What Makes A Good NFT Community?

What Makes Good NFT community

Creativity and engagement are the basis of a good NFT community. A community where the creators, designers, and collectors engage in generating new ideas and learn from each other is definitely the one that is likely to be more successful.

There are many different platforms available to generate buzz around your NFT community, such as – Instagram, Discord, Reddit, Telegram, etc.

But, as we have cleared before, being consistent and constantly forging new ideas will make your community grow.

What Is An NFT Community?

An NFT community is where people are engaged in selling, trading, collecting and sharing conversations about the Non-Fungible Tokens and how to mint your digital artwork or project into an NFT to start earning.

It will be easier to understand this concept if we draw parallels with the social media communities. The more the level of engagement, the more traffic will be generated to your collection. This will lure in more audiences who are interested in your artwork or this field.

If you are a digital artist, it is suggested that you join a community that best suits your interests and that you are constantly engaging in the platform to generate new ideas. You can interact with your fellow NFT artists on SuperRare.

This platform is specially designed to cater to the needs of digital artists and collectors with a few ground policies and guidelines. Download the app and get in touch with the other members of the NFT community to learn more 

The NFT communities have different roles for the participants. The digital artists use the platform for minting NFTs and trading them, whereas the collectors use the platform for investing in the NFTs and collecting them. 

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How To Build NFT Community?

If we had to trademark the one potential secret for building a solid NFT community, it would definitely be the constant and rigorous support of the collectors.

It is important to note that the chances of success for your NFT depend on the level of interaction on your platform.

This is because NFTs are a relatively newer form of investment that requires a community of supporters who believe in the potential of digital artists and the opportunities for growth presented by the community. 

Here are a few strategies and steps to kick-start your NFT community:

Step 1: Set Your Motive

It is important to set clear goals and initiatives that you would like to take in terms of your NFT project.

Set a clear motive and discuss with your audience what is it that motivates you to take up this project.

Let them relate to your initiative and educate them on the various perks they will be receiving if they stick around. This will further strengthen your community. 

Step 2: Establish A Marketing Platform

Engaging your audience through social media platforms in the forms of interactive stories, subscriber giveaways, etc., is also an optimal strategy for growing your NFT platform.

We would suggest that you design a content page solely catered to your NFT business and start producing memes and other relevant content on the platform related to your community. 

Step 3: Limit Your Launch Purchase

Since you are just starting out as a digital artist in the NFTs space, it is important to know that not all collectors have the same number of crypto reserves.

Some of them might have the potential to play a larger gas fee and buy a majority chunk of your collection, restricting the other users.

To stay clear of this chaos, restrict the number of NFTs a collector can buy per transaction.  

Step 4: Tease Your Launch

Now that you have established a social media platform for displaying your NFT collection make sure to tease your launch to keep your audience engaged.

Create relatable and fresh content and make sure to incorporate trending memes to communicate with your audience at a ground level. 

Step 5: Mark Your Audience

You can distribute badges and other collectibles  for interacting with the initial members of your community.

Completing tasks and receiving perks are some of the best methods to build your community from scratch. These members can later on become social representatives of your community. 

Step 6: Host Interactive Events

This is where owning a Discord page can come in handy. If you are an avid user of the platform, you must know that Discord presents you with the opportunity to organize virtual events for the participants of your page. 

This is an interactive way to generate engagement amongst your followers. You could potentially stream games or movies which will lure your audience and the people who are interested in your project or activity. 

Step 7: Stay Consistent

Collectors always try to engage with the artists who are consistent over their platform. So, if you always delay your launches, your products will lose value, and people will not want to always wait for them.

Make sure that you deliver what they pay for and try to incorporate different methods of monetization so that the collectors can be hooked for longer periods of time. This will strengthen your community and make it prosper. 

What Makes A Good NFT Community?

Strategically speaking, a strong NFT community is not just about transactions and trading. A valuable NFT community focuses on growth, they have the perfect valuation for the members who are part of the community, and they are focused on their motive.

If you are entering the Metaverse, make sure that you know the value and evaluation of the community that you are about to create.

The process is all about learning and putting your best foot forward. If you are ready to hustle and aim to manifest socio-economic changes in your community, then this is the right place for you.

From the experiences of the artists who are involved in the platform, it is important to communicate your story and your purpose for taking up your specific NFT project.

The motive must resonate with your followers and the members of your community who are there to support you.

If you are involved in an empowering and creative community, you will certainly see the changes in your art and expression.

An NFT community is not only about minting NFTs and collecting digital art by means of crypto, but it is also about manifesting new ideas every single day.

Here are some of the key features of a good NFT community:

1. Consistent Engagement

If you are new to the NFT space and are just starting as a digital artist, then try to build a community that is consistent in your work.

Hustlers and technical minds are often the best kind of people you would want to interact with.

2. Share Similar Interests

It would help to find new people in this space who share the same interest as you or who have similar art forms like you.

Designers and artists who are constantly motivating and inspiring each other are the best kind of people to have around.

