What Is Aglet App & How To Get Steps On Aglet?


Are you a sneaker lover Who’s looking forward to wearing their sneakers on a daily basis and wants to buy a pair of shoes every month? Well, you can now do that virtually. 

Aglet app is a sneaker game that allows you to get a virtual sneaker that you can use to walk and earn rewards and where you can see its current rate, earning capacity, and even its durability.

Your steps are taken with the digital sneaker, which in return lets you get rewards and, most importantly, Aglet points. This game is specially designed for sneaker lovers, brands, and creators. 

If you are a beginner and a little curious and interested in learning more about the Aglet app, you have come to the right place. This post has answers to your questions.

What Is Aglet App?

Aglet App is a virtual sneakers game that allows you to wear(virtually) and collect the sneakers of your choice in your Aglet account. 

For the steps you have taken, you will get Aglet points, which you can use to buy a new digital sneaker, and in some cases, you can even get a Gold Aglet Coin (a premium in-game currency coin), and there is an option with which you can purchase it with money. 

You can even earn a physical sneaker that might be hidden in one of the Treasure Stashes you will come across while taking the steps. 

How To Get Steps On Aglet?

Step 1: Sign In To Your Aglet 

You don’t want to start running or walking to collect steps without picking a shoe for yourself. For that, you need to sign up. If you have not already signed up for your Aglet Account, here’s how you can do it. 

The very first option you will get when you open the Aglet application is Choose your Shoes. You can opt for Air Force 1 sneakers (All white) as they offer good coverage.

Step 2: Click On Cop’em 

Cop’em is an option. Then you need to click to proceed to unbox your virtual sneaker. 

Then click on the Cop’EM option and then select Yes and unbox the shoe you have chosen and then flick (gently swipe the cover on top of your shoe). Click on Next under the heading “Now you’re rocking.”

Step 3: Set Up Your Account

This is where you will be setting up your account, so the step you have taken can be recorded and later allows you to earn aglet points and many other rewards. 

After you click on Next, you will be taken to the page titled Shelf. It’s right next to the Wear page. 

Under the “Set up your Profile” heading, you can set it either by signing up with Snapchat, Google, or Facebook. 

Step 4: Fill Your Details

Fill in the required details, like username, email, and password, and if you have a Referral code, then do not forget to enter it on your ‘set up your profile page. You will come to know later why it is so important. Then select Save from below the page.

Step 5: Start Walking 

Lastly, you have to walk, as simple as it sounds. If you don’t walk, you can not earn the steps. 

After you have saved your account details, you may receive another shoe that you can keep in stock on your Shelf.

Step 6: Check Average Earning Rate

From the wear page, you will see under the shoe you have got the average earning rate on the right side (it’s a small green icon) and the Standard rate on the bottom left of the shoe. And now you are reading to start walking. 

Note: in case you close your aglet app in the background, you can go to your (for iPhone users) Settings and click on Aglet and select Motion and Fitness and enable the location service.

How Do You Get Boost Steps In Aglet? 

Step 1: Open Your Account 

Firstly, from your home screen, open your Aglet account, and you will be on the Wear page.

Step 2: Swipe Up On Your Virtual Shoe 

Next, from the wear page, you can see the shoes you have been wearing for your walks/runs. Swipe gently upon the shoe to see the boosted steps.

Step 3: Check Boosted Steps

You can click from either of the given options (Month, Week, Day), and then you have to click on any column given below the options to check the boosted step you have earned with the shoe. 

Boost steps are determined by the type of shoe you are wearing for your walks/runs. Make sure you choose the nearest shoe; it does not mean you need to purchase the most expensive shoe, here comes to play your smart game, always check the earning rate of your shoes and Aglet points. 

What Is A Don Score In Aglet?

The Don Score is a relative measure – this mean that your score is measured against the other Aglet players. from 0 to 999 (no that does mean that there are 1000 aglet players!)

Don score is the comparison between two or more aglet players globally which means you get a ranking among all the players around the world. 

The comparison ranges from 0-999(they are positions and not your accurate marks for your performance in a fixed interval). 

The Don score is not a constant score. It changes as per your steps covered using your virtual sneakers and the Aglet points that you have earned within a specified period. Don score is a measurement yard of your performance, and you have to check it weekly, that is, every Wednesday. 

