How To Get Metal Ingot In Raft?


If you are not familiar with how the Raft game works, it is basically a survival game where you have to collect resources to survive in the ocean. One of those resources is metal ore which can be used to create metal ingots.

These metal ingots are crucial to several procedures to create tools for your survival out in the ocean.

However, you will have to smelter these metal ingots on your own using the metal ore which you can find below the sea level on the walls of the islands.

What Is Metal Ingot In Raft?

The metal ingot is a strengthening resource that can be created using the metal ores found in the depths of the sea attached to the walls of the islands.

These metal ores are found in clusters and you can smelter them and create a metal ingot in about 80 seconds in the game.

Just like many other survival games, Raft requires you to craft your own tools, weapons, and machinery in order to survive on a deserted island or ocean. The metal ingots are useful for crafting a shovel or a shear. 

Further, you can also use the metal ingots to create a machete, metal spear, or metal arrow. And finally, the metal ingots can also be used to strengthen the foundation of your armor.

Here’s a list of weapons and tools which require the usage of metal ingot:

  • Cooking pot
  • Advanced grill
  • Net launcher
  • Hinge
  • Bolt
  • Steering wheel
  • Engine
  • Stationary anchor

How To Get Metal Ingot In Raft?

Steps To Get Metal Ingot In Raft:

Step 1: Swim To The Walls Of The Island Submerged Underwater

As we have discussed earlier, you will find the metal ore in clusters on the walls of the island.

So make sure that you have ample oxygen supply to last a while underwater since the metal ore might be submerged deep within the sea.

Step 2: Extract The Metal Ore

This process is pretty simple, all you need to extract the metal ore clusters is a hook.

Try and collect a lot at a time since you will require a decent amount to survive till the endgame. 

Step 3: Create Metal Ingot

Now swim back to the surface of the island and find a smelter to smelt the metal ingot. Please note that the smelter needs to be fueled by planks in order to start working.

Once it’s hot enough, it will take almost 80 seconds to smelt a single metal ingot so work accordingly.

Once you are done you can go ahead and use the smelted metal ingot as per your utility.

If you are unsure where to use the substance right away you can also choose to store it for later usage.

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While playing the Raft survival game you are presented with the opportunity to craft your own tools from scratch by gathering resources from the island or under the sea.

One such useful resource is the metal ingot which can be smelted using the metal ore from the island. 

One of the most common usages of the metal ingot is to strengthen the foundation of your armor and to strengthen your raft. Other than that you can also craft tools such as spears, arrows, etc.