How To Promote NFT On Instagram?

how to promote NFT on Instagram

Are you new to the NFTs business and looking for the perfect exposure for your digital art? Then there could not be a better platform than Instagram.

You might have been too focused on minting your NFT and selling them on user-friendly platforms like OpenSea, but it is equally important to incorporate methods of marketing for your NFT on social media platforms as well.

With Instagram, you can get a lot done in a short span of time. Your hustle can get the right level of recognition, and you also get the chance to learn from other competitors or mentors in your field who have been around for a while.

Keep reading this article for hacks and strategies for promoting your NFT on Instagram. 

How To Promote NFT On Instagram?

Let’s get right down to business. Use the following strategies to promote your NFT collection on Instagram:

1. Create A Dedicated Instagram Page

Promoting your NFT from your personal account is not enough. It is best to create a dedicated Instagram profile to showcase your NFT collection to your audience.

Try to use a catchy username and add the links to purchase your collection in the description of your account.

You can also open a discord server, telegram channel, and Reddit page for marketing your collection and add the links of these profiles in your Instagram bio. Hence, your Instagram profile is essentially the best gateway for marketing. 

2. Use Catchy Captions And Hashtags

Catchy Captions And Hashtags  can be game-changers for enhancing your profile. It is best not to sleep on an interesting caption or a trending hashtag because they can put your profile at the forefront of the Instagram discover page. 

Try being incorporative and engaging with your audience using your captions, and you could also try to impart your wisdom regarding the NFTs space and the apps that give the best returns for the people who are new to the field. 

3. Create Reels

These days’ reels are all the hype on Instagram. Digital designers have the best scope to display their art on Instagram.

From the making process to minting your product on a digital trading platform, you can compile it all in a reel and share it with your audience.

It makes up for a really engaging reel also; your audience gets to learn a little something from the whole process. It is a win-win for both parties.

4. Pay An Influencer 

Though it might not be a cheaper option, if you have the funds at your expense you can hire a local influencer who has a considerable reach on their platform. It will help if they have prior knowledge of the field.

Both ways, influencers can generate the right kind of buzz for your platform, and since they have already cracked the code for social media marketing, you can leave it up to them to brainstorm the ideas while you focus on minting your digital art.

5. Pay The Advertising Platforms

Ideally, if you are just starting out as a new digital artist, it is best that you focus on organic marketing for a while before you reach out to the advertisement pages on Instagram. 

While they can cost you a hefty buck, the targeted promotional pages on Instagram will certainly reach the right audience and get the word across for your digital art page.

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While you might constantly be working towards minting your NFT collection on the digital assets websites, it is also important to tap into different areas of marketing your digital art.

Instagram is definitely one of the largest social media platforms, which presents new potential for marketing to the digital artists who are newly getting into the NFTs business.