How To Transfer Money From Paytm To Google Pay?

transfer money from paytm to google pay

Paytm, a digital payment app that helps people to transfer money from one bank to another. It is safe, speedy, and most accessible to use.

You transfer money from one bank to other people’s banks and Paytm provides many services like mobile recharge, Paytm shopping mall, cylinder booking, electricity payments, and much more. You can also book flight tickets, bus tickets, and even insure your car, bike insurance. 

Paytm also hosts Paytm First games, where you can also play online games and win some exciting cash offers. Paytm also has its e-wallet, like digital cash that you can use by transferring someone or making someone’s payment.

This feature lacks many Digital payment apps, and hence Paytm excels them all in this feature. Paytm e-wallet is just like real cash and is secure with the approval of RBI. You can add money to your e-wallet Paytm by internet banking or UPI and pay it just like the real cash.

Paytm and Google both work with your bank account, but Paytm has its unique feature ‘Paytm e-wallet,” which has its deposit. Did you know you can transfer your money from Paytm e-wallet to Google Pay? If not, then you look up to these steps below to find out your answer. 

There is no direct method to transfer money from a Paytm wallet to google pay. As Google pay is related to your bank account, sending money to your bank account will automatically transfer money into google pay. So here are the steps for the following:

Steps to transfer money from Paytm to Google Pay:

  • Step 1: Go to the Paytm app and click on the Passbook. Choose the option “Paytm Wallet,“.
  • Step 2: You will be led to the new interface and then scroll down and choose the first option, “Make a Payment“.
  • Step3: After clicking on “Make a payment,” this will lead you to the Payment page from where you can either add a number or show a QR code, or Enter a UPI ID. You can also insert the bank account details that are linked to the Google pay account. 
  • Step 4: After that, enter the amount and click on send money.
  • Step 5: If payment is transacted successfully, then Paytm will show a message “Payment Successful,” and if it fails, then the “Payment Failed” message will pop up.

Using Paytm is very easy, and their secure network makes it smooth and safe for their customers. Paytm runs on layers of massive security.

Whenever you pay someone or use Paytm, your card details or information related to your bank won’t be shared with them, and only your name goes to them.

It is also one of the fast payment apps as its interface is smooth and runs rapidly, showing results in seconds.

You can even deliver your electricity, water bills, and rent on the Paytm app using your bank or Paytm e-wallet account.


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