How To Promote NFT On OpenSea?

How to promote nft on opensea

NFTs are a new and exciting form of digital asset that is gaining traction in the crypto community. In this article, we will discuss how you can use NFTs on!

These are known as Non-Fungible Tokens. This means that each token represents one specific item or object. For example, if you own 1 NFT, then it’s guaranteed that you own only one copy of the item.

The best ways to promote your OpenSea NFT is by joining NFTs groups and communities, press releases, and newsletters, through Social Media (like Twitter, Discord, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc), etc.

How To Get Noticed On OpenSea?

If you want to get noticed on OpenSea, build your social media profile, join NFT groups and communities and share your list NFT on OpenSea everywhere.

How To Promote NFT On OpenSea?

To promote an NFT on OpenSea, you need to create a listing for your NFT. The process is quite simple. You just have to fill up the required details like name, description, ticker symbol, etc. Once you complete the process, you can get your token listed within a few minutes.

After getting your NFT listed, you need to make sure that you are promoting it properly. There are many ways through which you can promote your NFT.

1. Adding On Your Social Media Accounts

Social media is a great tool to vocalize your product. For example, for promoting your latest released NFTs, what you can do is post an announcement for the first, telling what you are going to release by making a creative poster with a catchy description before releasing your NFTs. 

Then, you can practice it at least one week before releasing your artwork. By doing this, you will generate curiosity and excitement in your audience to get a better number of views on your upcoming artwork. 

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Discord, Medium, and your blog website can be a great place to market your artwork. You can also announce your Youtube channel audience. What can you explain in the video or write a sensational description about how you created this NFT?

How long does it take? From where did you get an idea, and what tool did you use to create your artwork? You can mention your failures and the complications you faced while creating your NFTs. You have to tell your audience everything by considering that your primary audience knows very less or nothing about it. 

2. Create A Teaser Of Your NFT Artwork

Since many platforms are video-oriented, like TikTok, Snapchat, Youtube, etc., you can create an elegant teaser of your artwork by giving different effects, transitions, and animations. 

The main goal behind making this treasure is to reach a mass audience and draw their attention towards your artwork which will compel people to take an interest in your NFTs and be updated with your latest artwork. In addition, you can post this treasure on your different social media accounts. 

Be creative with your promotional activities and make the non-fungible world wait for your artwork to release. 

3. Add Your Featured Artwork To The Marketplaces Web Page

To promote your NFTs on the different Marketplace, you can directly discuss with a different Marketplace. You might also have observed that some marketplaces have a special web page with all the featured artworks. 

Marketplaces like KnowOrigin add special pages for it each week consisting of 4-6 pictures of NFTs, running countdown for their release.  

Another Marketplace MakerPlace also adds NFTs artwork with all necessary information in the description, including treasure, pictures, and the countdown for its release.

You can also contact Nifty Gateway, who is known for posting upcoming NFTs on the website and Twitter. for the upcoming week on the website and Twitter. It works like killing dual birds with a single arrow because the marketplaces also promote your NFTs on their social media handles. 

4. Ask Your Relatives, Colleagues, Or Friends To Support Your NFTs Release

Generally, the artist’s communities are very helpful. You can take help from your friends, colleagues, or relatives to promote your NFTs by sharing them on their social media accounts.

Alternatively, they can buy it from you to support and encourage you. They can help you create more buzz, which will significantly increase your artwork visibility. 

You can target your friends and relatives who have a large fan following or audience based on their social media. For this, you can scroll their profile and check their post to reach likes and engagement. Then, if it suits you, you can contact them asking to promote your artwork on their social handle. 

5. Join Groups And Online Communities

There are a number of online forum websites and communities where you can find your mass audience. For this, you can simply search for it on google and join that specific forum to promote your NFTs.

In addition, you can search Facebook telegram groups which can play significantly in boosting your NFT exposure. 

6. Create Your Groups/Communities

You can also create your own virtual communities by creating a Whatsapp, Facebook group, or page. If you are an NFTs enthusiast, you will always be required to promote your upcoming artwork. It will always work better to create and develop your own NFT community on different social media platforms. 

It will be beneficial for you as well as your friends and other people who want to promote their digital artwork.

If you have some technical knowledge, you can create a forum website for yourself. The easiest way to create your forum website is to go through the corridor of Tumblr, Blogspot, and WordPress. 

