How To Kill Mama Bear In Raft?


Raft is a survival video game that was published by Axolot games and developed by Swedish developer Redbeet interactive in 2016.

It got its full version, along with the final chapter released on June 20, 2022. The game can be played both in a single-player as well as multiplayer mode.

The player is on a raft in the middle of the ocean where they have to catch fish, goods, barrels, etc., out of the water using a hook only and has to survive on the raft. 

Who Is Mama Bear In Raft?

Mama bear is a brown, large bear that you can find on the Balboa island guarding a cave full of loot.

It is one of the dangerous enemies that comes with a great health pool and can kill the players within no time.

She attacks the player mostly using mele paw attacks and does a lot of damage to the player, such as draining their health pool etc.

It takes more than 40-50 arrows to kill the Mama bear because her health pool is what makes her difficult to get killed.

You need to distract her using wild berries, which you can collect from the shore, and once she starts eating them, you can attack her instantly.

Killing her will allow you to gain hefty and beneficial rewards. 

Do You Have To Kill Mama Bear In Raft?

Yes, you have to kill Mama bear in the raft game because she is one of the dangerous enemies that you will find guarding the cave full of loot on Balboa island.

Killing her will be a difficult job which might require strategy and skills but it will also allow you to gain hefty and beneficial rewards.

What Do You Do With Mama Bear In Raft?

You have to kill the Mama bear who is guarding the cave in the Balbora island which is full of loot.

Mama bear is one of the strongest opponent that you will face in the raft game.

She comes with a great health pool and you would require a lot of efforts to kill her but once you know the strategy, acquire the equipment’s and have the skills, you can easily kill her. 

Where Is The Mama Bear Cave In Raft?

The Mama bear cave is on the Balbora island which is full of loot which comprises of Machete and blueprint acquired by the players.

Mama Bear guards this cave and is one of the strongest opponents that you will face and you need to kill her to enter the cave and take over the loot with rewards of killing her.

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How To Kill Mama Bear In Raft?

Mama Bear needs to be killed with more safety and with being well-equipped as she comes with a lot of health pool which makes killing her difficult and something which requires more strategy.

You can use the below-mentioned strategies to kill her:

1. By Distracting Her With Wild Berries

Mama bear guards a cave in the Balboa islands, which is full of resources and is a loot crate which comprises items like a Machete and the Blueprint.

If you go near the cave entrance, Mama bear will attack you by slicing your body into two pieces so you can distract her by collecting five wild berries from the shore and putting them in a container.

Then place the container near the cave entrance, once Mama bear sees it, she will get distracted and will enjoy her meal.

Once she is out of the cave, you can quickly enter the cave from her back and acquire the loot.

Since you are now inside the cave, you can utilise this opportunity to attack Mama bear by going to the ledge and starting to attack her from there but make sure you are well-equipped with leather armour as she has got an excellent health pool. 

Remember to use Metal arrows, a Basic bow, etc., which are ranged weapons to attack her from a secure distance.

Attack her from the ledge by shooting arrows at her, and once she approaches you to attack, run backwards to save yourself.

This drops her health pool and makes it easy to attack and kill her.

During this process, she will return back to eating berries, giving you an opportunity to attack her. It will take more than 40-50 arrows to kill her, and once you successfully kill her, you will get good rewards.

Remember to keep healing items with you as Mama bear will try to drain your health because she can chase you for long distances. 

2. Attacking Her From A High Spot

In order to safeguard your health pool, you need to attack Mama Bear from a high spot where she cannot reach to attack you back.

And by using this strategy, you can instantly get her killed. Climb the ledge on the top of the Cave’s entrance and attack her once she gets busy eating the berries, and she will be dead within no time.

3. Placing The Berries In A Tub

Another method or strategy you can opt for to kill Mama bear is putting the berries in a blue tub and then placing the tub near the cave.

Once she gets into the tub to eat the berries, you can stand opposite her and start shooting arrows at her.

This method enables you to reuse the arrows that you can take out from her body when she is still alive and shoot them back at her.

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How Many Arrows To Kill Mama Bear In Raft?

It takes almost fifty metal arrows and one bow to kill the Mama Bear using best ranged weapons like metal arrows and basic bow.

She is one among the strongest enemies that you have to kill in order to acquire the loot present in the cave that Mama Bear is guarding.

Does Mama Bear Regenerate In Raft?

Bears do generally respawn or regenerate in raft after three minutes of being killed withing their spawn zones and so does Mama Bear respawn or regenerate after being killed.

Mama bear is one of the strongest opponents that a player will face in Balbora island as it comes with a great health pool which makes her a dangerous enemy.

Raft Mama Bear Health

Mama bear comes with 750 health points and a large health pool which makes it a dangerous enemy and an opponent difficult to kill.

It attacks the player with mele paw attacks and usually slices them in two pieces when the player tries to get close to the cave.

It takes allot of effort, hard work, skills, strategy and equipment’s to kill Mama bear. This creature guards the cave in Balbora island which is full of loot.

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Mama bear is one of the strongest enemies in the raft survival game that a player has to face. It can be seen guarding the cave full of loot in Balbora island.

The player has to acquire the loot by distracting and killing her.

The players can kill her by distracting her with wild berries, using almost 50 metal arrows and bows to kill her, attacking her from a highest point, etc