How To Unlink Activision Account Without Email

Are you forgot your Activision account email?

Now, you want to unlink account without email because of any reasons like the email you don’t have access.

If you want to unlink account due to forgot password or without email then you can easily do.

Note: You can unlink individual platform account from Activision once every 12 months.

If you wish to unlink account more than once in a year then you will not allowed to do.

As lot of peoples reported on various forums:

“I have 2 gmail accounts with Activision game play. 1 gmail account is linked to my xbox account through Activision. I have been unable to unlink that gmail/activision account from Xbox because I have forgotten the email password and I have forgotten the gmail recovery email that I originally set up. It seems I never wrote anything down. I wish to unlink an old, forgotten gmail account from my activision account so as to be able to unlink my xbox account from that gmail account. “

Let’s discuss how you can unlink individual platform account from Activision without email.

How To Unlink Activision Account Without Email?

You won’t be able to update/unlink your email address if you don’t have access to the email address shown on your Activision account.

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However, you still login into Activision account if you any account linked to it.

On the Activision account login screen, choose a connected account type, then sign in to your linked account to do this.

There is only way to unlink Activision account without email is to contact Activision Support.

They will help you to unlink the Activision account without email.

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