Note: Your Don score will love up and down depending on how you play Aglet.

There are five types of Aglet players. They are classified based on their Don Score. The aglet players are as follows:

  • Noob
  • Fresh
  • VIP
  • Don 
  • Capone

How Do I Get Don Score? 

Step 1: Open The Aglet Account

Launch Aglet application. You have to open your Aglet account 

Step 2: Go To Profile Option

head towards your Profile Page 

Step 3: Check Don Score

check out your current Don score. 

If you don’t see any don score, that means you did not play for a week, or it has not been updated yet on your Aglet app.

In addition, there are a couple of more factors that may create a barrier to seeing your Don score, such as 

If you don’t play on Wednesday, you will not get your Don Score in Aglet. 

You need to be consistent to get a progressive Don Score. 

The steps that you have covered also determine your Don Score, so if you did not take steps, then no Don score will be shown to you. 

How many aglets you have collected. 

Can You Add Friends On Anglet 

Yes, you can add your friends on your Aglet App. Adding friends to your Aglet account will help you earn a bonus and also the company of your friends. He or she will be able to use the app to earn rewards by earning anglers.

If your friend signs up and completes 10,000 steps(including the verified steps), you will be able to earn up to 1000 aglets. Another good thing is even your friend will earn 1000 aglets. This is how you can add them, follow the given points:

  • Open your Aglet App and look for the purple bar below the page.
  • Select the option “Invite your Crew” and select the “Invite link” so you can send this to your friends by which they can join the app. 
  • Copy the invite link and send it to them via sending(pasting) them from any of your social media apps. 
  •  You can even jot down the Referral code which you can send them.

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Aglet Step Rewards 

Aglet rewards are the rewards(gifts) you earn by walking. In other words, you get rewards for walking. Sounds too simple? 

The rewards that you have earned can be free Aglet points, new top sneakers(shoes), and if you are lucky, you can even get a gold aglet. This is very rare. 

How To Get Aglet Points?

Aglet points can be earned in many ways. One basic way is you need to take steps to earn aglet points. They are not tough to achieve; persistence and consistency are all you need. 

You can earn rewards in roughly four ways, namely:- 

1. By Walking

Choose your virtual sneaker and check in your Aglet app. The app will count your steps, and depending on that, you will earn the Aglet Points.

You can walk indoors, keep your phone inside your pocket and walk, make sure the Aglet App is running in the background and you don’t close it. 

This is highly recommended if it’s raining outside and you can not step out. Although indoor steps are not verified steps, that is for 1000 steps within your house. Among those steps, only 400 steps will be considered verified steps.

2. By Running 

Running can be a tiring thing, but you will be covering more steps in less time, allowing you to have more chances(time to walk) to earn Aglet points. 

3. By Referring Your Friends

By referring to your friends by sending them the invite link, which can let you earn around 1000 steps if your friend takes 10,000 steps after he or she has signed up. 

The ability for you to earn Aglet points mainly depends on the shoe you are wearing for walking/running. If you have earned enough aglet points, we recommend you use a shoe with a good earning rate.

For instance, if you own an AirForce 1 (all white) sneakers, you will get 40 aglet points, whereas if you have Yeezy 380, you will get 1300 aglet points for one step.

If you don’t want to purchase a new shoe from the stock, you can always search for a Deadstock station. They repair shoes up to 100 percent. If you can’t find a deadstock station on your Map, you can always look for a repair shop. However, they can repair your shoe only up to 10 – 20 percent.

4. By Getting A Treasure Stash

A treasure stash contains a lot of Aglet points and gold aglet points. You need to walk irrespective of the steps taken. You may find a secret hidden treasure stash. 


Aglet mobile application is not only for sneakerheads. A normal individual can start playing and earn rewards. And if you have observed well, the game is pretty interesting, and you earn points for your effort.

You simply need to take steps that will allow you to earn aglet points, which you can use to buy another good pair of shoes(virtual ones) for your real walks and runs. You can refer the app to your friends and can benefit from up to 1000 Aglet points. 

The rewards you receive can be a new shoe or Aglet points, and in some rare cases, it can be a real shoe. You can either purchase the gold Aglet, or you earn it for free(you need to walk and take more steps).

Your performance will get you a Don Score, which is a score made among all the aglet players around the world. You will receive it every Wednesday.