How To Use Paytm Cashback?

how to use paytm cashback

Who does not love rewards? Well, lucky for you, Paytm has got your back. Paytm Cashback Points is a special reward program for Paytm customers.

It is a great way of getting amazing offers like brand e-vouchers or even points that you can convert to your Paytm balance and redeem. 

You can earn these Paytm points by simply making purchases with the help of the Paytm app. It doesn’t have to be any big payment.

it’s your usual purchases like your recharge, bill payments, or even simply transferring cash to your friend that can help you earn these Paytm Cashback Points.

You can get various eye-catching deals on top brands and exclusive Paytm offers by following a pretty simple process. 

Steps to Use Paytm Cashback Points:

  • Step 1: Firstly, open the Paytm app on your device. Then scroll down to the ‘Cashback and Offers’ area and tap it. 
  • Step 2: After tapping the ‘Cashback and Offers’, you’ll find the ‘Cashback Points’ and click on it.
  • Step 3: When you visit the Paytm ‘Cashback Points‘ area, you will observe various offers that you can redeem using your cashback points. You can also check what you have received per every transaction by tapping on ‘Points History’. 
  • Step 4: Scrolling down you will observe various captivating deals and various e-vouchers. These are numerous categories from ‘Shopping & Gifting’, ‘Gaming’, ‘Travel & Infotainment’, ‘Food & Grocery’, and many more. So, for each area, you can click ‘View All‘ to see all the current discounts. It also shows you how to spend your Cashback Points by displaying carefully chosen deals. You can avail of these offers with the help of your Cashback points. 
  • Step 5: Furthermore, you can choose the offer that best suits you and redeem them. On the information about how to redeem your offer, you can tap to ‘How to redeem’. Check all the necessary details like terms and conditions and the amount that will be needed to avail of the given offer. 

You can also avail of the exclusive Paytm offers like Paytm first games, Paytm bus, Paytm flights, and many more offers available on Paytm. 

There are also special deals where you can earn even more cashback points depending on the transactions. 

You can also transfer your ‘Paytm Cashback Points’ to your ‘Paytm Balance’. This way you’ll add on to the digital currency available with you. You can then use the balance for making bill payments, shopping and recharges, or simply transferring money.

You can do all this by simply checking how many points you require to buy any such Paytm Gift Voucher for the given amount. 

To Sum Up 

With the changing times, we all have accepted the new changes in our day-to-day lives. Making transactions on a digital platform is one such change that we incorporate and enjoy.

From getting offers on our favorite top brands to redeem the cashback point your balance. The Paytm Cashback Points is not just simple to use but also very convenient.

We can avail of the offer on the category that we select, whether it be shopping, traveling, food and beverages, and many more. So, start collecting all those Cashback Points and available offers and discounts on favorite brands. 


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