Does Discord Notify When You Leave A Server?

Does Discord Notify When You Leave A Server

Discord has more than 150 million users globally, it has been reaching a massive height over the past few years. The features it provides to its users have made it so convenient for anyone to use discord servers. 

Several people are curious to know if they leave a channel will they or the other members will be notified.

In this article, we will talk about if you discord notify whenever you leave a server, can you join back a channel once you leave it and how to go about seeing if anyone has left from the Discord server. Let’s get started. 

Does Discord Notify When You Leave A Server?

No, discord does not notify you when you leave a server. 

Discord has no feature where it notifies someone who has existed on the server on any channel unlike WhatsApp and other social media platforms.

Until the server admin keeps a bot who keeps a check on who is leaving or who is joining the channel. 

What Happens When You Leave A Discord Server? 

Username is removed. When you leave a discord server, it won’t affect the server, the chats in the server will not go, just that your name will be removed from the current member lists on the discord channel.

You will not be able to chat, send images, or voice notes on the channel anymore, whatever privileges you had, everything will be cut off. 

You will not get any notification from the channel and neither your chats will be deleted from the discord server nor the images/video files you have sent. 

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How To Leave A Discord Server Without Anyone Knowing?

Steps to Leave A Discord Server Without Anyone Knowing:

Method 1: Change Your Username 

The first thing you can do to leave a discord server without even someone noticing it.

It’s always better to change your username and keep a different profile picture or avatar, so that other members will not be able to identify you even if you leave. 

Method 2: Mute The Server Channel

The second thing you can do is to mute the discord channel or we say it’s similar to muting the members who are on the server.

To do this you have to click on the right panel of the page and scroll down the page until you see the tab of “Voice Permissions” and then toggle it on to mute the discord channel.

The option may also come as “deafen members” and then tap on to save and then lastly confirm the changes. 

Method 3: Use The Invisible Mode 

Another method that you can try is to leave the discord channel without anyone knowing is to use the invisible mode, which will show the members that you are offline, even though you are active in the channel.

To turn on the invisible mode you have to tap on your avatar or profile picture and then a list of options will appear and select “Invisible” from the given list. 

Method 4: Don’t Tell Anyone That You Will Be Leaving 

Lastly, avoid making any announcements in the discord server that you are leaving, don’t even tell your good friends.

If you want to leave secretly you have to make it a secret. Don’t be active in the channel for a few hours or days and then change your username and avatar and then you can leave the channel. 

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If You Leave A Discord Server Can You Join Back?

Yes, you can join back. If you have left a discord intentionally or you have been removed, you can always join back the server only if you have the invite link of the server. 

In case, you don’t have the invite link with you and the admin decides you send the invite link, you can join back from that given link.

And if any discord server’s invite link is public, you can join back into the discord server anytime you want, you are always free to join and leave.  

How To See When Someone Leaves Discord Server?

Steps To See When Someone Leaves Discord Server:

Step 1: Launch Your Web Browser

On your desktop, Android phone, or on your iPhone, from your home screen look for a web browser, and click on it to open. 

Step 2: Type MEE6 On The Search Bar 

Then on the search bar of your web browser, type “MEE6” and click on the first website with a blue smiley icon or you can simply visit this link

Step 3: Add MEE6 To Discord 

Once you have opened MEE6’s official page, you will see two option tabs one is “Add to Discord” and another one is “See features”. Here you have to click on Add to discord. 

Step 4: Open Settings On MEE6 

Next, you will be asked to enter your login details and you have to click on ‘authorize’ and ‘set up the server where you want to add the Mee6.

After that click on the Settings option from the dashboard(on the left side) from your Mee6 page 

Step 5: Tap On The Welcome Bar 

Subsequently, below the settings after a list of options, you will see the heading ‘Server Management’ and under that, you will see the ‘welcome’ bar, click on it. 

Step 6: Find “Get A Message When A User Leaves A Server” 

Once you have tapped on the welcome bar, scroll down the page until you find the last option that is “get a message when a user leaves a server” 

Step 7: Toggle It On 

And then, you have to toggle it on so that you can receive a notification when someone leaves a discord server. You can also make further changes to the available options on the list. 

Step 8: Select The Goodbye Message Field 

Next, scroll down and then you will see the “Goodbye Message” field under the goodbye message channel. Click on it.

Step 9: Enter <@{User.Id}> 

Now on the goodbye message field, you have to type the message <@{user id}> this allows you to see who has left on the discord server and to see their information. 

Step 10: Click On Save 

Lastly, once you are done typing the clickable text, you have to tap on the blue icon written “save” on the bottom right of the screen, this will enable you to see next time who has left the server.

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Discord servers do not notify others when you leave a discord channel until and unless an admin has kept a bot to keep a check on who has left the channel.

You can always join the discord server as long as you have the invite link to the channel.

 And you may succeed in leaving the channel secretly but after a few days, other members will get to know that you have left.

To know if someone has left from a discord channel, you can always add the MEE6 to your discord server and turn on its goodbye message feature that will allow you to be notified whenever someone leaves a discord server.