16 Best Business Ideas In Pakistan

Top profitable business ideas in Pakistan

Business Ideas in pakistan

Before discussing the business ideas in Pakistan, first, we will know about Pakistan in brief.

The current population of Pakistan is approximate 23 crores, and it has the world’s 2nd largest Muslim population.

It expanded over 8,81,913 sq. km in area.

The economy of this country’s GDP size stands at Rs 47. 709 trillion.

The total value of imports by Pakistan is around 50,063 USD since a large number of goods are exported by this country there is a huge scope in the manufacturing sector.

Set Up An Industry

An industry of any country contributes to an increase in GDP and employs its citizens.

1. Mining Sector

Several minerals are found in Pakistan including coal, gold, mineral salt, chromite, etc.

To set up the mining industry needs a high budget, large manpower, experience in the mining field, license, and permission from the government.

2. Textile Sector

 Pakistan produces a large amount of cotton (the 4th largest producer) with the 3rd largest spinning capacity.

So there is a huge scope in exporting textile to neighboring countries like the USA, China, Germany, etc. by setting up a textile industry.

By following this sector you can start a small garment manufacturing business and can create a source of income.

General flow chart of fabric to finished product is

Workflow of fabric to finished product

Different types of clothes we used to wear are made up of textile fibers. 

A large variety of products can be manufactured in this sector like shirts, pants, jeans, innerwear, shorts, saree, Kurti, lehenga, and much more.

You will create opportunities for distributors, wholesalers, and retailers.

3. Cement Industry 

The cement industry was one of the most profitable industries of Pakistan in 2012-2013. 

They export to their neighboring country Afghanistan and the raw material of cement is easily available in Pakistan.

The raw material used to make cement is limestone, clay, and gypsum.

4. Automotive Industry

One of the fastest-growing industries in Pakistan is the automotive industry. This country itself provides 4% GDP and employs approx 1.8 million people.

This industry also requires huge investment so it’s better to enter into manufacturing of its accessories like seats, tires, pipes, light, battery, etc. where the investment is low and easy to supply through distributor and wholesaler.

The demand for an electric vehicle is increasing day by day so it would be a good alternate option for the automotive industry.

Products like batteries, self-start, and hub motors are high in demand.

16 Best Business Ideas In Pakistan

1. Restaurant Business

Opening a restaurant is among lucrative and interesting businesses in Pakistan too.

If you have good management skills and have an idea to judge the quality of food then you can pursue this field.

Some guidance to open a restaurant.

  1. Select a budget.
  2. Decide the concept of the restaurant like whether it would be vegetarian or non-vegetarian, availability of fast food or not, the average price per customer, and so on.
  3. Location of the restaurant.
  4. Get all the licenses required.
  5. Prepare a menu chart.
  6. Hire skilled employees experienced chefs, vendors, and suppliers.
  7. Marketing and Advertising.

2. Quick Service Restaurant

The restaurant serves food like noodles, pizza, burgers, tea, coffee, etc. comes under a quick-service restaurant. Maintaining hygienic conditions, providing good quality food are some basic requirements for this business. It requires low investment and the return on investment is high.

3. Fruit And Vegetable Business 

Fresh fruit and vegetables are always in demand everywhere.

Customers are ready to pay extra if the quality of food is good as nowadays people are getting more health-conscious. Maintaining a proper warehouse or cold storage is the main area where you need to invest, keeping it neat and clean is the priority to retain your customer.

Organic foods are in trend now, so you can choose a niche and select a target customer, and can start your business.

4. Agriculture And Farming Business

The land of Pakistan is suitable for farming. Since agriculture and farming contribute 26 percent of GDP hence this is an important sector from the economy’s point of view. The major crop produced in Pakistan is cotton, wheat, rice, sugarcane, fruits, and vegetables.

If you have land availability then you can start this business. Hire an experienced farmer if you are not familiar with farming.

Do market research well before entering into this sector.

If you have a small piece of land, then fish farming, poultry farming, goat farming are good sources of earning and can start with a low budget too.

5. Handicraft Business In Pakistan

“Multani Khussa” is a type of famous shoe created by crafting leather. Camel lamps, jewelry, textile, ornaments, furniture, leather goods, and decorative pieces are the most common handmade products made by a Pakistani artist.

