How To Send Anonymous Message On Instagram?

Instagram has a separate fan base. A lot of users use Instagram over other available to post their pictures, connect to other users and simply socialize in their lives.

However, some people may still want to play it safe on the platform. Therefore, they look for anonymous options to ask questions that they can not ask directly.

But, there is no direct way one can ask questions or send messages anonymously on the platform.

Fortunately, to help you with that, a new application NGL is launched to help you ask a question or send messages anonymously on the platform. All you need to do is to link NGL with Instagram and create a link.

Well, certainly you are new to this like many other people out there. Therefore, we have come up with this post to explain to you how you can send messages anonymously on Instagram.

What Does Anonymous Messages Mean On Instagram?

Anonymous messages on Instagram mean sending messages with no name or identity. Other users will not get to know who has sent the message or asked the question.

On Instagram, you can use an application called NGL to add a link to your profile or bio where people can send you an anonymous message or ask you something anonymously. The recipient will never know who has sent the message.

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Can You Send Anonymous Messages On Instagram?

Yes, You can Send Anonymous Messages On Instagram. A new application called NGL is launched which you can use to send an anonymous message on Instagram.

The application allows you to link your Instagram to the application. You can then add the generated link to your account and people can send you messages through that link.

You will not know who has sent you the message or has asked you the question.

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How To Send Anonymous Message On Instagram?

Steps To Send Anonymous Message On Instagram:

Step 1: Install NGL App

First, you will have to open the play store or app store on your device. From the play store, you need to install the NGL app on your phone.

Step 2: Launch NGL Application

Now that you have installed the application on your device, you will have to launch the application.

Step 3: Tap On Get Question Button

In the application, look for the Get questions button. It will generate the link for you.

Step 4: Add Link To Your Instagram Profile

Now that the link is generated, you can add it to your Instagram story or your Instagram bio.

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Other users can use this link to send you anonymous messages and ask questions anonymously.

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With the NGL application, you can easily send an anonymous message on Instagram. The best thing about the application is that the receiver will not know who has sent the message.

So, you can now use the application to say what you have been holding up till now.

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