Fix: Steam Not Working


User configuration is not necessarily the only reason for Steam to crash while trying to launch it on your PC.

Sometimes the error might be caused due to delayed update notification and software malfunctioning on the part of the Steam developers.

So, if you are also struggling to launch Steam on your system, we have got some fixes for you. 

Why Is Steam Not Working?

Steam not working issue may occur if the steam files are corrupted. If you are constantly receiving the message “The Steam servers are too busy” or “The Steam servers are currently unavailable. Please try again”, there might be the following reasons involved for the error:

Steam Error Code 53 

Error code 53 usually occurs when certain programs are interfering with the Steam server, restricting steam from working properly. Y

ou can check out the list of such programs on the website. 

Here you will find a detailed list of programs such as your anti-virus software that might be interfering with the Steam app.

Here are some of the common programs which can potentially interfere with the Steam:

  • Antivirus software
  • Anti-spy software
  • Firewalls and security apps
  • P2P and file-sharing apps
  • Blocking programs/IP filtering
  • Download accelerator programs

Your Steam Files Have Been Corrupted

Due to corruption of your Steam files, you may also find the message displayed on your screen that “Steam is not working.”

This is a long-term process, and it is not commonly witnessed by users who are new to the whole software.

With time it is possible that the files stored in your software might get corrupted. 

Network Issues

If you aren’t connected to a network service, then you might spot the error- “The Steam servers are currently unavailable. Please try again”.

Network issues are pretty common and will automatically affect the functioning of the Steam server. Check your network connection and try again in some time.

Huge Network Traffic

In other instances, the software might experience relatively higher network traffic which can be the main cause of the network lag.

Here you will find the “The Steam servers are too busy” error display. There is an official site available for the platform to check the network connection and web traffic.

A Recent Purchase Has Not Been Recognized

You might encounter the error- “Steam Not Working” if you have recently made a purchase or are trying to register a new game on your Steam server. Again, 

A Recent Purchase Has Not Been Recognized issue can be caused due to the fact that some of the files in your account have been corrupted with overtime use. 

How To Fix “Steam Not Working”?

Try out the following fixes to resolve the issues with the Steam software on your PC:

Fix 1: Recent Purchase Has Not Been Recognized Fix

Follow the steps mentioned below to fix the steam not working error:

Step 1: Launch Steam on your PC.

Step 2: Head over to the upper left corner of your screen and choose the Steam client option.

Step 3: Select the Steam option

Step 4: Select the Change Account option, which will log you out of your current account. 

Step 5: Close Steam and Relaunch it

Step 6: Enter your username and password. 

Fix 2: Check Your Network Connection

Checking your network connection fix is pretty self-explanatory. Close the Steam software and, in the meanwhile, turn off the network connection on your PC.

Wait for a while and turn it on again to sort the connection issues of your PC. When done, check if you are able to start Steam on your system or not.

Fix 3: Check The Traffic Status Of Steam

Steps to Check Traffic Status Of Steam:

Step 1: Head over to your preferred web browser such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc.

Step 2: Type in the web address

Step 3: Check if the Steam server is down.

Fix 4: Disable Your Current Spyware, Antivirus, Or Adware

The Spyware, Antivirus, or Adware programs downloaded on your device can cause the software lag related to the Steam software.

So if you are constantly receiving an error message as soon as you launch the Steam software on your device, make sure to turn off any kind of anti-malware or antivirus programs running in the background on your PC.

Fix 5: Repair Corrupted Steam Files

Another method that you can use to fix the steam not working issue is to fix the corrupted Steam files.

Steps to Repair Corrupted Steam Files on Window:

Step 1: Exit the Steam app on your PC.

Step 2: Find the location in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\” by default. 

Step 3: Delete all the items in the directory except for steam.exe and steamapps

Step 4: Launch back the Steam app on your device and check if Steam is working properly.

Steps to Repair Corrupted Steam Files on MAC:

Step 1: Exit the Steam app on your Mac.

Step 2: Head over to the Users tab on your Mac 

Step 3: Click on your Username.

Step 4: Navigate to the Library tab. 

Step 5: Select the Application Support option.

Step 6: Choose the Steam option in the list.

Step 7: Delete every item in the directory except for the steamapps item. 

Step 8: Launch the Steam app and check the progress.

Fix 6: Change The Region Of Your Download

Sometimes changing the location of your download can also resolve the steam not working issue. Follow the steps mentioned below to change the region of your download. This process is the same for both Mac and Windows:

Steps to Change The Region Of Your Download:

Step 1: Launch the Steam app on your device.

Step 2: Navigate to the Settings tab. 

Step 3: Click on the Downloads menu.

Step 4: Head over to the Download Region option

Step 5: Choose another location but keep it close to the previous region.

Step 6: Launch the game again on your PC.

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To Fix Steam not working issue, disable Antivirus, repair corrupted files or change the region of download. It will fix the issue and Steam will work fine.

Being a widely used platform for gaming, the Steam software tends to crash from time to time which certainly has nothing to do with the user’s end. 

But, the anti-malware and antivirus software downloaded on your PC might be slowing down the functioning of the Steam application and leading to the Steam not working issue.

In that case, you can temporarily disable the anti-virus software installed on your system and then check if you can launch Steam properly. Also, you can choose to change the location of your system.

If nothing works, you can definitely check for an update, and if there is one available, go forward and update the Steam app.

You can also contact the Steam support team and seek resolution for the Steam not working issue.