantly. They can also be mostly found roaming around natural beehives.

Raft Bear Island Location

Raft Balboa Island

Balboa Island is an island that is the third place found in the raft game. This island is more like a national park. It has got rich flora and is abundant in resources and is a part of evergreen islands.

It is a location where bears are found like Mama bear who is seen guarding the cave which is full of loot. This island is basically a rock formation which has got a river flowing through it.

To reach this island, the player has to swim through this river.

It is full of planks which are needed by the players as there is an abundance of pine trees and birch trees. 

Raft Evergreen Islands

Evergreen islands can be found around or near Balboa Island. These islands are rich in trees of various colors, sizes, and variations which mainly consist of birch trees and pine trees.

Natural beehives are found on these islands around which there can be seen bears wandering around. These islands house many bears and each island compromises five to six beehives. 

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Bears are one of the strongest and most powerful enemies that you can find in the raft game. One such bear is the Mama bear which can be seen guarding the caves full of loot in the balboa islands. 

These bears come with a great health pool and are difficult to kill, a player requires a lot of hard work and skills to kill these bears but the rewards of killing them are very high.

These bears are found on balboa island and evergreen islands and can be seen wandering near the natural beehives. These bears are mostly seen guarding some places in the raft game.