15 Best Small Business Ideas In India

Are you looking to start a small business in India? Here are the top 15 small business ideas in india that make you financially independent.

Do you want to be your boss and want to start a new business?

But, you are confused and fearful as you can’t find the right business idea for opening a new business.

Having a great idea and matching skill set makes a business profitable and provides you financial freedom and build an empire from scratch.

Depending upon your skill sets, your investment level, your ability to take risks helps you to make the right decision.

In this blog, we have focused on those who want to start a business with low investment and looking for the best business idea to start with.

India is a developing country and there are tons of business opportunities available in various sectors.

You can easily start a small-scale business with low investments by investing your time, skills, and creativity.

You just need to possess some special skills for performing specific tasks.

Here is the list of the 15 best small business ideas in India that can become your great venture in the future.

15 Best Small Business Ideas In India

1. Tailoring/Embroidery/Boutique

Tailoring – Small Business Idea

This is the oldest but still the best small business idea to start with. Tailoring and embroidery will never go out of fashion as there are clothes to wear which is Human’s basic requirement.

Tailoring is full of successful aspects in larger cities where tailoring services are always in high demand.

With proper training and experience in tailoring, this might be an ideal small-scale business for you to start with it.

Maybe, this business idea turns into a great venture for you.

2. Blogging

Blogging – Small Business Idea

Blogging is one of the best online and home-based jobs that can turn into a great business from a hobby to an active and passive source of income. It can be written content or video blogs which you can convert into a source of income.

You are just required to bring a large number of views on your blog or vlog to maximize your earnings from the different ad networks.

There are many ways along with advertising to earn from blogs.

You can use affiliate medium and earn from the commission, can promote any product of your client on your blog and vlog. 

3. Dance Centre

Dance Centre
Dance Centre – Small Business Idea

Starting a dance academy can be the best business for you with your passion to follow dance.

You can turn yourself into a dance teacher or choreographer to teach dancing skills to interested students.

This will allow you to enjoy your work as it is your passion.

Passion makes work enjoyable and if passion becomes your work then there is nothing better than this.

You can earn a handsome amount of money just teaching dance to students.

You can also expand your dance center by setting up your center in other cities and hiring other dance teachers to teach, where you can target other city’s students to maximize your profit. 

Who knows that in the future you might be running your franchise of dance center which you built just with your passion and talent you had in yourself.

4. Photography

Photography – Small Business Idea

If you are better with cameras and have the potential to capture great moments of life then Photography can become your small-scale business. Photography requires patience, time, skills, and talent which one day with proper guidance can be a great source of income for you.

If you become popular with your talent then you can charge any amount of money to your potential clients.

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You can also shoot photographs for a film cover or song covers if your talent gets recognized. 

You may be the few of them who worked with artists in movies and songs from backstage and earn both name and fame with their great piece of art and work.

You can also open your photography studio in your city and earn at your place.

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5. Yoga Instructor

Yoga instructor
Yoga instructor – Small Business Idea

From the Covid-19 pandemic, people have realized the importance of health and have started to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Some people don’t like to go to the gym as there would be need to lift weights.

They fear the injury which they can get by handling weight in the wrong way.

That’s why some people prefer Yoga and Yoga is a great way to relax your body and mind.

Yoga is the best way to get rid of anxiety and stress in your mind.

 Disclaimer- We are not comparing Gym with Yoga.

Both preferences depend upon one’s needs.

If you have good knowledge of Yoga and ‘Yoga Asanas’.

You can try to be a Yoga Instructor.

Yoga is one of the best stress buster exercises.

You can start teaching Yoga with zero finances.

You can also teach Yoga online to others and earn from home.

Along with this, you can also open a YouTube channel on Yoga, which can serve as a passive source of income.

6. Wedding Bureau

Wedding Bureau - Small Business Idea
Wedding Bureau – Small Business Idea

There are still some people in small cities and towns who don’t trust online marriage portals.

People in these cities do not prefer online marriage websites for matching.

They still prefer wedding bureaus for their son or daughter’s marriage.

Families like to meet families personally rather than online.

You just require a small office space with one or two staff members along with a registration certificate and contacts to start a wedding bureau.

You can be the best marriage matchmaker in your town.

7. Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent - Small Business Idea
Real Estate Agent – Small Business Idea

If you have abilities to sell properties and make proper arrangements and deal between seller and buyer, then this business can increase your finances in a great way.

You can start this business with a small office for your workspace.

As a real estate agent, you should know different types of properties, and what are the documentation processes.

You must know how to handle seller and buyer clients to make deals done with benefit for you. 

It is always believed that properties are great investment options for investing someone’s money.

Therefore, buying and selling of property continue every time, and real estate agents will always be the ones who make arrangements. 

8. Travel Agency

Travel Agency - Small Business Idea
Travel Agency – Small Business Idea

If you have a good amount of knowledge of itineraries, flight or bus fares, along with hotel rates, then you can start a Travel agency to plan other’s travel journeys with ease.

Travel agents need some certifications and an attractive office at a prime location to get arrangements done.

You can tie up with hotel and flight companies, so that you can offer your customer the best service and earn from both ways, earning from customers as well as from your tie-up with other hotels and flight agencies.

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9. Salon/ Beauty Parlour

Salon  Beauty Parlour - Small Business Idea
Salon / Beauty Parlour – Small Business Idea

With the increase in preference of Youth of young India towards looks and beauty.

