How To Download Paytm Statement?

how to download paytm statement

The most popular digital payment application that is being used by millions of users from the entire world is becoming better day by day. The Paytm platform is constantly updating its services and facilities to provide ultimate comfort and a smooth interface in the lives of its customers. 

Paytm helps the users to transfer the money from one Paytm wallet to another Paytm wallet at zero percent price. The Paytm application is managed and owned by the company One97 Communications. 

Paytm platform enables the user to start online savings account with no account opening mandatory balance or any other charges. For the ease of users, the Paytm platform enables the users to keep a check on their bank account transactions by downloading their Paytm statement.

The Paytm statements are based on the data of transactions that are made by the users in a fixed period. The period of the Paytm statement is usually 1 month or 6 months and more. 

What Is Paytm Statement?

The Paytm statement is also popularly known as the Paytm transaction statement that showcases the summary of your transactions successfully made during a period. The period for the Paytm statement can be selected by you easily and quickly. 

The Paytm statements can also be requested to be sent by email in PDF format or any other desired format. 

In case your email id is not linked with your Paytm account then you have to link it before initiating the process to download the Paytm statement 

The Paytm statements include the transaction history of investments, subscriptions, redemptions, and other payments made by you. 

How To Download Paytm Statement?

To keep a close track of your transactions on the Paytm Platform you must check your Paytm statement regularly. 

For allowing the users to maintain their accounts and make sure to keep track of all the spendings they made on the Paytm Platform Paytm enables its users to download the Paytm statement of all the transactions made in one month. 

For a smooth and easy process the user can download the Paytm statement by following the steps:

Open Paytm Application 

Firstly to initiate the process a user has to tap on the Paytm icon on your smartphone. May it be your android phone or IOS both phones support the Paytm app properly. 

Passbook Option 

Once you reach the homepage of the Paytm application you have to look for the book icon that will be named Passbook. You might find this icon on the middle section of the page on the immediate right side. The passbook option is the place where you will be able to see all your transactions from the last one month or more. 

Paytm Wallet 

In this stage, you have to find the option of Paytm wallet. Open the Paytm wallet icon in order to get access to the transactions made in the last one month or more. 

Statement Request 

Once the Paytm wallet page opens on your phone’s screen you will be able to see various options, for example, making a transaction to the bank, adding money to the wallet, and more. Moreover, you will also be able to find an option of Requesting a statement. Kindly tap on the option and proceed forward. 


Now you have to choose the time span of the period of the transaction history. You can easily decide and select the options for the time span of the transaction history. For instance 6 months prior, 4 months prior, 1 year period, and more. You can tick the checkbox and choose the period of the history of transactions quickly. 

From Date Selection 

As soon as you tap on the time period you will be able to see a calendar pop up in front of you. Start with the front date for the transaction history of the Paytm statement. 

To Date Selection 

Once you are done choosing the from date, you are required to choose the To date afterward. With the same calendar pop-up to make sure to select the end period date for the transaction history of the Paytm statement as well. 

Process Further 

Once you have selected the From and To dates for the transaction history of the Paytm statement you can tap on the Process further icon. You will be able to find the said icon at the bottom right of the page. 

Pop Up For Okay

At this stage, you will receive a pop-up notification. The notification might state that the transaction history or the Paytm statements as per the time period selected by you will be emailed to you at this given time.  

Move To Gmail Application 

As soon as you receive the pop-up notification switch the application to Gmail app by tapping on the Gmail icon slightly. Log in to your Gmail accounts with your email id and password. 

Mail Check 

Make sure to check your mail inbox for all the new emails. Within 24 hours you will receive mail from the Paytm platform. The mail will include a link that will give you access to the statements that have been requested by you for the selected time period.  

Paytm Statement 

As soon as you receive your mail, open the email and check the attachment of the statements. Download the statements file and check it thoroughly as per the current balance in your Paytm account. 

Make sure to follow the above-mentioned steps to download the Paytm statement properly. Paytm statements can be downloaded in PDF format via the Paytm platform. Moreover, the user can also request the Paytm statements on their Email or Gmail. 


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