Razorpay Charges: No Setup or Maintenance Fees

Razorpay Charges

Razorpay is the solution for online payments in India. By using Razorpay, online businesses can easily make payments and accept them online. It has all types of online payment methods, including debit cards, UPI, credit cards, wallets, and net banking. 

The names of the wallets that are in demand include Payzapp, Ola Money, Airtel Money, Freecharge, and Jio Money. Razorpay payment gateway charges are simple and also transparent. 

While using Razorpay, businesses are getting full access to all the current accounts that are functioning properly. Businesses can make the payroll automatic through the Razorpay app or the website. 

Razorpay helps in managing the marketplace, collecting recurring payments, and making bank transfers automatic. You can also share the invoices and avail the capital loans all by using Razorpay. 

There are many products that come under Razorpay. Let us read about them.

Razorpay payments pages

  1. The payment pages of Razorpay can help in registering any event. You can host any event quickly on this. It can also send the receipts to the attendees automatically. 
  1. If you are in an online business, then it can help you take your orders with the Online Order template. Here the sending of receipts task is completely automatic, which includes the order details. 
  1. You can easily accept the payments or the fees within seconds here. There is no offline work, and you will get the receipts with all details.
  1. There is a page on Donations that can help you when you are raising money for any donation. It can send up to 80G receipts automatically. This can save a lot of time.

Razorpay Payment Links

The steps for accepting the payments through the payment links are as follows.

  1. Create your payment link on the dashboard, where you will get free reminders. 
  2. Now, enter all the details of customer contacts. Share the link to your customers through Whatsapp, SMS, Email and more. 
  3. You can accept the payments and will receive the notifications in no time. 
  4. You can make unlimited links free of cost. It is an easy process of tracking all the payments. It gives automatic reminders to your customers. 
  5. Accept all the payments easily and within seconds. Payment links make it easy to share through multiple mediums. These mediums are Whatsapp, SMS, Email and more.

Razorpay Payment Gateway Charges

What is a payment gateway?

It is a service that is ecommerce and can process all the online payments for both types of offline and online businesses. It is the most important pillar of online transactions. It helps in accepting all the payments from every bank and wallet.

This is the product of Razorpay which accepts all kinds of payments. Domestic or international debit and credit cards, net banking from approximately fifty-eight banks, UPI, EMIs through credit and debit cards, and mobile wallets (approx eight). 

There is a dashboard where you can find detailed reports and statistics. By reading these reports, you can make better decisions, including all the payments, refunds, and settlements. 

This product has some developer-friendly APIs, libraries, plugins, clean, and platforms which is of great help in building better products.

It has a checkout where one can save cards for future transactions. After saving the cards, payment is easily made by the customer. 

To keep your data safe and secure, this product has a compliant which is PCI DSS Level 1 with third-party audits. There is also a team of security that is dedicated to keeping your data safe. 

Razorpay Transaction Charges

Razorpay has two plans for the charges, including the standard plan and the enterprise plan.

Standard planEnterprise plan
Razorpay pricing fee is fully customisable.
No charges for the one-time setup.It gives custom prices to large volumes for matching their needs.
No annual maintenance fee 
& charges when using a credit card You need to pay the applicable GST.
For knowing the price range, you need to sign up on the app or on the website of Razorpay.

Standard plan

This plan from Razorpay is designed for small businesses, medium businesses, and startups.

In the standard plan, the Razorpay pricing fee is two percent only. In this plan, you will have access to the dashboard, reports, and more. However, there are three percent charges when using a credit card. There are no charges for the one-time setup. And there is no annual maintenance fee also. However, you need to pay the applicable GST.

Features of the standard plan are as follows.

  1. Under this plan, you have all the support you need from razor pay. The customer service team is available on the email, call, and chat whenever you have any queries or doubts.
  2. Currently, we are building many new features which are amazing for the businesses. Do check out the features, including Mobile SDKs, Flash checkout, Developer APIs, International payments, and more like these. 
  3. For activating the plan, you do not need to come to our office. The whole procedure can be done online. And bonus points: it is a paperless procedure. 

Enterprise plan

This plan from Razorpay is designed for big businesses and large volumes.

In the enterprise plan, the Razorpay pricing fee is fully customisable. Razorpay gives custom prices to large volumes for matching their needs. For knowing the price range, you need to sign up on the app or on the website of Razorpay.

Features of the enterprise plan are as follows.

  1. Under this plan, you can use the new features early in comparison to the standard plan. As you have access to the new features in advance.
  2. The activation process will be complete in about 24hours only. And the activation can be done easily by using the internet. 
  3. You will get all the support you need from the customer service of Razorpay. This priority support is available 24*7. 
  4. You can check the new features like International payments, Payment Gateway Dashboard, JS, and more on the website or on the app of Razorpay. 
  5. You will get the Key account manager, which is assigned to you in advance.

Razorpay Commission Charges

For becoming a Razorpay partner, you need to offer the customers all the payment solutions. By doing this, you will get the reward in the commissions. 

You can also receive the commissions when you raise your customers an additional fee for the invoice. This additional fee could be a transaction value’s specific percentage or the flat amount.

Commission calculation

A business can charge a service fee consisting of a flat rate like ₹100. 

A business can charge a service fee consisting of one percent value of the transaction. 

Refunds if any

There will be no commission in the case of a refund. That commission will be counted as a negative commission. 

Razorpay International Payment Charges

Razorpay will charge a flat 3% of the transaction value and the metrics for the international payments. This can be done in the dashboard of the Razorpay app or the website.

On the Razorpay app and the website, payments from customers can be accepted from more than a hundred countries. This can be done by using the payment pages, payment links, invoices, and payment button. 

Registered businesses

If you are a registered business, who has a website. Then you can use PayPal and domestic/international cards for international payments.

Unregistered businesses

If you are an unregistered business, who is a freelancer. You need to make an account on PayPal to receive the international payments.

Razorpay UPI Charges

On Razorpay, we will not charge you for the UPI transactions. UPIs could be P2P and P2M. 

Is Razorpay free?

On the Razorpay platform, we do not charge any additional fee for the transactions. We charge a nominal fee to the customers for using this platform called a payment gateway. When setting up the plan for the payment gateway, one can choose from the various plans we have lined up.  

Razorpay Commission ChargesTransaction value’s specific percentage or the flat amount.
Razorpay International Payment Charges3% of the transaction value and the metrics for the international payments.
Razorpay UPI ChargesNo charges for the UPI


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