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Paytm service Agent

Paytm is the leading Financial and E-Commerce Brand in India. It has more than 350 Million active users in India. Paytm is also the most prominent merchant associate base in India. Millions of small, medium, and large businesses associate with Paytm finance services.

Paytm is among the most significant job providers across the country. One of the most searched job profiles, Paytm Service Agent, is a work-from-home job. The job of a Paytm service agent is quite an interesting one.

It is a rare opportunity to work at the ground level, which has a lot of scope for growth. It requires a certain level of responsibility and hard work.  

This article will help you get a general idea of the Paytm Service agent job, the responsibilities, rules, regulations, opportunities, career paths, Paytm service agent guidelines, etc.

Paytm Service Agent

A Paytm Service Agent is someone who works at ground level for Paytm. Paytm service agents do marketing and sell Paytm products such as SoundBox, Card machines.

Paytm Service Agent brings customers to the platform and advertises Paytm at their level. 

Paytm service agents also subscribe to shopkeepers on Paytm and install QR codes at their shop. The job helps them build an honest relationship with the customers, directly reflecting Paytm’s sales amount.

Paytm Service Agent also brings forth new clients for the Paytm company while some work as service providers fulfilling regular everyday tasks like paying electricity bills or recharging phones etc. 

Paytm Service Agents do various activities on a day-to-day basis, such as marketing specialized products of Paytm to their local clients, providing excellent customer service, understanding their needs and how they can be fulfilled.

A PSA job is a work-from-home job provided by Paytm that ensures you a working exposure and experience while working for them. 

How To Become A Paytm Agent?

Becoming a Paytm service agent is pretty simple. To become one, you need to complete the relevant registration forms and provide the correct details in the corresponding fields to get approved by Paytm’s customer service team.

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The relevant processes can be accessed via Paytm mobile application or the Paytm official website.

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Apply For A Paytm Service Agent (PSA) Job Using The Paytm Application

  1. Create a Paytm account. 
  2. On the Paytm home screen, tap on the search option.
  3. Search for Paytm Service Agent
  4. Scroll down and tap on the  Become Paytm Service Agent button.
  5. Start setting up your account.
  6. Submit your details such as name, date of birth, etc., and your educational qualifications. Choose your webinar timings to learn more about the job role.
  7. In the next step, you need to open a bank account in Paytm Payments Bank.
  8. After completing the registration process, the Paytm team will send you a work assessment to check your basic skills. Submit the assessment. 
  9. Paytm will send you a “PSA Merchandising Kit,” which will cost ₹ 1.
  10. After completing the registration, Paytm will send you a link to the Paytm Service Agent App. Download the application and start your work as a Paytm Service Agent.

Apply For A Paytm Service Agent (PSA) Job Using The Paytm Website

  1. Go to Paytm Service Agent Website.
  2. Click on the Apply Now button.
  3. Submit personal details such as name, date of birth, and educational qualifications. 
  4. Choose the webinar timings to learn more about your job role.
  5. Click on the submit button.
  6. After registering your request, the Paytm team will contact you soon. 

PSA Merchandising Kit

The Paytm agent merchandising kit is designed to help you in building your business. You can access it after you become an agent. Paytm’s PSA Merchandising Kit consists of the following tools:

  • All in one QR code sticker  – 50
  • Paytm accepted sticker – 50
  • MHD sticker – 50
  • L shape Standees – 10
  • Sun packs -10
  • Shelf Tape – 1
  • Black marker -1
  • Lanyards & Id Card Size QR Code -3
  • Paytm Bag – 1
  • Id Card -1
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Eligibility For The Paytm Service Agent (PSA) Job

  • Candidates should be 18+ years of age.
  • An android smartphone is mandatory.
  • Candidates should be comfortable with traveling.
  • Candidates who have prior experience in sales and marketing will be given priority. 

Paytm Service Agent Application

Paytm Services Agent app is the mobile application for PSAs that allows Paytm Services Agents to perform various operations regarding merchant registration, insurance, and many other services.

Paytm Service Agent app helps Paytm agents:

  • To map all registered POS Machines.
  • To take into employment more agents for the Paytm company.
  • To create QRs for merchants.
  • To issue Fastags.
  • To sell EDC of the machine through an onboard agent
  • Onboard merchants create QR codes for electronic payment acceptance.
  • Issue Fastag for a separate class of vehicles for sale.
  • Sell the soundbox to the registered merchants.

Paytm Service Agent Earnings 

Paytm has an excellent opportunity to earn money. All you have to do is sign up as a Paytm Service Agent and reach out to merchants in your community.

The expectations are that you’ll help them understand the benefits of going online and experiencing what it’s like to shop on a Paytm marketplace that offers a wide variety of products for sale by various sellers.

The company says that once you’ve successfully convinced a merchant, you’ll receive your pay from the customer’s fee when they make their first purchase from the store.

So there’s no risk involved, and you can feel comfortable knowing you’re helping small businesses thrive in the digital economy!

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The Paytm Service Agent can earn up to Rs. 30,000 every month, depending on the number of merchants they’ve successfully helped set up shop with them. The more merchants you support, the more money you could potentially make.

PAS’s job profile is very flexible, and you can run your side business along with that. You can also earn commission from recharging mobile numbers, paying bills, and using other Paytm services.

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Beware Of Scammers 

The Paytm Service Agent is a work-from-home job provided by the Paytm company. The customer service agent of Paytm plays a vital role in serving customers and resolving their queries.

But, if a customer is approached by a third party to provide a job for you, don’t hesitate. It’s going to be a scam or fraud company.

You should apply only from the official website of the Paytm Company. If any third party offers you this work, first do some research on the provider and then call the Paytm helpline company about that consultant as well. Your doubts about his services will be solved instantly. 

In few cases, the offer may be legitimate, but there is no reason whatsoever to trust scammers who might trick you into an unfair deal that will only leave you with regrets and anxiety in the long run.


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