What Is Paytm Passcode?

Paytm Passcode

The Paytm platform provides consumers with an effortless means of sending money from cards, bank accounts, and digital payments. The platform lets consumers make hassle-free payments from various sources, including cards, bank accounts, and digital payments.

Paytm is a website and app that allows you to recharge your mobile phone, pay utility bills online, book movie tickets, and purchase travel tickets.

Authenticating access to your Paytm bank account details and transactions requires a 4-digit numeric Paytm Payments Bank Passcode.

If you forget your Paytm password or want to change it, here is a step-by-step tutorial that will show you how to reset it.

What Is Paytm Passcode?

Paytm Passcodes are four-digit numeric codes that are used as an additional method of authentication when it comes to accessing your Paytm bank account details and transactions.

How To Change Paytm Passcode?

Steps to change your Paytm Passcode:

  • Step 1: Go to your Paytm app.
  • Step 2: Tap on the profile icon on the top-left corner.
  • Step 3: Then tap Settings.
  • Step 4: To change the bank passcode, select Security Settings and then Change Bank Passcode.
  • Step 5: Please enter your current password.
  • Step 6: Input the new 4-digit new password and re-enter the same passcode.

Finally! You have succeeded in changing your passcode.

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How To Reset Paytm Passcode?

Steps to reset your forgotten passcode:

  • From the Paytm mobile number you registered, dial 01204888488 or 0120-4456-456 to place the call.
  • Choose the language you prefer.
  • After that, press 1 to proceed

(The call will be disconnected, and an email address and a link will be sent on your registered mobile number and Paytm account email address.)

  • You will then need to enter a new password and confirm your new password by clicking on the reset password link.

(Please note that after 10 minutes, the link to reset your Paytm password will expire to prevent unauthorized access to your account. Hence, make sure you reset your password as soon as you receive the link.)

  • Make sure that your password contains the following:
  1. The minimum character count is 5.
  2. including at least one number.
  3. And at least 1 alphabet.

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