7. Use Reddit, Bitcointalk, Or Quora To Promote Your NFT

Platforms like Kora Bitcointalk and Reddit can play a significant role In promoting your digital artwork. You need to begin a thread for this only by asking questions relevant to non-fungible tokens digital artwork. And then, you can answer the question with a different account. 

It would be best to write a creative, catchy, story-like answer and drop your digital artwork link here by asking the audience to visit your artwork. Don’t forget to answer on behalf of any Different person. It doesn’t sound very ethical, right! 

But this is one of the prime strategies that the other designers are using to promote their artworks. You can also search some other questions related to the NFTs and involved in those specific discussions by answering the question and again putting your artwork link. 

8. Press Release Or Newsletter

Covering your artwork can be a great way to promote your NFTs. For this, what you can do is- write a Letter to the editor or contact them through email, social media accounts, or through their contact us page on their website asking to publish an article on your digital work. 

If your artwork design impresses them, they will probably cover your work in their newspaper or on the website and social media accounts. 

If you are a bit famous, you can do a Press Conference or press release by elaborating what your design is all about and your upcoming projects on which you are working, and how people can benefit from it because most media websites are always in search of new innovative and creative designs in the NFT world. 

Finally, if you have some experience selling your NFT or once you have created your portfolio by selling many NFTs, You may be a piece of news for many reporters walking with YouTube television and newspaper.

9. Adding Your Drop On

It’s a great calendar on the Marketplace where several non-fungible tokens from several marketplaces are assembled so that the NFT collectors are not required to wander on different markets to find the latest Non-fungible tokens. 

You can add drop here just in a few clicks. For this, You will only be required to fill up the details in the form, and here we go. Your NFTs details include:

  • Give a catchy title to the NFT for the first.
  • Provide a brief about the creator of this NFT.
  • Add a short description below
  • Add the visuals of your artwork
  • Mention date and time
  • Name of the Marketplace 
  • Link of latest release work.

Remember, this is a free way to submit your artwork; once done, it will appear in the list where the platform will review it.

10. Buy Space On Newspaper Or Websites

If you have some budget and want to promote your digital artwork by paying a penny, you can buy a space in a newspaper website, online magazines, and some TV programs slots.

If you think you have created an outstanding design that must be shown to the world to promote and encourage the audience to buy it, you can use this traditional technique to promote your NFTs. 

11. Approach Youtubers And Bloggers

Another great way to promote your digital artwork is to approach different YouTubers and bloggers who are working on the NFT Nation.

You can offer them up to promote your design on their channel either by making a video on it or simply on their website and social media accounts. 

Youtubers are always ready to accept sponsorships so that you can take advantage of them and offer them small budget sponsorship by asking them to create a video or take an interview of you while discussing the whole procedures and the problems faced during the designing or creating NFTs.

12. Buying Online Ads

You also have options to buy Google Facebook, Reddit Twitter ads. So yes, you can run A paid campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other such social media platforms.

The next step is to make sure that your token gets listed on top search results. For this, you have to pay some amount as a listing fee.

This fee depends upon the number of views your token gets. If your token gets more than 100 views per day, then the cost of listing will be around $10. However, if your token gets less than 100 views per day then the price will be much higher.

After getting your token listed on top search results, the next thing is to promote your token. There are many ways by which you can promote your token.

One of them is by using social media channels. Another way is by creating articles and blogs related to your token. Moreover, you can also use other marketing tools such as Telegram groups, Reddit posts, Twitter tweets, Facebook ads, etc.

Steps To Add Your NFTs On OpenSea

  1. Go to your profile icon on and click “Create” in the upper right corner.
  2. You’ll be led to the website where you may create NFT items. This page will allow you to upload, name, and describe your NFT file.
  3. After you’ve completed those fields, you’ll be able to further personalize your NFT. This involves adding attributes, levels, metrics, and even unlocks stuff to an existing collection.
  4. Click “Create” once you’ve finished personalizing your NFT.

It’s Time To Promote Your NFT Now 

You can promote your NFTs on by simply adding a link to your marketplace on social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc. People who follow you on these platforms will be able to view your marketplace and purchase your NFTs.

Moreover, when you post links to your marketplace on these channels, others may also share those posts which increase the number of views for your marketplace.


NFTs are becoming more popular day after day. They allow us to trade digital assets without having to worry about losing our hard-earned money.

In addition, they make trading easier and faster than ever before. However, this new technology comes with some challenges too.

One challenge is how we should deal with the risk associated with NFTs. Another challenge is how we can ensure that the transactions are safe and secure.