These days, Salon and Beauty Parlour have become popular and charge a good amount of money to make your hair look stylish with the new trend and glooming their beauty.

Today, the Youth of India likes to look presentable, stylized and groomed.

It doesn’t matter that you are in a small city or a large metro city, you can still earn a decent amount of income.

Your income increases with each new trend, festival, and marriage season.

You can hire one or two staff to increase your profit, to handle more clients at the same time.

Your Salon or Beauty Parlour will keep on generating money until people stop focusing on themselves which is irresistible as they always want to look like their favorite actor or actress which they follow and try to copy.

10. Coaching Classes Offline/ Online Tutor

Online Tutor - Small Business Idea
Online Tutor – Small Business Idea

Education and health are two such fields which will never go out of fashion and every time these fields are the best way to earn huge profits.

Opening a coaching institute is a good and low-cost business idea.

You just need to work for a few hours a day and can earn thousands.

You just have to contact your relatives or your neighbors to get students to teach for the first time.

Once you get your first student to teach, students will start to increase and your coaching center will become popular. 

You can also teach students online and become an online tutor.

Multiple platforms offer online tutoring jobs to individuals in their respective subjects.

You may get paid on an hourly basis.

If you become an online tutor, you can easily earn around Rs 70k per month.

11. Event Planner

Event Planner - Small Business Idea
Event Planner – Small Business Idea

If you have experience and like to organize and handle events then you can become an event planner.

You can handle events that you are capable of handling.

So that you can plan and organize the event with ease.

You should have good communication skills to coordinate between caterers, organizers, and others who are in the event.

You should know how to handle finances so that you can maximize your profit.  

If you have very little experience in event planning then get experience and learn all aspects of event planner by volunteering in other events.

With experience, you can get a proper idea of how to handle a budget and how to maximize your earnings.

12. Placement Services / Placement Agency

Placement Services - Small Business Idea
Placement Services – Small Business Idea

Hiring good recruitment makes a company grow.

If you have the capabilities to find potential employees for a reputed organization, then you may try placement services or can open a placement agency.

You need to have tie-ups with reputed organizations and institutes to place good employees there.

You can get a commission from the organization for placing employees and also charge employees for placing them in a reputed institute. 

India is a developing country and each year college graduates and pass-out students look for decent jobs.

You can tie up with educational institutes to arrange placement drives for different companies.

13. Ice-cream Parlour

ice-cream Parlour - Small Business Idea
ice-cream Parlour – Small Business Idea

The Ice-cream Parlour option may look seasonal one but the ice cream parlor is the best small business to earn well.

You should have enough investment to buy the franchise of any specific ice cream brand and a shop to place the counter in the desired location.

Ice creams are the favorite one for everyone after having a great meal and ice cream parlors are the best place to visit and have your favorite flavor ice cream after having food.

In the offseason, you will still earn a decent amount of money.

There are a large number of ice-cream lovers who never miss a chance to have ice cream.

14. Warehouse For Ecommerce Sites

Warehouse for Ecommerce sites - Small Business Idea
Warehouse for Ecommerce sites – Small Business Idea

If you have some spare space or garage available with you then you can use it as a warehouse for e-commerce websites to store their products.

Ecommerce sites such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc. look for a warehouse to store their products for easy delivery to their customers.

You can rent your free space to these e-commerce sites to store their stuff.

After a month, you can get paid for the warehouse rent.

Providing a warehouse for e-commerce is one of the best small business ideas in India.

You can earn up to Rs 1 Lakh per month from your warehouse by lending that warehouse to e-commerce sites.

You can turn your unused space into an earning source for you.

15. Custom T-Shirt Seller

Custom T-Shirt Seller - Small Business Idea
Custom T-Shirt Seller – Small Business Idea

Starting a custom T-shirt business requires a  little amount of money.

In the Custom T-shirt selling, one needs to print custom designs of popular characters or dialogues from movies on t-shirts. “Bewakoof.com is the best example of a business that sells custom printed T-shirts.

Currently, bewakoof.com is a business worth crores.

In this ideal business, you can either print on a customer’s t-shirt or you can start your own t-shirt business with custom designs on it.

You can even start this business online by selling them on e-commerce websites such as Amazon or Flipkart etc.

All the above ideas are the 15 Best Small Business Ideas in India which you can start anywhere in India, and can start your business journey.

There will be many challenges you might face while running a business, but with time and patience, you may turn a small business into a large venture.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Investment Do I Need To Start A Small-scale Business?

Investment required to start a small-scale business varies from zero to 1 lakh rupees.Approximately, to start a small-scale business, one needs to invest in a workspace.

Your workspace can vary according to your budget as well as the area where you will work.

Some business ideas can start from home itself too, which require no investment at all.

Also, in some cases, you need the budget to hire staff and purchase raw materials.

Is There Any Best Business Idea To Start From Home?

Yes, there are many business ideas that you can easily start from home.

This business idea includes Blogging, YouTube, e-commerce selling, freelancing, coaching institute, etc.

Are There Any Loan Schemes To Start A Small-scale Business?

Yes, there are many loan schemes available for small-scale businesses and even you avail a personal loan for you to start the business.

How Much Staff Did I Need To Start A Small-scale Business?

In most cases, you may require one or two people as staff and to work for you.

You can even start a business with your family members which can save your money.

How Much Can I Earn From A Small-scale Business?

On average, If you are running a successful small-scale business, you may earn within the range of Rs 50k to 100K/month.

It can vary depending upon the nature of your business and your capabilities to run a business.

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