MoonPay Payment Methods

Moonpay payment methods

MoonPay is one of the most exciting technologies in the crypto-space out there. For personal users, MoonPay provides a platform where one can trade fiat currency for cryptocurrency.

Essentially, it makes it easier to buy cryptocurrency like buying items from a regular e-commerce store. For businesses, MoonPay provides a technology that enables seamless integration to the business’ checkout page and enables them to accept cryptocurrencies.

The competition for MoonPay currently is negligible and that is the reason, they have reached a valuation of close to $3.3B. 

What makes MoonPay stand out from the rest and so popular among the users is that they accept common payment methods and can be accessed in almost all the countries around the world, including in the US. 

MoonPay Payment Methods 

MoonPay supports a variety of payment methods that must suit its majority of users irrespective of where they stay. MoonPay payment methods for Non – US residents are credit/debit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay UK Faster Payments (available only in the Great Britain Region), SEPA, and SEPA Instant (applicable only for specific euro-based transactions in the SEPA countries).

For US residents, MoonPay accepts the following payment methods: credit/debit card, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay. 

Does MoonPay Accept Credit Cards?

Yes, MoonPay accepts Credit Cards. and it supports credit cards in all of its countries of operation. Note that as of now, it supports only Visa, Mastercard and Maestro issued cards. Apart from this, some virtual and debit cards are also accepted, and these depend on the country you are transacting from. 

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MoonPay Not Accepting Card?

There may be cases when your card may fail the transaction to go through. These could be due to one or more of the following reasons: 

  • Your bank may not support cryptocurrency transactions. You will need to confirm this with the bank. 
  • The region from where you are operating may yet be eligible on MoonPay. In this case, you will have to wait until MoonPay is available to you. 
  • Your card may have expired/crossed the credit limit / may have insufficient balance. This issue would need to be solved with the bank. 
  • Your payment method may not have been verified yet on MoonPay. You will need to verify this at first by providing the relevant documents. 
  • There could be an issue with the server of the bank or there could be too much traffic on the cryptocurrency network. To solve this, try the transaction later at some other time. 

For any other issues with your transaction, you can directly contact MoonPay support. They can be reached out here –

  • Step 1: Choose ‘Transactions’ under ‘Please choose your issue below‘.
  • Step 2: Choose the relevant issue you are facing under ‘How can we help’.
  • Step 3: Describe the issue in slightly more detail while providing other background information. 

The support will review this and get back in 2-3 working days on average. 

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The payment process on MoonPay is simple and seamless. It should not be complicated for a newbie user as well. If you have any issue with the payment process, you can always get in touch with their support which is highly skilled and responsive.