Ark Fjordur Ferox Location 

Ark Fjordur

Ark Fjordur has more than 150 unique nordic creatures and each of them has some special ability.

Among the hundred creatures, there is an unusual type of animal that several players want to tame but are unable to find its spawn location. 

In this article, we will take a brief overview of where we can locate ferox and what steps we can take to tame ferox. Let’s get started 

Who Is Ferox In Ark Fjordur?

It is a rare and unique yeti-looking ice fox in Ark Fjordur. you will not be able to spawn a ferox on the mainland, this creature has long rabbit-like ears and a monkey-like tail.

At first, Ferox is a small puny adorable animal, and then in a moment, it changes into a giant monster. 

Ferox has the ability to transform its body size, once it changes itself to a ferocious animal, the energy stats of Ferox increase efficiently and it becomes an assassin 

Ark Fjordur Ferox Location

In the snowy mountains, you can get the adorable creature, ferox, in the western region on your fjordur map. Head towards the region with the coordinates of 21.8 and 08.5 it’s on the top left part of the map. 

Before you go there, be well equipped with an armor set and thermal insulation and be armed too. Once you reach the snowy mountains, you will see a cave entrance on the above-mentioned coordinates.

Above the cave you will see a huge rock slanting over the cave entrance, enter the cave and be armed as there are polar bears and dire wolves who may assault you. 

After you move further within the cave, tiny little cute feroxes will come to greet you. There is an abundance of them inside the cave, you can easily get a ferox from there.

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How To Tame Ferox In Ark Fjordur?

Steps To Tame Ferox In Ark Fjordur: 

Step 1: Get Some Element 

Launch the game on your desktop and firstly from your inventory collect some elements(if you have collected them already) that you would be needing to tame the ferox.

 If you don’t have ferox you need to move towards the locations 88.8 and 68.9 and go inside the cave and collect the elements from the purple stones near the black rocks. 

Step 2: Go To The Snowy Mountains 

Secondly, you have to locate 20.7 and 08.5 on the fjordur map and head towards the snowy mountains in the most western region of Ark Fjordur. 

Step 3: Find The Ferox 

Thirdly, once you reach the location, move inside the cave and you will see the tiny ferox coming towards you, take the ferox in an open space inside the cave, and avoid small spaces. 

Step 4: Aim At It With The Element 

Fourthly, take the ferox inside the cave and aim at it and give it a dose of the element, this will transform the ferox from its puny size to a giant creature.

It will try to attack you and punch you, just simply move away from the ferox until it returns to its normal size.

Step 5: Repeat The Process 20 Times 

Lastly, continue doing the same process twenty times, that is to give it a dose of an element whenever it comes near you in its baby size, and follow the process until the ferox is tamed. 

If it goes within the lake in the cave, we suggest you use a grappling hook, don’t worry it won’t transfer into its beast size within the water.

Be cautious when it changes into a giant size, try moving to a bigger space, and don’t go close to walls, the behemoths will kill you. 

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Ferox is a tiny little creature that is very rare to spawn on the mainland. You can find ferox in the locations 21.8 and 08.5 in the snowy location on the fjordur map inside the snowy cave. 

To tame a ferox is not an easy process, you need to spend twenty to thirty minutes to subdue the creature. We hope this article has helped you to know what is ferox and where we can find ferox in Ark Fjordur.