What Is Com.samsung.unifiedtp

What Is Com.samsung.unifiedtp

You might have experienced losing a significant quantity of cellular data or odd battery draining at some point if you keep track of your data and battery usage.

You are mistaken if you think there must be a problem with your Samsung smartphone because of these losses.

But, it’s a part of normal OS functioning associated with “Unified Daemon” or “com.samsung.unifiedtp”.

Typically, an Android OS has several background processes to ensure the device functions correctly and improves the user experience. 

What Is A Unified Daemon On Android?

Unified Daemons on android devices or smartphones are background-running programmes or applications that lack a Graphical User Interface (GUI). 

The system frequently recognizes a daemon in an android app by its process name, com.sec.android.daemonapp. 

These programs suck up more of your device’s resources, including the data and battery, and are frequently concealed from the user.

These hidden programs sometimes force your smartphone to work strangely. However, you won’t need to worry about this because it is standard for all Android handsets.

What Is Com.samsung.unifiedtp?

Com.samsung.unifiedtp is an internal Samsung software called Unified Daemon. 

Although this software is not malware or performs any malicious activity, it mainly consumes many system resources.

Due to its continual activity, it also uses much battery and cellular data.

Samsung has tried to lessen its adverse effects by optimizing it in updated Samsung device iterations; still, it is a battery drainer.

It has been a part of every Samsung handset since it debuted with the Samsung Galaxy S III.

What Does Com.samsung.unifiedtp Do?

Samsung device’s com.samsung.unifiedtp programme supports many distinct apps that constantly sync with web information using cellular data.

These include Weather Apps, Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, and many other apps. 

It also supports smooth functioning of Samsung’s inbuilt apps like Alarm, S Planner (Samsung’s calendar planner), and the camera, which leads to battery draining. 

Other functions of com.samsung.unifiedtp are:

  • It is a system application that runs in the background and carries out various tasks.
  • It controls the data refresh rates for apps that constantly require data to update their data and content.
  • It primarily manages small built-in programmes.

What Is Com.sec.android.daemonapp Used For?

The com.sec.android.daemonapp is mainly used for properly functioning apps that display stock news, news, and weather.  

When you utilize built-in widgets like weather, those programmes make a call to the com.sec.androiddaemonapp.

This system then sends the relevant information to the widgets shown on your device.

Depending on how you configure it, this system updates much like the ConfigAPK application.

It uses more data, which causes Daemonapp to keep operating in the background if the software is configured to update often.

Any Samsung Android device may be found with com.sec.android.daemonapp as a package of Unified Daemon. 

What Happens If You Disable The Unified Daemon?

If you disable the unified daemon, the action can adversely affect apps like Yahoo News which require its support.

Also, the apps may stop working if they depend on a unified daemon.

As discussed above, unified daemon supports other apps like Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, and Weather Apps.

These apps run consistently and require updating their data at specific intervals.

So, to ensure that these apps run smoothly, the unified daemon must also work in the background.