 It has a diverse history of handicrafts, Multan and Karachi are famous regions where most of the artwork is done.

From an economic point of view, it does not play a significant role because interest has decreased in this field so if you have an interest in creative work you can pursue and create opportunities.

6. Mental Health Education Service

Sometimes the situation in Pakistan is a bit out of control, poverty and education are some serious issues that result in many people as depressed and mentally disturbed so to solve this problem through experts by providing service also you can tie-up with the different organizations and generate income on a commission basis. The market of this field is growing annually.

7. Transportation Service

The logistics business is growing globally. To supply any kind of goods or product from one place to another, it can be possible through logistics service only.

Recently e-commerce business has grown exponentially, and e-commerce business is directly proportional to logistics.

Design a business model.

The logistics business is not simple as it looks from the outside. Arrangement of vehicles, hiring of drivers and helpers, loading and unloading of goods at the correct time, tracking and maintenance of the vehicle, and much more. So designing a model which helps to simplify the starting of a business is an important task. 

To set up their own firm or get a franchise of an established one both have their advantages and disadvantages. Apart from delivery service, there are options like packaging, printing, handling warehouses, etc.

  • Make a plan and find the business opportunity
  • Inquiry on how to start this business from scratch? 
  • What kind of document is required to start legally?
  • Analyze the market positioning in terms of growth, current status, and future opportunity.
  • Study your competitor’s strategy.
  • Use technology: Use technology to ease your work. Technology through which we can easily track your system and control them accordingly.

8. Export-Import Business

The process of supplying and purchasing products from one country to another is called the export-import business.

Very few people have an idea about export and import business so fewer people are interested in it. Of course, it’s a bit of a lengthy process in terms of registration and documentation but once you understand properly then it becomes interesting and a good source of income.

Registration and Documentation required:

For Export Bussiness: 

  1. National Tax Number (NTN)
  2. Sales Tax Registration
  3. Bank Account
  4. Packing List
  5. Chamber Certificate
  6. Letter of Credit
  7. Certificate of Origin

For Import Bussiness:

  1. Sales Contract
  2. Pro Forma Invoice
  3. Insurance Certificate
  4. Inspection Certificate
  5. Packaging List
  6. Invoice of Shipment
  7. National Tax Number
  8. Sales tax registration

Once the registration and documentation are ready, you can select a product by doing market research and analysis and start a business.

Common products used to export from Pakistan: Rice, Yarn, textile

Common products used to import to Pakistan: Petroleum and its product, iron, steel, machinery, nuclear reactors, boilers, electrical equipment, etc.

9. Real Estate Sector

The real estate sector is a growing sector in Pakistan.

Demand for residential and commercial properties is increasing day by day which leads to interest among investors and agents.

In 2012 Government of Pakistan reduced the mortgage loan result in the attraction of the public towards it.

Currently, the market of the real estate sector is around 200- 300 billion dollars, accounting for 2% of GDP according to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics.

Different scope in the Real Estate sector:

  • Developer
  • Investor
  • Agents
  • Contractor

10. Solar Power Plant

The ideal climatic condition for Solar Power Generation is at least 8-9 hours of sunshine per day is required, and this condition is fulfilled by Pakistan.

This sector is growing slowly in Pakistan, only generating 1.14% electricity through solar power. 

Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan, and Pakistani Kashmir are the major cities of Pakistan where Solar Plants are established.

Different organizations like Japan International Cooperation, International Renewable Energy, Pakistan private sector are involved in the Solar sector, so the business opportunities are growing. Set-up a plant or tie-up with an organization could be an option to start a business.

Procedure to start this business:

  • Registration and Documentation
  • Select a suitable location to set up a Solar Plant.
  • Get approval from the government for selling electricity.

11. Service Based Business

Services like cleaning, catering, security, plumbing, carpentry, home appliance services, etc come under service-based business.

The culture of home service has developed over the past few years, so if you are looking to start a service-based business, you can go for it.

Investment procedure:-

  • With a low investment, one can start this business.
  • Develop a mobile application/website.
  • Hire experts for each service either on a commission basis or salary basis.
  • Do marketing online and offline.