3. Have Prior Knowledge

It also helps if the members of your NFT community have prior knowledge of the crypto space and know-how of things move around here.

Try to learn as much as possible and help out others who are new to the space as well. This will create a solid foundation for your NFT community.

4. NFT Community Benefits

There are divided opinions on the benefits and the usage of NFTs and, essentially, how profitable are they really for the near future.

There are some who believe in the potential of the NFTs, and their advice is to invest as much as possible.

If we considered the value of the NFTs market just a year back in 2021, its evaluation rounded up at $41billion, which is evidently the biggest proof of the potential of this market.

There are several benefits that are solely enjoyed by the people involved in marketing their NFTs and those who collect them. Here’s a list of NFT community benefits enjoyed by the members:

5. Digital Possession Of NFTs

This gives you the liberty of full bragging rights on the internet. For example, the NFT community for the “Bored Ape Yacht Club” is currently one of the most famous of all of them. 

Hence, if you are a part of this community or you own a souvenir from their collectibles , you would be considered the apex collector in all the NFT communities.

6. Extra Collectibles And Assets

There are several digital artists who offer a few different assets along with NFT designs or projects. These online collectibles are definitely a rare find, such as – a jpg image which is only available for a limited period.

This adds value to the collection and gets the community members added benefits for following along in the community membership.

7. Sole Ownership Of Assets

One of the basic fundamentals of the NFT assets is that their availability on the blockchain is scarce; moreover, they cannot be replicated or copied, which makes them a unique possession for the collectors.

Hence, in simple terms owning an NFT is much like owning a unique physical asset that you have paid for, which is now solely your property.

8. Supports Blockchain Mechanism

Although owning cryptocurrencies is just being legalized in major countries of the world, it is important to note that the blockchain mechanism supports endless possibilities and applications.

Since blockchain can easily be traced to the owner of the sender, powerful world leaders are digging into the potential of this mechanism for storing and tracking important data.

Hence, the blockchain mechanism supports a sustainable future and promises opportunities that can prove to be very fruitful. 

How Big Is The NFT Community?

As we have discussed before, the NFT community is a million-dollar industry that is growing at a fast pace because of the devoted community and fan base.

As per the latest data, the NFT community is 360,000 vast and collectively owns almost $2.7 million dollars worth of NFTs.

Statistically, only 9% of the community is responsible for 80% of its market value. This speaks volumes for itself.

This means there are a few apex communities that have been able to target the right audience and create a space for them in the vast sea of competition.

One such community, as we have discussed before, is the “Bored Ape Yacht Club”. While we are on the subject, the Ethereum blockchain currently supports the majority of the NFTs, DAOs, and DeFi transactions.

Hence, if you have previously invested in this blockchain and are constantly collecting the ERC tokens, this can prove to be a valuable addition to your future.

It would also be hard to believe that one of the most expensive NFT memes was sold on the blockchain at a value of $4 million dollars.

With the kind of growth, we are witnessing every year in blockchain for NFTs, it is safe to say that they are here to stay for the future. These statistics might shock you in the future, but this is only the beginning. 

NFT Community Ideas

NFT communities are solely based on the members and their devoted participation in collecting and trading NFT collectibles and tokens.

It is best to start with what you are familiar with and venture off in the future for further creations.

NFTs are not only about digital art. They can also include video files, images, and even soundtracks. Hence, pick your poison and work for the product that you can deliver the best in the community.

It would also help if you added a little extra bonus for your collectors so that they can see the benefit of sticking around and supporting your hustle.

Make sure to gather a community of like-minded people who share the same interests as you.

If you are looking for engaging ideas for growing your NFT community, then you have landed in the right place.

Check out some cool ideas and strategies for building NFT communities:

1. Use The Discord Server

You might be a professional at what you do, and your ideas might be unique, but you have to make sure to retain the same level of engagement on your platform and try to incorporate ideas to increase it day-by-day.

Discord offers you the chance to create your own customized channel and use it to gather new audiences every single day.

This platform is no longer gaming-oriented, and it is now one of the top social platforms for conducting virtual events and parties.

2. Choose Other Channels

If the idea of a Discord server is new to you, there’s always the option to create your community over on Telegram, Twitter, and Instagram.

These apps are relatively familiar, and the marketing opportunities presented by these apps are endless. 

3. Play To Your Strengths

Not all of us are creative enough to be digital artists, maybe some of us have a nook for photography, or we are good at creating a beat or two. This is what it means to play to your strengths.

If you go with your instincts and a few tactics, your community will be there to back you up, and you will certainly be able to grow as an artist. 


To sum it all up, the NFT communities are all about growth and venture. They are currently some of the most dedicated people out there who fully believe in the potential of blockchain mechanisms.

It is only because of the supportive NFT communities that the NFTs space is currently a million-dollar industry that is growing at a rapid pace.

It is clear that the future of blockchain will not be restricted to owning digital assets, but it will also be used for storing important data and information because it does not allow duplicity.