12. Event Organizing And Management

You might have experience in managing events, whether at home or during college times. If yes, then you can choose this field as a career.

Events like weddings, birthdays, annual celebrations, themed parties, etc., happen around us.

It could be an interesting career choice if planned well and put effort into it, otherwise, it could be disastrous.

Some guidance tips might be helpful:

1. Design a concept

Different programs are based on different concepts. Let know the purpose of the program and design a new concept.

2. Coordination of teammates

Coordination is necessary for any program to be successful, for this, it needs practice, discipline, skill.

3. Management

It is a completely management-based business. Everything should go according to plan before the program starts. There should be control over all the staff, if there is any problem during the program then it should be solved immediately.

In today’s modern era, everyone is using technology. Due to this, something new gets to be seen in it every day. Things like mobiles, TVs, laptops, tablets are in front of us in the form of a new version after every few days.

13. Mobile Application Developer

Nowadays everyone has a mobile in his hand and the application of everything is easily available on the mobile. you can start a business as a mobile developer. you can open an agency by hiring a developer on a salary basis and can provide all services related to it.

14. Freelancing Business

Now work from home is being promoted a lot, where many companies are asking their employees to do work from home. While some companies are also adopting freelancing, in which both the company and the employee are a benefit.

you can find the business opportunity in this. you can choose any particular niche like writing, web designing, SEO, etc., and provide services in it.

15. Digital Marketing Business

Digital marketing is an emerging business in today’s era, where everything is getting online, digital marketing is needed to promote it. (product or service)

Digital marketing is a vast subject in itself, many topics come under it, in which you can provide service by becoming experts.

Services related to this business are:-

  • Online advertisements: like Facebook ads, Google ads, Instagram ads, etc., are used to promote products and services.
  • SEO is used to rank on the Google page.
  • Content Marketing: Creating and sharing content on different platforms like blogging, YouTube, podcast, and other media.
  • Lead generation: We can generate lead through lead generation tools for a different company.

16. Recycling Of E-Waste

E-waste is a trash product that comes from electronic products. This material is neither good for the environment nor good for humans because it releases toxic chemicals. The process of recycling damaged electronic products for reuse purposes is known as recycling e-waste.

We are becoming so subject to technology that without it, our life has become incomplete. As soon as new technology comes in front of us, we get attracted to it very soon. We throw our damaged gadget somewhere or sell it to the scrap dealer, some unprofessional person recycles it in such a way that the environment gets polluted.

If we send it to a professional e-waste company, then it is used properly and our environment is also balanced. This problem is not of any one country but the whole world. you can build a business by solving this problem.

For this, you have to make an e-waste collection center where people can deposit their damaged product, and collection can be done from there then recycle it thoroughly with the help of an expert and send it to the company where it is needed.


The population of Pakistan is increasing at the rate of 2%, the business will also grow accordingly.

You can choose any business model according to our capacity, budget, interest.

If you choose the business keeping in view the latest trends, then the chances of success will be high because its market will increase in the future.

There are some basic things in every business like Market Research, Budget Analysis, Experience, Skills, Patience, etc., by focusing on which, we can make it successful.

What Is The Scope Of Digital Marketing In Pakistan?

The scope of digital marketing is growing globally, in Pakistan too. According to a top digital marketing company, there are always requirements for an experienced digital marketer. Many agencies provide digital marketing training online and offline where one can be trained and get a job.

What Business Can I Start With 50000 In Pakistan?

Different kinds of small businesses can start within 50,000/- like chart vendor, vegetable vendor, salon/beauty parlor, mushroom farming, etc.

In a low-budget business the chance of competition is high unless and until there is USP(unique selling proposition) in your business, so make something unique if possible.

Which Type Of Business Is Successful In Pakistan?

Many businesses are profitable among farming, textile, and cement industries are some of them. These are low risk and give a good return if invested smartly. 

What Is A Unique Business To Start Now?

Plant consultant, workspaces on rent, home care service, professional organizer, etc.

Earn money daily by selling products or services called daily income business.

For example saloons, beauty parlors, vendors, small shops, vegetable shops, etc.